Stay With Me [Liam Payne]

After the worst summer of her life, Rian returns to her normal college life, but she still has to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart. As much as she wishes life could go back to normal Rian faces the ridicule of being an ex girlfriend to Liam Payne. There are two questions Rian is constantly asking herself. Will Liam ever love her again? And does she want his love?


10. This is What it Takes

This is What it Takes - Shawn Mendes

Rian's POV


As I was playing what Hunter instructed me to play, I tried to recall if I had ever heard this song before. I know I hadn’t. I can’t believe it’s an original. I was amazed by the sheer amount of talent Hunter had. He needs to share this song with the world because it would be a chart topper without a doubt. Once Hunter finished singing he stared at me as if he was waiting for my reaction. Part of me was in shock that Hunter was still here after I told him about all the crap that happened to me last summer. I wouldn't want to be with someone who has as much baggage as I do. I mean I am a teen mom, orphan, and a depressed college student. There are girls out there that are way prettier than me and don’t have nearly as much as baggage as me. I am so broken, but Hunter wants to put the pieces back together. As much as I want to push him away I also don’t want him to leave. I want Hunter to put the pieces back together.

"Did you write that" I finally asked.

"Yeah, I did write it. What do you think of it" Hunter asked, sitting beside me on the piano bench.

"It's beautiful. You should produce it and send it to local radio stations. I think it could be a hit" I said, smiling at Hunter.

"Thank you. That's not a bad idea, but it needs some fine tuning before I send it off."

"Well, I personally think it sounds great. What made you write this song" I asked staring into those deep blue eyes

Hunter smiled as he said, "You."

"Wait… Hunter, are you serious” I asked in complete shock.


"Yes, this song is all about you. I truly do want to make you feel wanted, and you here with me is all I will ever need. I guess what I am trying to say Rian is that I really like you. I promise I won’t leave your side. Unless you want me to” Hunter said, as he reached for my hand.

"I don’t want you to go anywhere. You wrote a song for me?"

"Yeah, I did. You may not be my girlfriend, but I know that we are meant to be together. I am not going to rush you into a relationship, because I know that you need time to heal. But that will never change my feelings for you. I feel for you from the moment I looked at you, and my feelings only became clearer when we talked outside the coffee shop. "

"We are really great together, aren't we?"

"Well you're my June Carter and I'm your Johnny Cash" Hunter promised.

"So you’re going become a drug addict on me" I giggled.

"Nope, although some of the people in my classes make it look like it’s the life" laughed.

I rolled my eyes at this dork, actually my dork. I can't believe I just told him that I am pregnant. I also can't believe that's he's still here. I looked at Hunter and said, "Thank you."

Hunter and I spent the rest of the night talking to one another. There was something about him that made event the craziest of times feel calm. Hunter asked me about being pregnant; which is extremely strange to explain, but Hunter was fascinated. This fascination grew even stronger when I told him that I have felt her kick. It is one of the strangest and greatest sensations that I have felt since being pregnant. It felt like a muscle twitch or a slight tickling sensation on the insides of my stomach. Hunter asked me about names that I have consider, but since I only found out the gender today I have no ideas. Also I think Liam would want to help with picking out a name. Hunter and I sat in his living room and watched some old movies, and ate loads of popcorn. I have always been a homebody and it was great to find someone who was just like me. Hunter preferred staying and watching movies at home. He also loved to listen to music at home as well. It’s actually really amazing just how much Hunter and I have in common. I didn't want to leave, but I was getting so tired. Hunter, being the gentleman that he is, walked me out to my car. It was a cold night that reminded me very much of the night that we spent at the coffee shop together. As we reached my car Hunter grabbed my hand softly.

“Thank you for coming over” Hunter said smiling softly.

“No thank you for being so understanding” I said looking into those eyes yet again.

“I like you too much to let you go” Hunter admitted.

“And I like you too much to lose you” I admitted.

“Get some rest. Text me once you get home please” Hunter asked.

“I’ll text you Hunter. You need to get your rest too.” I said laughing.

“Goodnight Rian.”

“Goodnight Hunter.”

I unlocked my car doors and was just about to get into my car, but Hunter grabbed my hand again and made me face him. “Hunter” I asked.

Hunter didn’t say a word inside his eyes were looking so deeply into mine. His face began to come closer. It had been so long since I have been kissed that I stood there frozen until his soft lips met mine. It was a soft peck that left me breathless. It also made me want to kiss him even more. One of his hands gently caressed my cheek as he stared deeply into my eyes. Internally I was yelling at him to kiss me again. Instead Hunter pressed his lips gently to my forehead.

“Drive safe, darling” Hunter smiled.

“I will” I promised, before getting into my car. I quickly started my car and headed towards campus. My mind races with so many thoughts.

Once I got to campus I sat in my car quite some time. I needed some time to rethink about what just happened; especially since I knew that Mel would be asking question. First we have me telling Hunter about my pregnancy, then I told him about last summer, then Hunter played that song for me, and lastly Hunter kissed me. I am going to have to tell Melissa all about it, and I was actually really excited to tell her about the kiss. I also knew what else I had to do tonight. I was going to have to tell Louis about the baby.

For a while, I had been contemplating who I would tell first. A huge part of me knew that Niall wasn’t the best at keeping secrets, and I looked at Louis as an older brother. Perhaps he could tell me what to say to Liam, because God knows that I do not have the slightest clue. How does one tell their ex-boyfriend that they are pregnant with their child? I know if I call Liam he won’t answer. At least that is what he told me in that voicemail. I was sitting in my car for a while. I began to rub my stomach and tell my daughter just how loved she is going to be. A couple of months ago the idea of being a mother terrified me, but now I was excited to meet my daughter. My baby girl. I wonder who she will look more like. If she had Liam’s smile that would be great. Liam always had an infectious smile.

By the time I had reached my dorm it was past midnight, which means that it is eight in the morning in England. Who knows if Louis would even be up, but I figured it was worth a try. I dialed Louis number and my heart raced with every ring of my phone. Come one Louis pick up, I mentally screamed in my head. Just as I was about to hang up I heard his voice.

"Hey Ri. Is everything alright" Louis asked.

"Hey Louis. Everything is great. I'm sorry that this call is so early, but I really need to tell you something" I apologized.

"Oh no, love. Don't think you need to apologize; I was just curious."

"Okay. I’m sorry,” I continued to apologize

"Rian, you are sounding such like a Brit. Quit apologizing, love" Louis sassed

I felt the smile creep on my face. I missed Louis sassing me. "Oh Louis, I love you so much. I have something I need to tell you, and it’s quite serious. So promise me you'll keep it between just us."

"Of course I will, but what is it, Rian?"

“Do you remember how Liam and I were running late to the soccer game? The one we had while I was in London" I asked trying to push all those wonderful memories in the back of my mind.

"Yeah I remember how you guys were late to the football match. Liam smacked my face with the windshield wipers and I won Harry and Niall" Louis recalled. I tried my hardest to not laugh at the memory of Liam smacking Louis in the face, but I couldn’t hide the smile on my face. I would have considered that one of the best days of my life had the next day not been the worst day of my life.

"I am pregnant, and it is because of that" I whispered.

"Wait! You are pregnant” Louis asked, his voice full of shock.

"Yes, I am” I said slowly. The line was dead silent for a couple seconds. Neither of us knew what to say.

"And Liam has no idea" Louis gasped.

"Louis you can't tell Liam. I need to tell him this. We are going to parents and I don't want him to hate me more than he already does" I pleaded.

This was true Liam and I are going to have to co-parent, and I don’t want him to hate me. I want us to be able to raise this baby girl as normally as possible. Then again the idea that she will be raised normally is laughable. She is going to be the daughter of one the most people singer’s right now. He parents live in different countries. Her father will be traveling the world; I would be an English teacher in North Carolina. If any school would hire me; especially with the past that I have had. Liam’s and I’s daughter will never be a normal child.

I could hear Louis taking in a deep breath and then sigh loudly. I could only imagine him running his hand through his brown hair. Those blue eyes shut closed as he tries to process what I had just told him. I knew he was thinking about what he should say. It’s a strange scenario I can’t imagine congratulating someone who was in the same situation as myself, but you feel obligated to congratulate them. I know I can trust Louis to not tell Liam, but I know that the longer I wait the more and more strain I am putting on Louis. Also the longer I wait, the more and more I fear that Liam will be mad with me.

"I won't tell him, but please tell him soon. I wouldn't want him to keep something like this from me"

"I promise I will tell him soon"

"Good. Have you got anything for the baby?"

"Not really. I was waiting till I knew the gender"

"Do you know the gender?"

"Yes, I do" I smiled.


"I'm having a girl" I cheered.

"Oh my god! A girl. I cannot wait to see her."

"Me too Louis, but I am exhausted and I need to get to bed. I will talk to you soon"

"Okay. Get your rest!" I hung up my phone and looked at the ceiling. Well that wasn't as bad as I made it out to be. Then again I didn't think Louis would be mad at me. Now I just need to tell Liam. 

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