Stay With Me [Liam Payne]

After the worst summer of her life, Rian returns to her normal college life, but she still has to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart. As much as she wishes life could go back to normal Rian faces the ridicule of being an ex girlfriend to Liam Payne. There are two questions Rian is constantly asking herself. Will Liam ever love her again? And does she want his love?


13. Fallin’ For You

Fallin’ For You – Colbie Caillat

Rian’s POV

I could hear the clock ticking with every second passing me away. I kept rereading that final question, but my mind was drawing a blank for that last answer. It is that answer that is the final block in the road to me finishing this semester. Adrenaline began to flow through my veins as it finally dawned on me what was the answer to that final question. My breath hitched as I bubbled in the answer. After looking over my other answers, I practically skipped all the way to the front of the classroom. It didn’t even bother me that some of my classmates were staring at me as I turned in the final exam. They could look at me all they want; I mean they have all year long. Instead of returning their cold stares I smiled at them as they left. They could hate me all they wanted for my past but that shouldn’t affect them, nor should it give them a reason to hate me. As I opened the door and exited out of the classroom I took in a deep breath. I was officially done with the fall semester of my junior year of college, and all I could say is thank God. This has been, without a doubt, the hardest semester that I have ever had in my career as a student. I was looking forward to my much deserved winter break.

Down the hallway was Hunter. He was sitting on one of the cushioned benches smiling down at his phone. He must have been waiting for me since he had finished the final. That thought alone made my heart swell up with happiness. It was theses simple actions that Hunter always seemed to do that made me feel cared for and appreciated. As I neared Hunter, I couldn’t hide the idiotic smile that was ever-so prominent on my face. I stopped for a moment as just looked at him. He was so handsome and down-right adorable. With those blue eyes that look like the sky on a clear summer day, his dirty blond hair that was slightly peeking out of the NC State baseball hat he was wearing, and last but certainly not least was that smile. It has pulled me in since that day in the coffee shop; it was just as contagious as his laugh. Hunter’s smile always made me feel safe and warm. That’s when it hit me like a semi-truck. I am falling in love with Hunter. The thought excited me and frightened me all at the same time. I looked at this amazingly, perfect man who God put in my life. Yeah, I am without a doubt falling in love with him.

“Hello, darling,” Hunter greeted as I sat down beside him.

“Hey, Hunter! How do you think you did” I asked.

“Well… walking out the classroom I felt extremely confident, but sitting here and going over the answers in my head has shattered that confidence” Hunter sighed.

His face was filled with obvious frustration, and it was even more handsome than before. It wasn’t a normal occurrence to see Hunter frustrated. He has always seemed so confident that it was refreshing to see this side of him. Hunter is like myself. He isn’t always sure of himself, and it made me feel even more relaxed around him. I put my hand on his back and rubbed it gently. Hunter looked at me and smiled, which I responded by resting my head on his shoulder. The smell of his clean clothes soothed me ever more.

"Hey on the bright side, at least we aced our presentation the other day" I smiled.

"Oh yeah. I forgot about that" Hunter laughed softly as his eyes met mine again. In that moment I was screaming, internally, for Hunter to kiss me. His soft, pink lips were teasing me, but I tried to regather my thoughts. My attention refocused to his cologne, and what he has said.

"Exactly, so let's just be happy that we are finished with this semester. We can finally breathe again" I giggled, my hand finding Hunter's and intertwining our fingers. His soft hands holding mine snug and securely.

"That we can. Do you work tonight" Hunter asked as he gently rubbed the back of my hand with his thumb.

"Yes I do, but I get off at six tonight" I answered, snuggling into the crook of his shoulder.

"How about you come over tonight. I will make us a celebratory dinner for the end of the semester. Hopefully after dinner we can watch Christmas movies with a couple bowls of ice cream and maybe coffee" Hunter offered.

"That sounds lovely Hunter! Yes, I'd love to come over. I'll call you when I get off work and head to your place." I smiled, as I took my head off his shoulders.

"Sounds like a plan" Hunter said staring deeply into my eyes.

"I hate to do this to you Hunter, but I need to get to the bookstore" I sighed, squeezing his hand softly.

"Okay. I'll see you tonight Rian" Hunter said, before kissing my lips ever-so-gently.

I walked all the way to the bookstore with my cheeks burning and yet another stupid smile on my hand. Hunter’s kisses always make me feel extremely giddy, and as if I am walking on clouds. I was trying my hardest to hide the smile on my face as I entered the bookstore. It was another typical Thursday afternoon. The only things that were being bought were scantrons and blue books. The music was playing slightly louder than usual and it was nice and warm on the inside. It was a nice change from the cold, quiet bookstore that it was normally. This meant that Aiden was working and he had to be in a good mood. I passed a couple of my coworkers as I headed to the backroom.

The room was filled with boxes all over the floor. I laughed slightly at the thought of how much Aiden hates doing inventory. He would always state how he isn’t good with numbers, which is really true. I may not be great with numbers, but I could easily do inventory. Then I saw Aiden sitting on the edge of the table frantically texting away. His eyebrows were fixed together, and he was extremely pale. I would have sworn Aiden saw a ghost with how he looked. I looked at him and laughed. I walked over to my locker and place my jacket, backpack, and binder in the locker. I also quickly checked to make sure my headset was working and finally turned to Aiden. For a guy who is extremely talkative Aiden was being too quiet. Something had to be up.

"Stop texting your girlfriend, lover boy" I teased. It was my pathetic attempt to lighten the mood. 

"Oh hey, Rian" Aiden said, before quickly putting away his phone. 

"Hey, what's up" I said, looking at him confused.

"Um nothing" Aiden said still not looking at me.

"Are you sure? Is everything okay with you and Melissa" I asked trying to look him in the eyes. 

"Oh Mel and I are great. That I can swear on" Aiden said as he finally looked at me.

"Then why do you look like you just saw a ghost" I laughed.

“No reason. I just think finals are getting to me” Aiden sighed.

I patted his shoulder and said, “Tell me about it.”

"Have you talked to Louis lately" Aiden asked, throwing me off guard.

"No, why?" 
"I was just curious. Well I need to go up front can you stay back here and count our inventory." 


“When you are done with that you can just go home. It’s been really slow today.”

“Sounds good to me.”

I spent the entirety of my shift counting how many jackets, sweatshirts, folders, and t-shirts were in all thirty of those boxes. My brain felt as if it was going to explode with all the numbers that I just had logged into the sheet of the paper. Other than the throbbing of my head my shift wasn’t bad whatsoever. Aiden insisted that stay in the backroom, which I did. At first it was boring, but then I remembered I could play my music. I would also periodically text Hunter to see how dinner was coming along. He wouldn’t tell me what he was making other than it was a surprise. I found it so attractive that Hunter was cooking dinner for me, and preparing this dinner date for us. It was far more romantic than him just taking me out to dinner, because he had to put in the effort to make it happen. I put on my jacket and grabbed my stuff from the locker the excitement me of seeing Hunter began to happen. I practically ran out of the store yelling my goodbye’s to my coworkers. I wanted to get to Hunter’s apartment as soon as possible.

Aiden’s POV

As soon as I saw Rian left the building I could instantly sigh with relief I couldn't believe who I saw walk in the bookstore today. I tried not to think about it while she was here, but that didn’t work. Every time I saw her I wanted to warn her, but I could tell she was in a good mood and I didn't want to ruin that for her. I didn't want to believe it was him until he came up to me and asked for Rian.

~A few hours before~

I had dreaded the moment I saw all those boxes in the back. I didn't want to spend my shift counting all the random crap my colleagues had ordered. I rolled my eyes and groaned.

“Hey Aiden” Dylan announced.

“Hey Dylan. Who is the next person on” I asked hoping to pawn the inventory on.

“I believe it's Rian. Why” Dylan asked.

“Hmm I have her do inventory. Hey you can go on your lunch. I can handle it” I offered.

“Okay cool. See you in thirty” Dylan said leaving me at the register.

It was incredibly slow today. I didn't even need to stand at the registers but I also didn't want to stock the floor until we had our inventory count done, so I sat at the registers day dreaming about the holidays with Melissa. I wonder how she was doing on her finals. I was blissfully day dreaming until a guy in an Adidas sweatshirt walked into the store. Something was off about this guy he was wearing his hood on and sunglasses. My throat ran dry at the thought that we were going to be robbed. I would have never imagined that being that we were located in a college.

As soon as the guy saw me staring he took off his sunglasses and hood. My heart sank as I easily recognized the man staring at me. His brown eyes piercing through me. He had brown hair that pushed up.

“Hello I was wondering if Rian Rodriguez is working today” he asked. His British accent making it difficult to understand.

“Um I'm sorry but I can't tell you that” I said looking him dead in the eyes.

“Okay. Well can you tell her that Liam came to see her” Liam asked.

“Um… Sure” I promised.

Liam quickly put his sunglasses and hood back on and proceeded to jog out of the store. I couldn't tell Rian that Liam was here, but she needed to know that he was looking for her. I wish Melissa was here so I could ask her, but instead I sat there in complete shock.

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