Stay With Me [Liam Payne]

After the worst summer of her life, Rian returns to her normal college life, but she still has to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart. As much as she wishes life could go back to normal Rian faces the ridicule of being an ex girlfriend to Liam Payne. There are two questions Rian is constantly asking herself. Will Liam ever love her again? And does she want his love?


5. Alive

Alive - Krewella

Rian's POV

I knew it was a successful day of shopping when my bed was covered with my bags. I think I went a little crazy at HM because they had a maternity line, and I needed all of it. Melissa went just as crazy as me, her bed was covered in bags except for the area in which Aiden was sitting on. Mel went crazy at American Eagle and Forever 21. I really wanted a pair of jeans from American Eagle, but the ones that actually fit my stomach didn’t fit my legs. It was all discouraging until HM. I might have gone a little shopping crazy, but in all fairness I did need a whole set of maternity clothes and such. Plus HM was having was having a great sale. I liked HM's maternity line more than the other store in the mall that was only maternity wear. HM seemed to be geared towards younger mothers, and I definitely was going to be a young mom.

I looked at my roommate’s side of the room and saw that her bed was covered in bags as well. Actually the only spot that didn't have bags was where Aiden was sitting. She went crazy at Target, Forever 21, American Eagle. Honestly I felt great. Melissa knew just what I needed… some retail therapy. I had almost forgot that needed call Hunter. I might be the only person my age who prefers calling, but it felt better to hear a voice and it doesn't take as much time to get an answer.

"I'm going to step outside for a quick second and call Hunter" I said trying to hide my excitement.

"Aw go on. Call the guy who obviously has a crush on you" Melissa teased.

"Oh shut up" I blushed.

I escaped the room before Melissa could say anything else. I punched the numbers that Hunter had wrote down. Hopefully he doesn't thing I'm a creep for calling over texting. Uh this generation and not liking to talk to one another; they make me look like the weird one. My heart was beating pretty fast as it kept ringing. I was just about to hang up and send him a text until I heard a familiar southern accent.

"Hello" he asked.

"Hey Hunter it's Rian. You know from British lit" I smiled.

"Oh it's the girl who owes her success in that class to me" Hunter teased.

"Wow, jerk. I was calling to let you know that I found something better to do tonight, so I won't be going tonight" I smirked.

"Psh nothing and I mean nothing is better than hearing me sing"

"Actually watching the paint dry in my dorm room sounds and probably is better"

"Ouch and who's the jerk now"

"Oh you know you deserved it"

"Did not"

"Did too"

"Are we like five-year-old siblings now?"

"We're acting like we are"

"Let's act like the adults that we are. Well at least the adult that I am. So what’s up" Hunter asked.

"I was actually calling you to get more details. I am kind of craving yet another latte" I laughed.

"Okay good. It's starts at 8 and if you want to perform with an instrument you need to bring it; unless it's a piano because they have one"

"I don't think I will sing. I'm not particularly good at it anyways"

"Alrighty. You don't have to sing by any means"

“Cool well we’ll meet you there at eight”

“Awesome! It will be fun trust me.”

“I will. Talk to you later Hunter.”

“See you soon Rian.”

            I hung up the phone with one of the largest smiles on my face. I hadn’t felt this way in quite some time. I was giddy and excited. I couldn’t wait for eight o’clock to come, and now I just needed something to pass the time till then. I knew that I definitely wanted to take a shower and get these hair clippings off my shoulder. It was really uncomfortable and another shower seemed nice. It gave me time to think about what to do and everything else. I knocked before going back into my room, because well… quite frankly I didn’t want to walk into anything that I shouldn’t be. As I entered, I saw that Aiden hadn’t moved a muscle and Melissa was putting all her new stuff away. I rummaged through my bags and grabbed my new dark-rinse, skinny jeans that were distressed along the thigh, and my favorite black, V-neck shirt.

"I'm going to go take a shower, so I am just reminding you guys to use protection if you guys have sex. Or else this can happen" I laughed as I rubbed the little bump that I had. Melissa laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Okay mom" Aiden said sarcastically.

“Not yet” I rolled my eyes at him and shut the door behind me.

That feeling of happiness hadn’t gone away. This was truly the first time in three months that I didn’t feel that crippling depression that I had. But what was even better than was that I felt excited. I was looking forward to getting to know Hunter. He always seemed sweet and had my back anytime I dozed off in class. I got to the bathroom and took one of the public showers. This was something I was just barely getting used to. Last year I had a dorm with a bathroom, but this year I had to use a public shower. Well it wasn't completely public. The only people allowed in where people that lived in the dorm.

After taking a nice warm shower I headed back to my room, but before I entered my phone began ringing. I pulled it out of my pocket while trying not the drop my stuff. The number made me confused and happy all at the same time. My phone clearly said that Louis Tomlinson was calling me. No one from One Direction had talked to me since the incident. Which really hurt, but then again they knew Liam a lot longer than they have known me, so it made sense for them to chose Liam's side.

“Hello” I answered questioningly. I still wasn't certain that it in fact was Louis, but who else would it be.

“Hey Rian. It’s Louis” He said awkwardly. This made me frown, because it sounded like Louis thought that I might have forgotten about him. I couldn't forget Louis. In many ways he was still the older brother that I have always wanted.

“Louis I knew it was you. Not too many numbers from England are calling me lately” I laughed. It was my attempt at lighting the mood. I didn't want Louis and I to be awkward with one another; we couldn't and shouldn't be.

“Oh how I have missed your sass. How are you” Louis asked. His voice softened and I could imagine his blue eyes filling with curiosity. It warmed my heart to think that even though Louis has only known me for a short period of time he still cares about me. It made me feel better about still caring about Louis and the others.

“I have been better, but as of lately things are looking up” I admitted. Then my thoughts went to the baby that I was carrying. Liam’s baby. I couldn’t tell Louis this now, but I wanted to tell him. I don’t know why but I feel that Louis possibly give me some good advice.

“That’s a relief to hear, Rian. I was worried sick about you” Louis added.

“I am okay. I am alive. I am healthy. Don’t worry about me Louis. I am fine. How are you” I asked as I tried to change the subject. I was never good at lying or keeping secrets so I knew I couldn't keep talking about myself until I would blurt out how I am pregnant.

“I am ace. We just released our third album and I am really proud of it. I actually helped write some of the songs” Louis cheered. I could hear the enthusiasm in his voice. This was partially the reason why I purchased the cd. Louis was one of my best friends and I am so proud of him. So of course I wanted to hear what he has worked so hard on.

“Ace? Louis you are so British" I laughed.

"Oh okay. Whatever Miss America" Louis sassed.

"Why thank you Lou" I laughed.

"Ugh you know I didn't mean it like that Rian" Louis said laughing.

"Yeah… sure you didn't. So I heard you guys on the radio” I admitted still smiling even though the song was dedicated to me by my ex who didn't want to acknowledge my existence.

“Oh. I am sorry if you got upset” Louis apologized.

“Don’t worry about it. Had I not known it was for me it would have been one of my favorites.” I smiled. I was actually telling the truth it was genuinely a great song.

"You should listen to "Little White Lies" I think you would really like it. Plus it's one of the songs I helped write, so there's that added bonus" Louis told me. I could almost hear the smile in his voice.

"I promise I will listen to it" I promised. I was just about to tell Louis about the baby until my door opened. Melissa peered out and looked at me confused. She mouthed who am I talking to, but I didn’t know how to answer that question. Honestly though thank God for her. I would have been spelling the beans by now.

“Hey Louis I have to get going. I will call you soon. I promise”

“Okay, bye Rian”

“Bye Louis”

            I again hung up the phone and looked at my roommate. I could see the confusion that was still painted on her face. I also knew that she would press me about it right now; especially with Aiden being in the room. Neither of us like to talk about the Liam situation in-front of Aiden, because it only infuriated him. Not that I blame him. If my friend was going through the same situation I would be just as pissed. I walked into my room and focused on changing the subject.

"How does the jeans look" I asked as I stuck my hand in my jean pockets. They fit so much better and yet they were still skinny.

"Honestly the make your butt look great" Melissa admitted.

"They look good Ri" Aiden added.

"Awesome. So they don't look like maternity jeans" I asked.

"Wait those are preggo pants" Aiden asked.

I nodded as Melissa said, "Yep she got them at HM."

“I will take that as my answer” I laughed. 

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