Punk Rockest Kitten

Melanie is a normal teenage girl going to highschool. She got good grades, always on time and she is known as the school nerd. Outside of school is a different story. She is a total badass. No one has seen that side though.
Michael is the school bad boy. All the girls drool over him, except Melanie. Well, at least not noticeably.
One day Melanie is walking out of a tattoo parlor when she notices a certain boy watching her.


2. Chapter Two.

My long, curly brown hair bounced on my back and chest as I walked to my friend Embers house. She lives about 5 minutes away from me which gives me time to listen to about two songs. I quietly hummed the song that was currently blasting through my ears until I arrived at Embers door step. One knock was all it took for her to open the door and greet me with her usual cheery smile.

She had her long black hair down and pushed over one shoulder and her side bangs covering her eyebrow piercing. We got ours done together. I noticed something different about her.. Her hair! She had blue in it. That's cool. She had her uniform on as well as her brown purse slung over her shoulder and hanging a little past her waist.

From her house we walk to out friend Luke's house. He only lives about 10 minute away from her house. Our walk was filled with ideas of what to do after school and on the upcoming weekend. As we were walking down the familiar street that leads to Luke's house, I saw a light grey creature from the corner of my eye. It look as of it was bouncing over to us, like Tigger does in Winnie the Pooh. To be honest, I was very scared. For all I know I could be some sort of demon animal bouncing over to us to steal out souls. But to my relief if was just a cute, grey cat. The cat rubbed against my leg while humming a soft purr from its throat. We both pet the cat a few times before starting our journey down the road again.

We reached Luke's drive way right when he was shutting the door behind him and walking down the few steps that lead down the the driveway. "Hey Luke!" I cried out while waving my hand in the air, trying to get his attention. He look up from the pavement and smiled at us, returning the wave. "Hey guys." He hummed when he reached us. We started walking our way back up his road and to our school.

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