Punk Rockest Kitten

Melanie is a normal teenage girl going to highschool. She got good grades, always on time and she is known as the school nerd. Outside of school is a different story. She is a total badass. No one has seen that side though.
Michael is the school bad boy. All the girls drool over him, except Melanie. Well, at least not noticeably.
One day Melanie is walking out of a tattoo parlor when she notices a certain boy watching her.


3. Chapter Three.

As we walked up the road, Ember and Luke started talking about a biology project they were assigned on Friday. They had pretty much all there classes together. Me on the other hand, I only had one class with them. That one class was math. I guess that's not that bad since I am awful at math and Ember is a math wiz. The other classes I have are spent with me sitting in the back of the classroom with my headphones in, not fully paying attention.

"Did you hear me?" Luke's voice brought me back to reality. "No not really, sorry." Luke and Ember laughed at me as I just walked next to them awkwardly laughing with them. "I said, watch out for Michael and them." He paused and looked around before starting again, "when I walked past them in the courtyard on Friday, I heard Michael say your name." His face was dead serious, as if he was telling me there was a mad serial killer after me. I was confused at first as of why he was telling me this and why I should be careful, then I remember a certain red head in most of my classes. Well fuck! This isn't good.

The rest of the walk was filled with random chatter about out favorite bands and stuff. I walked into my first class, science, about five minutes before the bell. This was one if the classes i had with Michael. Maybe if I just don't draw any attention to myself, he won't notice me. I scurried to an empty desk in the back of the classroom with my backpack almost falling off my back.

That class was successful. He didn't acknowledge me and I didn't draw attention to myself. I made it to lunch without him even making eye contact with me. Maybe Ember and Luke were just messing with me. I hope so. I guess you could say michael was cool. Okay he was quite attractive. I mean, he is a jerk but I can help it! He wears ripped, black skinny jeans and band tees! That's hot if you ask me. Oh and he listens to good band according to his shirts.

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