Punk Rockest Kitten

Melanie is a normal teenage girl going to highschool. She got good grades, always on time and she is known as the school nerd. Outside of school is a different story. She is a total badass. No one has seen that side though.
Michael is the school bad boy. All the girls drool over him, except Melanie. Well, at least not noticeably.
One day Melanie is walking out of a tattoo parlor when she notices a certain boy watching her.


1. Chapter One.

Melanie's POV

Beep beep beep! I was rudely awaken by my alarm blaring in my ear at 6:00am. Ugh, it's Monday! After about ten minutes of siting in the edge of my bed with one knee high sock on, I decided to start getting ready. I grabbed my school uniform from my dresser and slipped on my other knee high sock before jumping into my skirt and buttoning up my white button-up shirt. As I walked to go to the bathroom I caught a glimpse of my wild, frizzy curls and groaned at the fact that it will take me at least 20 minuted to get them not so wild. I made it to the bathroom with my tie in hand and tied it with only a little bit of difficulty. I adjusted my collar and applied my usually makeup, which is mascara, eyeliner, foundation and concealer. Oh! Can't forget a little bit of lip gloss.

Okay let me just say one thing, I only wear this at school. Outside of school I'm usually wearing some black skinny jeans, a band tee and way better makeup then that. Outside if school I usually wear mascara, eyeliner, black/grey/brow eyeshadow, foundation and concealer and some kind of dark lip stick.

Once I was done with my makeup and hair, I double check to make sure none of my tattoos were showing. And I made sure my piercings weren't to noticeable. Making sure my piercings weren't noticeable was really hard considering I have my spider bits done, a nose piercing, an eyebrow piercing and a bar in my ear. Don't forget my scretchers but they are really small. I put my stud in my nose and wore my hair down again, I but the studs in my lip too so it wasn't to noticeable.

By now it was 7:00 and I need to start walking to school or else I would be late. I would drive but my dad doesn't trust me and thinks I will crash the car. But I'm 18, it's my last year in hell so I think I should be able to drive to school. But whatever. I quickly brush my teeth and say goodbye to my dad before running out the door with my headphones plugged into my phone and Blink 182 blasting through my ears.

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