A girl's life destroyed by a war. A boy's life destroyed by an earthquake. They travel on a road towards the unknown.


3. TWO//Jamal

Afghanistan 1:02 A.M//Jamal

A deep rumble echoed outside my bedroom window. My eyes flew open and I rolled over on my bed trying to capture the sound again. I heard another rumble before I heard the sound of rocks landing on the ground. Alarmed, I threw my thin blanket off and rushed to the window. I was shocked to see what was happening outside. The ground was moving and houses were shaking. I gave a definite yell before running to my parent’s room to warn them about what was happening. My dad immediately woke up and he woke up my mom.

When he saw what was happening outside he yelled گندگی before running out the door. I followed behind him, in hope that he could take us somewhere safe. I almost fell as I tried to scramble after my father. Behind me, I heard ma’s light footsteps following us. I turned around and saw her grab her skirt, trying not to fall and trip on something. I turned back around and saw that we were headed towards the biggest building in our village. I turned around and saw that Ma was falling behind. A rock was about to roll down the hill next to us and soon would crush Ma. I tried to reach for her hand. Her fingers barely brushed mine before they left me forever. The large boulder rolled over and she was trapped beneath it. Ma was yelling at me to go before I would get hurt but I didn’t want to leave her. Her breath was coming out in gasp and I heard my father come up behind me. He bent down to catch his breath before he saw Ma and fell on his knees. I took a step back, leaving my father with Ma. I could see she was not going to last. She was going to die. Ma was going to die in front of my very eyes.

A feeling of numbness washed over me and I could feel nothing as I felt myself land next to Ma and hold her hand. Her hands were soon becoming cold and pale. Her last breath rattled out and her eyes lost life.

She was dead. Ma was dead. She died in front of me. She had been run over by a rock. I looked next to me and saw the large boulder still rolling down the hill. Another earthquake shook the earth and I was thrown backward by the force. Rocks were clattering beside me and I tried to stand up before the ground shook again. I stumbled and fell on my knees. I sighed. I was tired of trying to get up and then falling back down again. My father was next to me, he was trying to reach for my hand but was stumbling on his way.

When there was finally a sufficient break, I caught my breath and saw my bloody hands that were cut by the sharp stones. Father pulled me up and hugged me tight, bringing me in close to his chest. I could feel his body shivering, shaken by the events of today.

That’s when he bent down and said, “Jamal, we have to go somewhere safe. We have to leave Ma behind. Are you ok with that? You have to be strong so we can save other lives. I know how hard this must be for you, but we have many lived to save. We don’t want everybody to end up like Ma, now, do we?”

His last words slammed into me like a huge rock. The reality of Ma’s death struck me with such force that I lost my breath for a couple of minutes. Ma, who always helped me when I needed help and did not stop me from trying to chase my dreams. And now I had lost her forever. She could never come back and help me complete my dream. My dream was to be an air force pilot. Ever since my grandfather told me his stories of when he was in the air force and how he saved many lives, I wanted to be a pilot just like him, saving people, helping people, showing people the light when they were stuck in the dark. I wanted to help save the world.

The world was a mess these days. There was always news of bomb blasts all over the planet and the recent Paris attack that happened. Everyone focused on Paris that week, but no one paid attention to the other countries, like Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and poor countries in Africa.

I came back to reality when I felt father’s hand on my shoulder. He was squeezing it, reassuring me that everything was going to be fine. I took one last look at Ma before turning away to find a safe place. When we were at least a 100 feet away from Ma’s body, I looked back a second and time and was surprised to find tears glistening in my eyes.



گندگی-- Shit!




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