After loosing his memories Eathen lives the normal life of a human once again but a certain purple crystal wearing princess follows him in the mortal life hoping to return his memories before the very wold is destroyed Eathen must find and return the memories of all his friends before time runs out its a race for survival as a powerful entity of darkness claws its way to the surface one friend is not what they seem will the young prince sense this looming doom or fall to its power



Memories they are the pieces of us that make us whole some are happy some are sad I have friends who have lost their memories I also know a boy who has lost his memories but sometimes loosing painful things is good my last truly happy memory was the night before I found my mother dead I was three at the time I wish I had lost my memories like everyone else but if I did then no one would be able to find the others and he would win by now you’re probably wondering who am and what am I talking about well my name is Princess Terra of Terranises and I am trying to save my friends from a life time of memory loss the last thing any of them will remember is a bright light this is because of  a very powerful and evil man who tried to kill them but thanks to the boy I’m looking for they failed but there were side effects now I must find them all before the time runs out but I can’t do it alone I need him Eathen I need you and now I have found you please remember who you are remember me this is the last chance we have to stop him so I better begin to find you.         
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