After loosing his memories Eathen lives the normal life of a human once again but a certain purple crystal wearing princess follows him in the mortal life hoping to return his memories before the very wold is destroyed Eathen must find and return the memories of all his friends before time runs out its a race for survival as a powerful entity of darkness claws its way to the surface one friend is not what they seem will the young prince sense this looming doom or fall to its power



It had been hours since I found Terra in my house I hadn’t said a thing nether had she terra  just sat down on a chair ever since I shouted at her I sat down on the opposite side of the room Terra had been so quiet I still didn’t know who she was but something about her drew me to her like a little bug being drawn into the light to die she was luring me without even trying ok I have to know everything no more silence “Terra who are you?” my question  must of  taken her by surprise cause she didn’t reply or even look at me she just got up and walked over to the window “I am please don’t faint again in fact sit down please” I did as she said and waited “ok I am Princess Terra of the planet Terranises from the dimension Anamosies  you are Prince Eathen of the planet Magiss the two silver girls you drew the one wearing the blue dress is Princess Luna of  the planet Lunia the other is her body guard Zarina the tiger man is Prince Vixen of the planet Mixonia and the red haired man is Joe he is your  teacher  and protector there now you know who I am and most importantly who you are” I felt like sitting down even though I was already sitting me a prince of a planet in a different dimension what was this girl on she sounded crazy but  something told me she was telling the truth “if I’m a prince and you’re a princess then where are the kings and queens where are my parents” Terra looked away again why did she keep doing that why was it so hard to look at me “their gone imprisoned by Endor all the kings and queens are locked away where no one knows except Endor he locked them up in crystal coffins of some sort no one has seen them for a long time all of them are gone except mine they are both dead” ‘woe Endor why did that sound familiar why did all this seem familiar “augh!”  My head felt like it was burning I tried to get up but fell to the floor I looked up at Terra who just stood there she didn’t move she just looked at me “augh my head what is this?” I tried to get to the kitchen where my medication was but I could barely move “don’t fight it Eathen let go let your memories flow into you stop fighting and let go” her voice melted into the back ground till I couldn’t hear or see her anymore I closed my eyes as everything went black “huh where am I?” I opened my eyes and saw I was in my house except there were no windows “this is weird hello?” I got up and looked around “ah hello Terra where are you?” I could hear a baby cry coming from my bed room I ran over to the door I opened it “ah hello anyone in here?” I looked around and I was in a different room this room had light blue walls and a cloudy celling with pictures of animals all over it was made of stone and in the far corner was a cot I walked over to the cot and in it was a little baby boy with sandy blond hair and dark Safire blue eyes the baby was crying I picked it up and started to cradle it “shh there its ok little one I’m here” I heard something coming so I put him down and waited as soon as I did the baby started crying again a women with long black hair came running in and picked up the baby “oh my beautiful baby boy don’t cy mommy’s here” ‘she is my mother but how I focused on her face it was the face of the women from my photo she had creamy  pale white skin framed with long raven hair  and dark green eyes that were filled with kindness “Lilith are you in here?” a young man walked in he looked like me but older he was tall and his body was muscular  he was a light tanned with short sandy blond hair and a neatly trimmed beard “yes Diego Eathen was hungry” the man walked  over to my mother and me he grabbed the baby out of my mother’s hands and into his “watch his head dear” they both smiled as they cuddled the now giggling baby then suddenly they looked at me “you can’t stay son” ‘huh he was talking to me “you have to go my beautiful baby boy” I didn’t want to go but I did as they asked I closed the door and I was back in my house with no windows I kept walking as I did the doors began to disappear and everything was going black I ran to the nearest door and slammed it shut after I did it vanished “huh wow this place is weird” I kept walking I was in a forest I think I looked around and I saw me with Terra we were kissing “what me and Terra!?” I watches as Terra pushed me away as she did the sky went grey and thunder and lightning filled the sky the forest began to shift between being my house and the forest “Eathen your waking up run you haven’t seen it yet run!!” she screamed I started running I had no idea where or why but I didn’t stop till the thunder ,lightning and grey sky was behind me I stopped and I was back in the forest but this was different this one was framed by large mighty mountains all  around it I saw Terra again all those people from my drawings I looked at them and felt as if someone had flipped a switch inside my head “Joe, Luna ,Zarina ,Terra!” I recognized them I knew who they were my memory its back I ran to the guys but as I did I got hit by a blinding bright light it knocked me to the ground as I got up I saw me using myself as a shield against the light my body was glowing a bright light blue I watched as all my friends vanished into smoke I looked over to Terra as she screamed out my name then she vanished “no Terra!” I closed my eyes as tears formed in them I felt my skin catch on fire “Eathen wake up!” I opened my eyes still filled with tears my lungs were burning and my heart was racing I felt like I had just ran the school track a hundred times “Eathen are you ok?” I looked up at Terra as she was kneeling down over me “Terra!” I shouted as I pounced into her “Eathen what are you do…” I cut of her question with a kiss I felt her kiss me back and hold me close she played her finger through my hair we rolled around the floor not once breaking apart my hands played on her body I could feel her hand slipping under my shirt then I felt it rip of my body wow she was strong so beautiful how could I have hurt her like that “Eathen are you ok?” lost I my train of thought I had stopped kissing her “Terra I’m so sorry how could I have forgotten you” Terra looked up at me as she still laid below me because I was still on top of her she smiled as she walked her fingers up my chest “I forgive you Eathen” I got up so she could “Eathen?” Terra looked at me as she cupped her hand on my cheek “I remember I remember everything I’m the reason I lost my memory” Terra got up and walked over into my room and came back with the photo of my parents “even them do you remember everything?” I took the photo from her cold hands “yes Terra everything I know who I am I know what I must do let’s get back and find our friends” Terra smiled “you finally sound like you and I love it” she kissed my cheek then grabbed her jacket I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and closed my eyes for a few seconds I walked into my room and grabbed my grey leather jacket “it’s going to be cold and it’s probably still raining hey Terra is it still raining outside!?” I waited for a reply as I put on my jacket “Terra!?” I called out to her as I walked out of my bedroom “hello?’ she wasn’t in the lounge room “Terra where you are!?” I shouted so my voice reached through the whole house “Terra!” this time my voice was filled with fear I walked around the house looking for her I checked the bathroom she wasn’t there “Terra this isn’t funny where are you?!” I walked out to the back and the door was open did she go outside “looking for this boy?” I turned around to see a dark figure in my door way his body shrouded in darkness a clash of lighting hit in the background as his body become visible in the light “hello who’s there?” the figure threw something into the air I caught it with one hand “a gift” I unwrapped the wet cloth in my hand as I did my hands become black “huh what is this?” I turned on the light and saw my hands were covered in blood and that the cloth I held was a torn blood soaking piece of purple fabric I dropped it in horror as I did I heard a clang on the floor I bent down and saw the broken pieces of Terra’s crystal stained with blood “no it can’t be” I picked up the blood stained crystal pieces my hands shaking violently as I looked over at the dark figure but he was gone I now stood alone in the black of night with the shattered heart of the one I love I tried to hold it back as the tears filled in my eyes “augh!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs in pain “Eathen?” huh what was that “Eathen wake up!” I opened my eyes to Terra staring over me with fear in her eyes “Terra!” I shouted as I pulled her close to me and hugged her tightly “Eathen you were thrashing in your sleep and you looked like you were in pain also it is lucky I am not human or else my ribs would of broken by now” I let her go and breathed deeply “I was asleep it was all a dream oh thank god” Terra looked at me and grabbed my hand “Eathen what did you see?” why did she ask me that “ah I saw a dark figure of a man and your crystal and a piece of your dress and ah blood yeah there was lots of blood and Terra one more thing your crystal it was ah broken into lots of little pieces” Terra’s hand went from my hand to her crystal she grasped onto to it as if her life depended on it “how could you have seen this not again” she whispered “Terra?’ she looked at me while thinking “was all this during a storm?” ‘What the hell how did she know that?’ “Yes it was but how did you…” “Shit not again” I watched as Terra mumbled to herself what was she saying what was she thinking it was at this moment that I finally realized I wasn’t at home anymore I was in a room that looked like a shed or a warehouse of some sort but instead of tools there were weapons “ah Terra where are we and how did we get here the last thing I remember is going into my room?” “huh oh well Eathen we got here by one of those Taxi’s I think there called and to explain why you can’t remember anything well I sort of ah hit you across the back of the head to knock you out you see the others didn’t trust you yet and they didn’t want you to know where our hideout was because a few of Endor’s bounty hunter followed us here so we have to hide before we can go back” wait she hit me the others huh “ok so you hit me to knock me out and the others who are the others?” “well you know one of them Tori Nako” I looked over to where Terra was pointing and I saw a much older looking Tori she looked about 17 now she was tall and her hair was blue instead of brown she was wearing grey leather jeans and a dark blue jacket obviously to hide her feathers her head was buried in some type of book “Hey Tori” Tori put her book down and looked at me “huh you actually found him and here I thought he was a goner nice to see you again Prince Eathen” Tori smiled then went back to reading her book “well ha this is the mighty Prince Eathen I thought you would be taller” Terra turned around “oh shut it Cryos!” I looked at who she was yelling at he was huge like a mountain with muscles of tree trunks he had dark brown muddy hair and light Tanned skin his muscles rippled all over his tall lean body he looked like he could snap me in half  like it was nothing but the thing I noticed most was the red square crystal around his neck this guy is a Terranian like Terra is this what Terra grew up with her whole life wow “I’m sorry about my cousin Eathen Cryos is an ass to everyone he meets at first” huh this guy was her cousin “it is a pleasure to meet you Prince Eathen of Magiss” a young looking boy with silver skin and dark purple hair with pitch black eyes came up to me  he looked about sixteen he was tall not like Cryos maybe a little smaller than me he was wearing a black jumper with the sleeves up and on his right arm was a scar of a long slash “so are who are you?” the male Lunian looked over at Terra “oh yes I am Zain the older brother of Princess Luna I joined Princess Terra on the mission to find my sister whom I believe Endor has trapped somewhere” huh but Joe said Luna was an only child “wait my friend said your sister was an only child Zain” “well yes this true I was adopted by the king and queen after my own parents were murdered by a Lunium I was 6 at the time  the king and queen took me in and that’s when I became  Luna’s brother and I love my sister I truly do and that is why I am here” ‘ok so this is my new group?’                     

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