After loosing his memories Eathen lives the normal life of a human once again but a certain purple crystal wearing princess follows him in the mortal life hoping to return his memories before the very wold is destroyed Eathen must find and return the memories of all his friends before time runs out its a race for survival as a powerful entity of darkness claws its way to the surface one friend is not what they seem will the young prince sense this looming doom or fall to its power



“ok so what the plan also who’s the girl in the red back there she didn’t introduce herself” there was one other girl apart from Terra and Tori she was a Terranian I could tell because of  her crystal but strange hers was on her head attached to a red head band “That’s Halina she’s a Endorian spy not she works for me she’s pretending to be a Endorian  spy hey Hal say hello” I watched as the girl turned around her outfit barley covering her body she wore what looked like a red thick ribbon around her body and breasts this ribbon then got thicker as it went down to cover her waist “Hey cutie we’ve been looking for you  hmm wow do you work out cause boy you are hot dam Terra you never said he was an A class yummy mm I might just have to eat you up baby” ‘ah was this girl serious “Hey prince don’t get any ideas that one’s mine got it” oh trust me you can have her Cryos this one is a little too are serious for my tastes “ah don’t worry Cryos I have no interest in your girl no offence Halina but my heart belongs to someone else it belongs to Terra” I looked over at Terra and saw her smile “whatever buddy your loss Cryos your gain” I watched as Halina walked over to Cryos with each step her body swayed in ways that probably should of turned me on but didn’t ‘augh definitely not my type “ok so the plan  is to find and re-memorize all of our friends now I got a tip from one of my contacts that  a male Tiger Mixonian man was getting beaten up at the bar located  in the outlands of Mixonian called the slammer they also sell illegal items but hey it’s the out lands anything goes there Cryos ah…” Terra stopped and placed her hand up to her forehead “Ahh Cryos please continue I need to ah attend to something Ahh” Terra ran outside I followed her but I was stopped by Cryos “leave it boy” I pushed past him much to his disliking and ran outside after her “augh cough!” I followed the sounds of Terra gagging till I saw her on her hands and  knees ‘I could feel the pain forming in my chest then suddenly my chest started to heave as I coughed up something black and sticky to my horror I couldn’t stop Still coughing up more black tar like stuff I didn’t know what it was, but everything started to spin black tears started to slide down my face from the intensity of the coughing fit I looked down at the black puddle beneath my chest finally it stopped I relaxed before trying to stand up as I did I felt dizzy I leaned against the wall as my breathing enhanced and that feeling returned in my chest “no please no more please” it was then that I saw him watching me from the distance that look of  pain and confusion written all over his face as he looked at me no Eathen please don’t look at  me please just look away please’ he began walking towards me ‘no I couldn’t take it anymore my legs gave out and I crumbled to the ground my sight became blurry as I watched  him run up to me “Terra?!” he shouted loudly but it sounded like a disoriented mumble to me I tried to move but my body felt like it was heavy and made of jelly I kept my consciousness I didn’t want to fall asleep I felt Eathen pick me up bridal style he took me back to the building the others were in I saw Cryos looking at Eathen as he brought me back in “what did you do boy?” Eathen didn’t say a word “cool it Cryos” I felt my strength fading as my eyes grew heavy ‘no stay awake you need to stay awake for him “Terra its ok you look tired go to sleep” I laid Terra gently down as I did she fell asleep Cryos came up to me but didn’t say a word he just sat down next to Terra and grabbed her hand “you hang in there Terry your strong you can fight it” ‘what was he talking about what was she fighting who knows how many years I have been gone what could of happened to her after I left all these questions but no answers  “Ok Terra’s is resting she is weak for reasons un known we will not let this stop us lets go and catch us a big cat!” shouted Cryos  ‘man Cryos was definitely related to Terra he was so thick headed controlling no time for rest or relax he wanted to get the job done fast definitely Terra’s cousin “What happened to Terra Cryos she was fine and now she’s unconscious is it getting worse dose she need more of the stuff you gave her does this have something to do with what happened last year do you think she’s dying?” what was this girl going on about? “Tori please one question at a time seriously and don’t ever say my cousin is dying again got it!” Tori froze at Cryos words as if his very will made her  Halina walked over to Cryos “alright so with Terra unconscious how are we going to activate the portals we need a true royal no offence Cryos” Cryos looked mad like he was going to hit something but he didn’t he just continued to sit there next to Terra “we use the boy” boy who are they calling boy I’m almost nineteen “hey quit calling me boy I’m eighteen years old I have my license I’m a legal adult and I will be treated as such also other than Terra I’m the only other true royal I am the Prince and future ruler of the planet Magiss I started this mission to over throw Endor and if you don’t start treating me with the respect I was given at birth by my royal birthright you will be excommunicated and for those who are idiots and don’t know what I just said I will kick you off my team this is my mission I make the rules Cryos grab Terra but be gentle the rest of you pack what you need were going to Mixonia now move it!” they all looked at me just like I looked at Terra whenever she got serious woe I had become really serious just like her maybe I am a royal after all ha-ha  “huh I guess Terra has good tastes after all alright Eathen you wanna open the portal so we can get of this back water planet seriously the creatures here or the hoo…muns are really weird and their cars I think there called make lots of smoke how can they live in a place like this?” even though this was my home all my life I had to agree this place was rotting all the way to the core who knows what will happen when it dies hopefully I will be king of my own planet with Terra at my side maybe a few kids hmm the future has countless possibilities’ “Cryos dose Terra need more of that black stuff you gave her last night?” Cryos stood up shocked how do you know about that?!” he shouted demanding an answer “I saw you last night I got up to go on patrol and I saw you in Terra’s part of the room you had a jar if this black oozy stuff and you were saying something I couldn’t understand you put some of that stuff on your finger and then put it in Terra’s mouth I didn’t know what you were doing but it was your turn to watch her  in case she had an episode again in her sleep is it medicine you gave her it didn’t look very tasty” Tori stopped talking but Cryos had gone pale as beady drops of sweat fell from his forehead his palms had become sweaty his breathing increased he began playing with his hands as he stood there his body was shaking what had Tori said to freak him out like this and what was he hiding Halina walked up to Cryos and grabbed his hand I saw him jump “Cryos baby you ok?” Cryos didn’t move or say a word what had happened what had Tori said “ah Cryos hello?” I waved my hand in front of his face he didn’t react “ah guys I think I broke him” Tori shouted as   Cryos tried to speak his words broken making no sense “ru…ru…n” Halina looked at me worried “you have to run!” shouted Cryos as he did his body tensed then suddenly something broke through the wall “LOOK OUT!!!” I shouted as I ran to cover Terra the roof crumbled and fell broken bits of wood and brick went everywhere “Ahh!” Tori shouted as the building collapsed in top of us ‘ah this is what it must feel like for a sandwich Terra laid helpless and  unconscious below me and I laid on top of her with a large and extremely heavy roof laid on top of me I could feel my strength fading with each second my muscles ached even I couldn’t keep this up forever I looked down at Terra “Terra please if you can hear me wake up you have to get out from under me I can’t keep…Ahh …this …up …much.. Longer…ah…please” my breath was quaking my body was crushing under the pressure “Hey need a hand?”  I felt the roof crushing force be lifted of me I looked up and saw Cryos with the a large and very heavy roof ruble in one hand “Terra was she hurt?” he asked as he threw the ruble “no I covered her just in time” Tori and Halina lifted pieces of the ruble of them and walked over to me “How the hell did that happen it just collapsed and ruined my dress how dare it!” Cryos began to laugh  “what the hell caused it is what I want to know” I shouted Cryos walked over to a large piece rubble “this is what caused it” Cryos lifted the ruble to reveal the damaged and possible dead body of some type of creature I walked closer to see what it was its body was huge like a boulder it was covered in blue scales that resembled a rhino it had short stumpy legs like a tortoise but its head looked like a birds but with a long snout “ah what is this thing?” Cryos walked up and kicked it “Boulderdite” Cryos lifted its legs “Female he knows where here he sent them crap we were so careful how did he find us!?” Cryos picked up and threw pieces of ruble “Cryos baby calm down its ok no one was hurt!” Halina shouted as she grabbed his arm ‘I guess anger issues must run in the family hmm Terra wait Terra I ran over to where Terra was resting “GUYS TERRA’S GONE!!” I shouted as I looked around in a panic “what did you say Eathen?”  Tori asked as she walked over to me I got up ready to hit something “I said Terra is gone!” I saw a shadow over near the dumpsters  I picked up a large piece of wood  ok attack first ask questions later it always works well not really but what choice do I have “Ahh!” I ran charging for the shadow I swung my large piece of wood violently at the shadow I felt a sharp pain in my throat as something slashed at it with their hand my wind pipe made a horrible sound when I breathed I collapsed onto the ground coughing and choking I looked up at the shadowy figure as it looked down at me I saw nothing but two bright fiery purple eyes but they were weird looking they had cat slit styled pupils ‘I know those eyes “Terra is that you?” I looked up the shadow was this real or was I dreaming again the sky cracked with lightning and roared with thunder as rain began pouring down like bullets the ground became thick and muddy more lighting filled the sky like skeletal hands playing with clouds each strike brighter than the last the clouds dark and thick blocking the moons light the wind as violent as an animal as it ripped and tossed everything around me my body felt ice cold to the bone I felt the heaving rain pouring down at me then I looked up again my throat still in pain but my breathing tolerable I looked up and saw her this dark form of the one I love I still wasn’t sure if this was real or fake but I can’t stay here all night I mustered up enough strength to stand on my feet the wind was so strong it almost knocked me over a couple of times as I walked  towards those bright almost dragonish eyes “Terra!?” a trash can came out of nowhere and knocked me to the ground “Ahh Terra if this is you stop it your hurting me do you hear me your hurting me!!”  I tried to get up but something was keeping down I felt like hands where holding me to the ground but there was no one there “AUH STOP IT RIGHT NOW TERRA!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs I couldn’t move I couldn’t even try my body felt like stone “if this is a dream I beg you let me wake up please let me wake up” “Eathen where are you?” I heard a guy calling my name I could barely turn my head to see who it was then a silver male with long Purple hair ran up to me “Prince Eathen it seems you’re in a sticky situation please allow me to get rid of these creatures that hold you down “huh I looked all over but I didn’t see anything “Zain’s there’s nothing there but hey if you want to go ahead” I watched as Zain slashed his sword near my arms legs and head “woe watch it with that thing Zain” I could move my arms how the hell “here” Zain held out his hand and pulled me up “ what’s going on?” Zain focused as he created a sword I loved that trick that Lunians could do “take and use all your strength to plunge it threw that creature” he pointed at the shadowy figure of Terra her body was shrouded in darkness but I was sure it was her “are you crazy I’m not stabbing her again she almost died last time no man no way!” Zain looked at me confused “ok then I shall slay the creature and you can distract it” I watched as the others ran up to me and Zain “what’s with the weather?” Tori asked “there is powerful dark energy what has caused it?” I looked at Terra I never really believed she was to dangers and unstable I thought she was just scared but now I see she can make anything happen she really is powerful and extremely dangers “the Boulderdite wasn’t the only thing he sent my cousin wouldn’t snap like this unless there a really good reason it’s obvious there are class five Sholomes and a class eight here the class fives held you down Eathen and the problem with Sholomes there made out of night so you can’t see their physical form unless you’re a child of the night like Zain here he can see them aren’t I right boy” Zain nodded “the class eight has posseted Terra causing her to  subconsciously fight back but that means her power can be channeled and uses by the Sholome and that’s what’s happening now” ok Terra is going to pissed once she’s awake “distract her I shall strike the blow at the class eight Sholome!”  Zain ran right at Terra and then ran back to us “I have changed my mind she is too powerful and frankly she scares the moon out of me” I looked over at Terra “get out of me augh!!” Terra screamed as she her eyes glowed brighter then fell to the ground as she did all the lights turned back on “Terra?” “Why is it always me augh Endor your dead dam sholomes augh” I ran up to Terra “are you ok?” I helped her to her feet “Augh get of me!” Terra pushed me away as her eyes glowed purple again “augh Cryos!” Terra fell down to the ground “get out of the way!” Cryos pushed past me and over to Terra “just hang on Terry I got some right here” Cryos reached into his pocket and pulled out a packet of the same black goo I saw Terra throwing up before “Cryos augh!” Cryos opened the small bag and just like Tori said he put some on his finger then put it in Terra’s mouth “there you go that’s right eat it all up you will feel better Terry” Cryos stood up and put the bag back in his pocket and grabbed the now visible class eight Sholome and ripped it out of Terra’s body “ah thanks Cryos” Terra got up to her feet “I’m going to kill him!” Cryos grabbed Terra’s hand “you can kill him later lets go” ‘what the hell just happened what was that stuff are so many question and no answers this is going to get ridicules “hey Eathen you wanna open up a portal before more holome's show up please” yes there right “ok anyone got the coins?” Terra gave Cryos a small bag Cryos walked up to me “here you go” he put the bag in my hand I pulled out the coins with the picture of vixen on it “ah this one” I knelt down and began drawing the symbols for transport “ah there I think I did it right not bad for a first timer” Terra walked up to me and looked at my symbols “hmm close very close but you miss spelt this one here instead of saying transport you said transmute Terra bent down and fixed my mistake “there now it will work”  Terra raised her hand over the symbols “Tranis isis!” the symbols began to glow a bright blue then the spread growing larger till a giant bright blue circle appeared “ok let’s go!” I walked into the circle as I did I felt my body go all tingly I then felt the circle consume me till I was in a tunnel covered in white I closed my eyes thinking of Mixonia a few seconds pasted before I opened them again I looked around I was now in a forest but it looked dead the trees were barren and rotten there was now grass no animals the sky was a dark grey “where am I this can’t be Mixonia can it?” I felt a hand on my shoulders then saw Terra “welcome to the outlands a barren waste land home of thugs murderers and monsters only evil goes to this place and good never makes it out alive” Tori looked around as tears fill her eyes “it wasn’t always like this It used to be a beautiful place this…was where I was born” Terra looked at me “come on the bars this way don’t drink the green stuff” she smiled               

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