After loosing his memories Eathen lives the normal life of a human once again but a certain purple crystal wearing princess follows him in the mortal life hoping to return his memories before the very wold is destroyed Eathen must find and return the memories of all his friends before time runs out its a race for survival as a powerful entity of darkness claws its way to the surface one friend is not what they seem will the young prince sense this looming doom or fall to its power



Luna let go of me and ran to Vixen “Vixen he needs to be healed now!!” Terra walked over to Vixen “hey it’s ok Luna we have a healer now Shanni he needs to be healed!” Shanni smiled and glowed blue lifting her feet out of the ground she walked over to Vixen and placed her hand over his wound it glowed bright blue and healed into a scar Luna stared at Vixen like a child waiting for their parents to wake up Shanni smiled “he’ll be fine” she got up and walked away with Terra leaving Luna with Vixen Luna stared at the scar as she gently went over it with her fingers Vixen’s body twitched as he softly smiled “that tickles” Luna smiled and kept going over the scars “im sorry” Vixen smiled “don’t worry about it Luna you’re not the only one that has a crazy monster in you everyone has that side we can’t control” he smirks and twists his tail around her legs making her fall on top of  him she smiled as he cuddled her Luna giggled “cheeky haha” she softly kissed him Vixen smirks and kisses her back “your mine now forever can you handle that?” Luna nods “I can handle anything if it’s with you now up so we can find the others Vixen grabbed Luna and picked her up bridal style “woe Vixen?” he smiled “your weak you should rest till you recharge he kissed her “I’ll take care of you” Luna nods and snuggles up to him wrapping her arms around his neck and resting her head on his chest softly stroking his scars she closes her eyes smiling Vixen walked over to me Terra and the others he smiled “so where to Luna’s resting till she feels better she’s weak” Zain runs over to Luna “Luna!?” Luna opens her eyes and smiles “Zain?” Zain smiled “yeah it’s me I told you I would find you I promised” Zain softly kissed her for head “you sleep now your cat will keep an eye on you” Luna nods and closes her eyes again Vixen softly growls “who are you?” Zain smiles “im Luna’s big brother Zain” he walks off into the shadows Vixen growls “I don’t like him” I smiled “he’s part of the team now so let’s go!” Terra smiled at me “I love it when you take control she walked over to the ground” hmm she started drawing something on the ground it looked like a temple I watched her “Terra what are you doing??” she stopped drawing “huh?” she stared at the drawing “huh I must of zoned out or something weird” I stare at her confused “um ok where to now?” Terra thinks for a moment “hmm Luna will want to find Zarina so we go to the Mixonia jungle that’s the last place she was seen” I nodded “ok wait I don’t know the symbol for that place” Terra smiled “I’ll do it” Terra bent down and began drawing the symbols I watched her smiling as she got up her body tensing as she stretched “there all done just activate it bam to the jungle we go” my eyes glowed bright blue as the symbols glowed and sank into the ground opening the portal “ok guys we going to the Mixonian jungle!” Vixen walked over to me “that jungle isn’t part of Mixonia or my land it is on the other side of the spiral vortex my kingdom stops at the gate and it is forbidden to cross the spiral vortex the last person who did was never seen again they say that jungle is alive” I stared at him Terra smirked “and Zarina’s there you think she’s been eaten??” I sighed “I hope not she’s a great fighter I know you don’t like her Terra it’s pretty obvious but we need her so let’s go” Terra smirked “I still hope she’s been eaten” she walked into the portal vanishing Vixen walked past me “don’t mind Terra her and Zarina have a bad past im sure she will tell you all about it eventually it took her awhile to open up to me so just be patient” he walked into the portal Zain ran past me and vanished into the portal Cryos sighed “a jungle that’s going to be hot and dangers haha let’s go!” Halina smiled “if you say so” they walked into the portal Shanni walked over to me “we will begin your teaching’s in this jungle it will be the perfect dangers land to learn” I nodded and walked into the portal I closed my eyes thinking about Endor and my parents what would it be like to meet them for real I opened my eyes to bright blinding light “oww well at least I can see in this pace” my eyes adjusted we were standing on the edge of a cliff “woe!” I backed up and knocked into Vixen “hey carful!” I looked down and saw a giant black void below us filled with lighting spirals Vixen sighed “where here the spiral vortex” I looked around “this isn’t a jungle?” Vixen smirked “the jungle is over there across the spiral vortex look” I looked over at the broken moldy rope bridge “ah we have to cross that above that?”  Vixen nodded “yep cross the bridge to cross over the spiral vortex to get to the living jungle that will try to kill us to find Zarina who will try to kill us” I sighed “everything wants to kill us!” Vixen smirked and nodded “yep hey Terra could make us a bridge?” I looked over at Terra “hmm yeah I guess I could try hmm I could use those trees but you would have to be careful when crossing them if you fall I won’t be able to catch you hmm wait Frost bite!” the air grew cold as ice formed around Terra till frostbite stood infrount of her he looked different then before he was bigger his fur was covered in ice blue flames he had an ice blue fire mane with two long razor sharp fangs one of his eyes was a crystal blue diamond and his tail was long and thick with an spiked ice tip at the end that could rip through flesh and crumble rocks Terra smiled “I’ll make the bridge you ride Frostbite he cross’s it then I cross easy” Frostbite snarled at me Terra sighed “no you can’t eat him there just going to ride you to get across ok” he nodded “ok climb on and don’t worry about the flames they only burn when he wants them to hmm Eathen Vixen Luna and Tori you guys go first set up a camp after you get there your all tired so we should rest before entering the jungle” I nodded and climbed onto Frostbite he looked up at me and smirked evilly “ah are you sure he won’t throw me off ?” Terra smiled “just hold on tight and he won’t Vixen hopped onto frost bite still holding Luna “Frostbite could you please be gentle?” Frostbite smiled and nodded Tori smirked “I’ll see you over there she flew across the spiral vortex and disappeared on the other side Shanni walked over to me “Eathen get of that thing I’ll teach you to teleport now” I climbed down “ok” she smiled “ok close your eyes and imagine yourself on the other side of the bridge standing there waiting for the others the jungle noises and smells all around you now open your eyes once you see yourself on the other side then teleport I concentrated till I could hear and smell the jungle well my version anyway I opened my eyes and saw I was on the other side “haha yes!!” Shanni appeared next to me smiling “good job my prince” Tori flew down “yeah great job it beats riding that creature across on some trees haha” Cryos Halina and Terra climbed onto Frostbite Terra’s eyes glowed dark purple as three tree trunks ripped out of the ground and lined up across the bridge Frostbite roared and began running across the trees Terra kept her eyes closed as the trees kept floating he jumped of the end and landed next to me Terra opened her eyes as the trees fell into the spiral vortex Terra climbed of Frostbite “well that was easier than I thought it would be” Luna opened her eyes and looked around “hmm where are we?” Vixen smiled “hey you’re awake and where in the living jungle it doesn’t really have a name” Luna smiled “oh ok is Zarina here?” I walked over to Luna “this is the last place she was seen so yeah she should be” Luna smiled “that’s great!” she smiled and hopped down from Vixen Terra stared at Luna and smiled “it’s great to have you back Luni” Luna ran up and hugged Terra she smiled “im so happy you’re ok Luna it took alone time to figure out where you were and to find a new team get weapons plant spy’s it took a while but I got you back” Luna smiled “im just glad you found me I can’t really remember being a Lunium it’s all blurry but I know it was horrible” Terra smiled “it’s in the past now you focus on the future like you and Vixen” Luna stared at Terra “it’s not weird for you is it you were engaged to him?” Terra smiled “no Luna its fine I may have been engaged to him but im with Eathen now even though I am married to Linator yuck” I clenched my fists tight hearing her my heart beat got faster as I walked over to Luna and Terra “your what!!?” Terra stared at me she saw my fists “Eathen you were gone a long time and you knew I was engaged to him after you vanished and before I fled my kingdom I was married to Linator but I love you not him I only Married him to spare me people!” I stared at her wanting to hit something “did he do anything to you like hurt you again?” she sighed and softly nodded “ah ill kill him!!” I felt Terra grab my hand “Eathen stop don’t worry about it” I sighed and hugged her “it’s just the thought of him hurting you I couldn’t stand it I love you too much Terra!!” she smiled at me “don’t worry Eathen im yours now and forever nothing will change now let’s set up camp have something to eat a nice rest then find Zarina then the others and take down Endor” I smiled and nodded still hugging her tighter afraid to let go Terra smiled then walked away over near the edge of the cliff and the bridge “hmm we can’t rest in the Jungle that would just be stupid hmm we will set up camp over there it’s not in the jungle but its close enough to it everybody will have a sleeping buddy and no one is to go off alone if you do you could be killed so pare up and make camp we move at dawn!!” I smiled watching her I had almost forgotten how controlling she could be Tori ran over to Zain “hey um want to be my sleeping buddy??” I could see she was blushing slightly Zain smiled “I don’t sleep Tori but yeah sure ide love to be your sleeping buddy and I can keep you safe while you sleep if you want?” Tori blushed some more as she played with a curl in her hair “ah yeah that would be great thanks Zain” he smiled and walked off over to a rock and sat down Luna walked over to Tori “do you like my brother?” Tori blushed but hid it “no he’s just a strong guy who can keep me safe that’s all” she walked off and pulled out her sleeping bag from her bag and laid it down I watched as everyone else found a spot to unpack I walked over to Terra and smiled “you want to be my sleeping buddy?” she smirked “you’re really asking me that Eathen haha of course I will be your sleeping buddy there’s no way I’ll let anyone else sleep with you” I smiled “haha yeah me either so where do you wanna set up?” she smiled and pointed to a spot over by Luna and vixen but close to the jungle entrance “leave it to you to pick a dangers spot to sleep haha I’ll go unpack” I walked over to the spot she picked and unpacked as I did I could hear something moving in the jungle I looked into it and saw a shape of something through the trees I backed up slowly I didn’t have a weapon anymore cause it vanished when I tried to use it on Luna “ah Terra there’s something in there” Terra walked over to me with her knife out I saw the shape move closer Terra tightened the grip on her knife ready to attack I watched her as I felt something stab into my neck like a needle “oww what the?” I pulled out a tiny dart my eyes become blurry and everything thing went dark as I fell to the ground and collapsed. I saw him fall “Eathen??!!” I ran up to him and saw the tiny dart in his hand I looked around everyone was on the ground unconscious just like Eathen “where are you I’ll kill you!?” I heard something heading towards me before I could turn around something smacked me over the head I fell to the ground in pain as everything went dark “augh me head” I opened my eyes and saw I was tied “aww man not again Terra where are you?” I looked around for Terra I saw she was tied next to me I tried to nudge her with me head to wake her up “Terra come on wake up!” I felt something sharp press against my neck I looked up and saw a tall muscular girl covered in spotted fur like a Leopard she had dark black hair and light blue eyes she wasn’t wearing any clothes but she was covered in fur so nothing showed she poked me with a sharp tipped spear “oww hey stop that look we mean you no harm where just looking for our friend that’s all I swear”   

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