After loosing his memories Eathen lives the normal life of a human once again but a certain purple crystal wearing princess follows him in the mortal life hoping to return his memories before the very wold is destroyed Eathen must find and return the memories of all his friends before time runs out its a race for survival as a powerful entity of darkness claws its way to the surface one friend is not what they seem will the young prince sense this looming doom or fall to its power



She stared at me still holding her spear “hmm you are searching for your friend that is all?” I nodded “yes please we mean you no harm please just let us go?” she shook her head “Killa must agree then we shall decide” she removed her spear and walked away I watched as another girl walked over to me she had a white tiger patterned fur and long brown hair with greyish blue eyes she stared at me “hmm this is our land you are not welcome” I sighed ah if I teleport I can escape and free the others she smirked and walked over to Terra “hmm I like this one she will become one of us!” I could hear cheering coming from all around me but I couldn’t see anyone the girl Killa pulled out Terra’s knife and cut her finger on it then cut Terra’s finger “hey leave her alone don’t touch her!!” Killa smirked as she presses their fingers together mixing her blood with Terra’s “she will join us!” I could hear more cheering as Terra started to move I pulled my binds again hoping they would break as I watched Terra as golden fur the same color as her hair started forming over her body a lions tail grew out from under her skirt “what they hell are you doing to her let her go Terra!!” Killa smiled “one of us she is now one of us!!” I could hear them cheering again and shouting one of us Terra’s nails had grown into claws her teeth sharpened into fangs her entire body covered in golden fur and now a fully grown lions tail wrapped around her waist I pulled on my binds again “come on break Terra!!” Killa walked over to her and undid her binds “your one of us now” I watched as her eyes opened she looked up at Killa and nodded “yes my queen” she got up and stood beside Killa “no Terra snap out of it wake up you’re not one of them you’re a Terranian!!” Killa smirked “she is one of us I am queen Killa and this is my sister queen Clerissa and now that she has my blood she is one of us dispose of the males I shall turn the other females!!” I pulled my hardest on the binds until I heard them snap “Grrr no you can’t have her she’s mine!” I closed my eyes and glowed blue teleporting behind Killa I snatched Terra’s knife and held it at Killa’s throat “now release them or I kill your queen do it now!!” two other girls ran up to the others and un tied there binds then backed away I pressed the knife a little deeper into Killa’s throat “now reverse whatever  you did to Terra then give me the Lunian girl you turned and we will leave” Killa looked up at me “how do you know of her?” I smirked “she’s my friend where looking for and if she’s here then it obvious you turned her now fix Terra or this goes into your neck!” Killa smirked “very well release me and I shall summon our latest child and fix our new child” I moved the knife away so she could move without it stabbing her Terra stared at me confused Killa walked over to her and grabbed the finger she had cut I watched her as she licked the blood and healed the cut she smiled “there I removed my blood she will go back to the way she was before Terra collapsed as her fur started to vanish her fangs went back to teeth and lions tail shrank then disappeared and her claws went back to nails now she looked normal again except for her torn up clothes I ran over to Terra “Terra you ok say something?” Terra wrapped her arms around me and hugged me opening her eyes “that felt so weird” I smiled and hugged her back “it’s ok you’re back to normal” I looked over at Killa and Clerissa “I want the other one too Killa we made a deal!” she nodded as a purple furred girl walked over to her she smiled and grabbed her finger licking it just like she did with Terra she collapsed as her fur melted away reviling her bare naked silver skin I pulled off my top and ran over to her wrapping my shirt around her I held her gently in my arms waiting for her to wake up Zarina’s eyes open as she looked up at me “huh Eathen?” she smiled at me “you’re ok Zarina I got you” she smiled and snuggled up to me and my shirt “um thanks for the shirt Eathen” I smiled “your welcome can’t have you butt naked now can we haha come on once we leave we will get you some clothes Terra wake everybody up we have Zarina so where out of here!” Killa smirked “see the way this male treats you like a servant you should stay be one of us?” Terra looked over at Zarina in my arms “hmm tempting offer but no I have my own kingdom so I can’t join you” I looked over at Terra thinking ‘is that really the only reason you’re going to say?’ I got up holding Zarina so nothing was showing Killa smiled “very well then if you change your mind let me know” she nodded  and walked over to Luna “Luna wake up?” I walked over to the others I watched as Shanni Cryos Tori and Zain all began waking up I smirked “did you enjoy your nap guy’s haha?” Cryos smirked “yeah we did I see you found the girl we were looking for” I smiled “yeah we did so where out of here” Cryos stared at Zarina “hmm you two look so comfy together” he walked over to Terra “what was that about im carrying her because she’s naked” Tori smiled “I think he means you have another girl in your arms and it doesn’t bother you at all and you’re a Magian they only fall in love once so if having another girl doesn’t bother you then Terra isn’t your special one”  I stared over at Terra “what no Terra is my one my only one there’s no one else” Tori smiled “why are you telling me silly haha still with Zarina back I would avoid Terra her aura is darker than usual” I knew how Terra got around Zarina I nodded “I’ll keep my distance it’s safer” Tori walked over to Zain and helped him up “ok is everyone up cause were out of here we need a place to rest re pack any ideas?” Zarina smiled “how about your world Eathen im sure it’s beautiful” I smiled “hmm yeah we could stay at my place rest re pack and Endor won’t know about it cause he thinks im dead haha I was there for four years so I know it’s safe ok were going to Earth! Terra my hands are full you know the symbols activate the portal” Cryos glared at me “she’s not your slave Eathen “Terra lets go we don’t need him anymore we never needed him in the first place you have the power you have the knowledge and he treats you like crap you can take down Endor making Magiss part of Terranises you don’t need him!!” I gritted my teeth listening to him “hey shut your mouth you have no idea what I have don’t for Terra I simply asked her to open the portal cause im a little busy she’s not my slave and like hell your taking my kingdom and making it yours I don’t want my people to be anything like you guys your stubborn and controlling obsessive and annoying and weak you lose your little crystal and lights out its pathetic you look all tough but really your just a scared little species that’s just digging itself deeper and deeper into extinction your kind disgust me you will never have power you are weak and that’s all you will ever be I hate your kind!!!...” I stopped frozen as those last words went through my head ‘did I really just say that Cryos looked like he was going to hit me but he didn’t move I looked over at Terra and saw her staring at me her eyes watery trying so hard to fight back the tears thunder began to rumble above us as rain started falling down I saw tears sliding down her face as she stared at me clenching her knife tightly in her hand “Terra I didn’t mean it” she dropped her knife I watched as it fell and stabbed into the ground below her I put Zarina down as I slowly walked over to her “Terra I didn’t mean it I was just angry im sorr…” Terra covered my mouth with her hand her wet long hair now covering face hiding and her tears “don’t bother im done” she removed her hand and started walking off Cryos ran up to me “you have no idea what you’ve done Eathen I get you were angry at me but you didn’t have to say that don’t you know how much you mean to her she…she gave up her kingdom to find you and by doing so she was exiled never again aloud to ever return to her home she now has nothing and now no one she had you but not anymore you were the stars and the spirit’s to her but now after hearing those words from you of all people she’s gone Eathen” Cryos sighed and grabbed Terra’s knife out of the ground “Terry your mothers knife?!” she stopped “keep it im done” she kept walking Cryos stared at the knife “this meant everything to her why would she no Terra no!” Cryos turned around in a panic “Terra she’s gone what have you done?” I stared at him unable to say a word “she’s going to break her crystal Eathen!!” I ran off in the direction she was headed in “Terra no please!” I kept running till I got to the bridge I saw her at the edge of the cliff looking into the spiral vortex her crystal was in her hand “Terra no please don’t!” she turned around still holding her crystal just a few steps away from falling into the spiral vortex I slowly walked over to her knowing she would try to run or jump “Terra please back away from the edge im sorry im so sorry please put your crystal back on” she stares at me her hair still covering most of her face she held out her crystal over the edge of the cliff “Terra no!!” I ran up to her tackling her to the ground grabbing her hand trapping her crystal in it “please don’t im sorry im so sorry please Terra don’t leave your my only one I couldn’t survive without you please put it back on please!” Terra’s body went limp undermine I stared at her waiting for a response “I moved her hair covering her face her eyes were tightly closed I saw the tears fighting their way out I stared at the tears as some started sliding my cheeks i sighed and hugged her tightly “im sorry Terra please don’t leave me I love you” I closed my eyes holding her tight I felt her arms wrap around me I opened my eyes and saw her staring at me her face wet from tears and the rain I moved another  piece of her hair out of her face “Terra I’m sorr…” she covered my mouth and shook her head she moved my hand and grabbed her crystal I watched her she sighed and put it around her neck “get of me before I throw you off Eathen” I got up still watching her she wiped some mud of her dress and legs then fixed her hair she adjusted her crystal so it matcher her tiara “just for the record im still mad at you so don’t talk or come near me for a while” she walked off I watched her “as you wish Terra” I teleported back to the others Cryos ran up to me “where is she!?” Terra smirked “right behind you” he smiled and hugged her “you’re ok I thought you were going to be stupid again” Terra smiled “relax im not that stupid I just wanted Eathen to think I was watching him apologize over and over again was amusing I guess our stubborn controlling obsessive annoying weak pathetic kind are easily amused Cryos to bad were not like the mighty Magians who’s power comes from the red sprit Endorian oh no im much happier being on the good side!” I sighed “well I deserved that” I felt a hand on my should “hey don’t worry about them Terranian’s are big toughie’s there just upset you made them look weak” Zarina smirked “even though they are sure they look big and strong but what you said is true take the crystal and there dead” Terra glared at Zarina “and yet I kicked your ass every time we fought” Zarina smirked “not every time or don’t you remember our last fight!?” I saw the anger building all over Terra’s face her fists were closed her body leaning forward slightly ready to attack Zarina laughed “what was it you said oh yeah please don’t hurt him he’s my only friend and then I said while ripping his head off your only friend is imaginary you don’t have anyone your mother didn’t want you and you dad killed himself so he never had to see you again!” I stared at Terra and Zarina ‘they’re going to kill each other Luna ran infrount of Zarina “Zarina stop you know what happened last time she nearly killed you and she was only six stop!” I saw Terra’s black veins had returned covering her whole body “Terra stop!” Luna saw the veins “oh no Terra don’t make me do it again please stop!!” Terra’s eyes had gone pitch black that shadow snake energy slithered around her like a bunch of snakes Terra glared at Zarina “don’t you ever talk about my mother!!” Terra’s voice had become a deeper more deathly sounding tone Luna sighed and ran up to Terra “please stop!” Terra pushed Luna to the ground “don’t interfere!” I knew what I had to do she’s going to hate me I teleported behind Terra and pulled of her crystal she fell to the ground Cryos ran up to me “Eathen give me that I won’t put it back on till she calms down just give me that crystal after what you did you don’t deserve to hold her life in your hands so give me the crystal or I’ll take it”  I put the crystal in my pocket “no she’s my world my only one I’ll keep it till she’s calmed down and these veins have vanished and that final!” Cryos glared at me “fine but im not letting you near her!” Cryos grabbed Terra of the ground and held her gently in his arms “open the portal already so we can rest” I lent down and drew the symbols for Earth they glowed blue and opened the portal “you will appear in my house don’t touch anything till I get there” Cryos walked into the portal followed by the others I walked over to Zarina “were you trying to get her to kill you?” Zarina smirked “no I just didn’t like the way she was talking to you” I smiled and grabbed her “well thank you but don’t do it again ok” she smiled and nodded we walked into the portal and appeared in my house “ah home sweet home hmm you still need clothes hmm Millie may have left some when she stayed here I’ll go check” I walked into my room and sat Zarina on the bottom of my bed and went into my cupboard I could see her watching me “so this is where you live here on Earth?” I smiled and turned around “yeah I’ve been here since I woke up I used to be in an orphanage but now that im older the hospital got me this place” I went back to going through my clothes “ah sorry Zarina I can’t find any of Millie’s old clothes or any of mine that would fit you I could go out and buy some but I don’t know your sizes and you can’t go with me cause you don’t have any clothes to where” I sat down on the bed Zarina smiled “I’ll just wear yours it may be a bit big but its only till we get some for me? I smiled “ok let’s go shopping she grabbed some of my clothes they looked huge on her she smiled and grabbed my hand “let’s go shopping haha” we smiled and walked out the door     

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