After loosing his memories Eathen lives the normal life of a human once again but a certain purple crystal wearing princess follows him in the mortal life hoping to return his memories before the very wold is destroyed Eathen must find and return the memories of all his friends before time runs out its a race for survival as a powerful entity of darkness claws its way to the surface one friend is not what they seem will the young prince sense this looming doom or fall to its power



‘If she holds onto my arm any tighter it’s going to fall off’ "Eathey look at that teddy I want it!" ‘augh why did I have to take her to the fair "but Millie it’s a tiger and its ugly!" she gave me that annoyed look "but I want it now!" augh "fine I’ll take the tiger teddy" augh that thing is creepy but similar  "oh yay I’m going to put it in our room he-he" 'our room I don't want that thing in my house let alone my room and what the hell our room it’s my room “look Millie I know that ever since my head injury last year you have been there for me every step of the way but please I need some space I haven’t be able to remember a thing since you showed up so please Millie take your tiger teddy and leave me alone for a while please” I walked off before she could argue about leaving I checked my watch “crap I’m late” I ran to the hospital and to Doctor Riches room “Doctor Riches it’s me Eathen I’m sorry I’m late!” I walked into the room looking for Doctor Riches this room was the same room I woke up in a year ago with no memory after a head injury I still to this day can’t remember what happened but ever since that day I see a girl in my dreams she has light sandy blond hair and dark amethyst purple eyes that look so sad she wore a dark amethyst purple crystal around her neck and her hair was long and fully down with waves in her hair she had flawless pale skin she looked so sad like she was crying I don’t know why but I felt sad when I saw her and my heart hurt who was she and why did I feel this way  “ah Eathen sorry to keep you waiting I had another patient some pore girl was found bleeding in nation park near the same spot they found you Eathen hmm maybe they should have police around that place and strangely enough she doesn’t seem to remember how or why she was in nation park strange” I ran out of the room looking for this girl maybe what had happened to her was what happened to me “Eathen wait?” I ignored doctor Riches and burst into the room as soon as I opened the door I saw the bare naked backside of the girl “oh ah I’m sorry I should off knocked” the girl turned her head to look at me then held up her coat over the front of her body she looked at me then smiled “no its quite alright” ‘wow she was beautiful and the strangest thing was she reminded me of the girl from my dreams except her hair was up in a ponytail she was wearing or should I say holding a purple jumper she didn’t have the purple crystal necklace but the similarities were amazing “Eathen you do not just barge into someone else’s room I am so sorry Terra I’ll get him out of here” he grabbed my arm and started to pull me out of the room  “no wait please doctor I think I know this boy could I please have some time alone” ‘Terra that’s the name I was calling out when I first woke up who was this girl did I know her “alright Eathen when you’re ready I’ll meet you back in our room” I smiled at the girl who didn’t take her eyes of me since I barged in on her “all right doctor Riches” I turned around so she could get dressed why did my heart jump when I saw her who is she to me I felt her hand on my shoulder “you don’t remember me do you Eathen?” she knows my name she knows me “no I’m sorry I don’t I have amnesia who are you?” I waited for her reply but she just turned around so I couldn’t see her face “I was hoping our love would be stronger than the spell but I was wrong” our love “what do you mean by our love”  she turned around her face stained with tear trails “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have come here without your memory you would be in danger I have to go” she pushed past me and out the door I could hear her crying as she ran off I chased after her but I lost her in the medical wing “Terra where are you and how do you know me Terra!” I ran outside in a frenzy I had to find her but I was too late she was gone who was she why did she look like the girl ah “Terra where are you?!!!” I’ couldn’t look at him as he screamed out my name all I could picture was the last time we were together when I had his body next to my locking his lips with mine that sweat scent lingering of his body I needed him but I couldn’t he has no memory and I don’t know how to get it back I watched as he walked of I followed him quietly hiding in the shadows till he reached an apartment building at least that’s what it said on the sign I saw him pull out a weird looking key and unlock the door this world had many strange things like those carrrrs I think they are called his world is so different to mine he entered the apartment and closed the door behind him I crabbed out my cloak clock and hit the button as I did a cloak of mist surrounded my whole body till I couldn’t see it anymore I quietly opened the door and looked for him I heard running water coming from one of the rooms I opened the door and a brush of steam hit my face it was too steamy to make out anything except the steam was coming from a large metal box I could see a figure in the box maybe it was him maybe he was trapped suddenly the water stopped and he walked out bare naked the steam surrounding him I couldn’t help but blush he grabbed a towel and wrapped his incredibly muscular body he must have been working out he is even more perfect then the last time he walked right past me I tensed did he feel it did he know someone was here he walked out of the room I followed him till I came to his bed room I opened the door and saw drawings of me all over his wall with little notes stuck to them I walked closer so I could see them better he was really good but in all these I looked so scared and sad my tears in the drawing caused real one to appear I watched as Eathen walked into the room and pined up a new picture this time of me in the hospital he sighed as he shook his head “who are you Terra why dose my heart yearn for a women I have never met if we have met why can’t I remember if you are that important to me then why can’t I remember you dam it!” he punched the wall which cause a photo frame to fall “ah no” he bent down and picked up the broken photo it was a photo of wait that’s a photo of queen Lilith and king Diego how did he have a photo of them he has never met them  “mum dad I still don’t know how I got this picture of you but I need to focus he took the picture out of the room then brought in pieces of paper and pencils he laid them down  then sat down and closed his eyes I stayed quiet and watched as his hands glowed blue and he began to draw what started out as blank pieces of paper turned into pictures of Joe, Luna ,Vixen and Zarina then he opened his eyes and held up the pictures “who are these people I concentrated on her and got these a tiger man two silver girls and a red haired guy” I couldn’t take it anymore “there our friends!” I shouted as I took of the cloak “what the how long have you been here and you were just invisible ha-ha cool” he fell to the floor like a rag doll “seriously Eathen note to self don’t anything that might cause him to faint” and so I waited a few minutes for him to wake up but my impatience got the better of  me so I slapped him “oww!” he shouted as he got up holding his cheek “what was that for?!” he shouted as he stood onto his feet “you being an idiot!” how could this freaked out boy be him he looked the same he talked the same but it didn’t feel the same “look I’m sorry I shouldn’t of hit you I just got impatience after you fainted” ‘what was with this girl she sneaked into my house she was invisible and she’s acting like it’s nothing “look Terra I don’t know who you think I am but you need to leave” I could see what I had said must of hurt her she tried so hard not to show it “very well I will leave I’m sorry for bothering you Eathen I just wanted to help you get your memory back but I’ll go now good bye Eathen” she walked over to the door then opened  the door  it was pouring down rain she would freeze if she stayed out there “wait you can stay till the rain stops” she stopped and looked at me “I don’t want to be a bother” dam  she’s stubborn “god dam it just stay please you will get sick out there!” I didn’t mean to shout I just couldn’t control myself “ok I’ll stay if you want”

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