After loosing his memories Eathen lives the normal life of a human once again but a certain purple crystal wearing princess follows him in the mortal life hoping to return his memories before the very wold is destroyed Eathen must find and return the memories of all his friends before time runs out its a race for survival as a powerful entity of darkness claws its way to the surface one friend is not what they seem will the young prince sense this looming doom or fall to its power



We had only been walking a few minutes till we came to the bar it looked like a broken rotting house with smashed windows “Vixens in there?” I asked  Terra looks at Cryos nodding her head “yes Eathen he is my sources are never wrong” Terra started walking up to the bar  “Cryos the cloaks!” Cryos walked over to everyone giving them a brown cloak “put these on now!” he shouted as he walked back over to Terra “these will blend us in trust me you don’t want to stick out in a place like this it’s a rough crowd” Terra put on her cloak then pulled up the hood “ok hoods up and lets go don’t talk to anyone” Tori smiles “I don’t need a cloak I’m a Mixonian they won’t bother me Terra turned around and looks at Tori “put it on or you will end up with this” Terra lifted up her top to her ribs revealing a large scar and three little ones she then put it back down “don’t argue put it on!” Tori grabbed the cloak “ok Terra ah what happened” Terra sighed “ah when I was dating Vixen we got into a fight and I ran away out to the outlands to this bar I drank a lot I didn’t know what I was drinking all I knew was that it made me feel better till I couldn’t walk straight and well I got into a fight I didn’t have the sense to fight back the Mixonian I was fighting had large claws I think he had lion in him anyway he slashed me I got knocked unconscious and I don’t remember what happened after that ” Tori put on the cloak “ I don’t want that to happen to me” Terra smiled “good now let’s go keep your head down don’t talk and follow me if you want to live” we walked over to the pub entrance “ah what’s that smell?” Terra looked at Tori “you don’t want to know come on” we all walked through the filthy streets “Terra where are we going?” Terra stopped “were here” Terra walked up to the door then started punching it “hey Belt open up your mother smells worse than this place !” the door blew open “Terra what are you doing here?!!!!”  I stared at the man who now stood in front of Terra he was covered in muddy golden fur his hair resembled a lions main but his arms were covered in scales “I’m here to see you filthy mangy cat!” the guy snarled then smiled “ha-ha oh Terra I missed you girl ha-ha you and your friends come on in!” I walked up to Terra “ah who is this guy?” Terra smiled “oh this is Belt old sparing buddy of mine he taught me how to fight he’s sort of a farther figure to me you know” Terra walked behind Belt then entered the house it was bigger on the inside then it looked on the outside the whole house looked like it was covered in dust  gold trophies of all sizes were standing proudly on shelf’s and all over the walls were what looked like wrestling posters calling Belt the golden belter and some others of a young looking girl called the purple punisher I looked closely at the poster of the girl and wiped of some of the dust and saw Terra’s crystal around the girls neck  I stared at Terra then back at the poster “Terra is this you?”  Terra smiled and walked over to me she looked at the poster “yeah it’s me well it used to be when I was the purple punisher ha-ha you remember Belt?” Belt walked over and looked at the poster with a grin “oh yeah I remember you were an animals in the ring those guys never stood a chance you were my best student Terra before it was considered illegal and banished by the prince” wait was he talking about Vixen no he couldn’t be “Terra you were a wrestler you?”  Terra smirked at me “what do you mean you what you think a girl can’t fight huh I bet every one of those muscle pound meat bags you think you could stand a chance well do you!?” Terra’s eyes went darker like a deep dark amethyst I saw Belt grab her shoulder “keep it together girl don’t let out the beast not in my house and not around your friends it would be wise if you didn’t piss her of or insult her wresting ability that is if you want to stay alive” I watched Terra’s eyes they went back to being light again Terra looked at me “ah um sorry Eathen I have issues when it comes to this place just brings out the worst in me now back to business Belt the cat where is he?” Belt smiled “he’s in the broken bones” Terra smirked “perfect all right let’s go hey Belt you want in?” Belt looked at Terra “you know my fighting days are over but give Endor a slug in the jaw for me” Terra looked at Belt and sighed “ok Belt goodbye” she walked out the door followed by Tori Cryos and Halina I watched Belt he sighed as he looked at the poster “good luck girl I’ll miss yah” I walked out to meet the others “ok the cats in the bar down the road it’s called the broken bones for a reason don’t start nothing there won’t be nothing we grab the cat then move to a safer location” ‘why did they keep calling Vixen the cat it’s weird I walked up to Terra and grabbed her hand “may I?” she looked at me and smiled but pulled her hand away “were on a mission Eathen” she walked over to Cryos and they started talking ‘I haven’t been with you for more than four years for you even longer why don’t you want me near you when we have been apart so long why Terra?’ I walked over to the others Tori looked at me “you ok Eathen you look down?” I smiled “nah I’m fine it’s just I haven’t seen or even been able to remember Terra for four years now we are together and she doesn’t even want me around her I’m confused” Tori looked at me “ah Terra’s on mission mode she’s like Cryos no fun and games till the jobs done trust me Eathen she wants you ha-ha for the last hundred years she hasn’t stopped talking about you trust me she wants you just wait till your alone with no mission just each other ok” we walked into the bar it smelt like puke and rotting meat Terra walked over to a tall man in a dirty brown coat she lifted the hood “yep it’s you” Vixen looked at Terra “who are you?” Terra smiled then grabbed Vixen and kissed him “what not again!” Terra stopped kissing him then smiled “goodnight kitty” Vixen smiled then fell off his chair “Cryos you mind?” Cryos grabbed Vixen and walked out of the pub Terra smiled as she removed some type of clear covering on her lips she looked at me “tranquilizer this type goes into the blood stream especially when you use tongue the cat will be unconscious for three hours job well done let’s get out of here” Cryos carried Vixen while the others kept walking “Terra where are we going it’s getting dark?!” Terra sighed and rubbed her neck “where going there” Terra pointed to a hotel well I think it’s a hotel “Terra dropped a small bag of coins on the table “three queens!” a slimy looking tentacle grabbed the bag and dropped three keys Terra gave the keys to Cryos and Tori “ok Cryos Halina you get one room Tori Zain your sharing with Vixen and me and Eathen will have the other room meet at the entrance tomorrow morning we leave and head to Lunia to find Luna!” Terra walked off I followed her till we reached our room I opened the door and looked inside “augh is everything in this place gross and dirty?” Terra smiled and walked over to the bed and laid down “it’s not that bad I have slept in worse” I walked over to the bed and sat down at the end I looked around the walks were stained and cracked the ceiling was covered with patches “humph this is not accustomed to royalty” Terra smiled “relax Eathen it’s just one night then we will be gone” Terra got up and removed her cloak and shoes “ah much better” she laid down on the bed and closed her eyes “you’re not tired are you?” Terra smiled “no Eathen im not tired im just thinking I have a lot of stuff going through my head and I need to keep control off it all ever since you disappeared well my control has not gotten easier to do and my powers have gotten out of control more than once” I sighed and sat down next to her “im sorry I left you Terra if I could go back to that day I never would of left you!” Terra got up and stared at me “Eathen it wasn’t your fault Endor would have killed us if you hadn’t shielded us yes true we lost our memories and were teleported all through the worlds but we are alive I would rather wait hundreds of years for you then not ever see you again!” Terra smiles and stared into my eyes “your my world now Eathen without you I couldn’t survive I need you you’re the only thing in my life that makes me truly happy” I stared at her Terra’s eyes were watery like she was going to cry “Terra I will never leave you again I promise” Terra smiled and held my hand I grasped it tightly never wanting to let go I leaned forward and kissed her soft sweet lips she blushed and pulled close to her she kissed me deeper and harder than she ever had before I wrapped my tongue around her tongue and kissed her passionately deepening our kiss we grasped each other hands  I began to feel dizzy I needed air but I didn’t want to break from her kissed harder then pulled away almost choking for air Terra blushed and smiled  “were finally alone Eathen” I swallowed hard and stared at her I wanted her so bad I could smell her skin like a perfume it was intoxicating I wanted to hold her in my arms and never let go I leaned forward towards her lips those soft sweet crimson lips I wanted them again I smiled and closed my eyes and waited I felt her lips lock with mine I pressed my tongue into her mouth again I felt her bite my lip she drew blood she stopped “I’m sorry” I smiled “I’m not” I pushed her onto her back I gently laid on top of her my breathing had increased I wanted this so bad’. I could hear them from their room I smirked “about time Eathen Halina laid asleep next to me I softly kissed her forehead the got up and walked to the bath room I pulled out the black bag of goo “Terry your my baby cousin I love you more than anything so why do you keep doing this to yourself if you just tell him then maybe he can help I sighed and grabbed the bag back into my pocket I went back to bed and laid down “goodnight Tori Zain!” Zain smiled as he took off his shirt he wasn’t as muscular as Eathen but he was still really hot his skinny yet strong torso was covered in scars all different shapes and sizes he saw me staring “oh sorry dose this bother you Tori?” I looked away “oh no not all where just sharing a room go ahead and do what you like ill just look away” I was bushing I couldn’t let him see my tail twirled around my leg  he smiled and laid down on his side of the bed “goodnight Tori” I smiled and laid down near him but next to him “yeah goodnight Zain I closed my eyes thinking about him and being at my old home the out lands didn’t used to be the outlands they were a beautiful part of the Mixonian kingdom I pulled out the picture of my parents “goodnight mum goodnight dad wherever you may be” I put the photo back in my pocket and slowly fell asleep   I smiled and cuddled her I grabbed the blanket and lifted it over us I smiled and kissed Terra softly “goodnight my world” Terra smiled and snuggles up to me “goodnight my true happiness” I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep I woke up a few hours ago and just like when I first met her Terra was tossing and turning and moaning in her sleep I tried to wake her but she didn’t what was she dreaming to course her such pain I held her hand but it felt hot really hot “oww” I stared at Terra I felt her for head it was burning hot “Terra?!” I shook her trying to wake her she was boiling I threw of the blankets to try to cool her I watched her then I ran to the bath room and wet a cloth I began rubbing it all over Terra but it didn’t help she was still boiling “Terra please be ok?” Terra screamed in pain as black veins began appearing on her all over body “Terra!!??”  I ran out of the room and straight to Cryos I barged threw the door “Cryos something’s wrong with Terra!!” Cryos got out of his bed and ran to Terra he stared at her in fear “god dam it Terry it’s too early!!” he ran up to her and felt her for head then ran into the bathroom and grabbed a bucket “Cryos what’s wrong with her!!??” Cryos pulled out his bag of black goo and wiped some on his finger “Look Eathen it’s not something I can explain and Terra doesn’t want you to know she told me to not tell you so im telling you anything now just let me fix her!!” Cryos put his finger in her mouth as he did Terra’s eyes snapped open they were pitch black Cryos pulled his finger out and held up the bucket Terra grabbed it and began puking black goo like stuff into it Cryos smiled “that’s right Terry get it all out” I watched her what was this stuff and this was the second time she had gotten sick “Terra are you ok?” Terra stopped vomiting and looked at me her eyes now back to normal but filled with tears Cryos smiled “it’s ok Terry don’t cry” he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her gently Terra smiled and hugged him back then looked back over at me Cryos got up and grabbed the bucket then left I walked over to Terra who had laid back down and closed her eyes I laid down next her and cuddled her softly “Terra are you ok that’s the second time I have seen you sick??” Terra grasped my arms with her hands and nodded “I’m ok really don’t worry about it” I sighed and closed my eyes ok Terra if you don’t want me to know then I won’t push I closed my eyes thinking about Terra and the others and Endor I held her close and smiled “I won’t let anything hurt you Terra I promise I love you” she smiled and held closer to me “I’ll keep you to that promise Eathen” I smiled and kissed her one last time before falling asleep “goodnight”

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