After loosing his memories Eathen lives the normal life of a human once again but a certain purple crystal wearing princess follows him in the mortal life hoping to return his memories before the very wold is destroyed Eathen must find and return the memories of all his friends before time runs out its a race for survival as a powerful entity of darkness claws its way to the surface one friend is not what they seem will the young prince sense this looming doom or fall to its power



I laid down on the bed as Eathen went to the bathroom ‘I can’t believe I scared him again dam it It’s getting worse Eathen walked out topless his muscular body flexing as he stretched I couldn’t stop myself from staring he looked at me and sighed as he put his top back on he walked over to me and sat down he grabbed my hand and stared into my eyes “what’s wrong with you Terra people don’t throw up black tar stuff for no reason?!” I stared at him afraid to answer “I…its nothing Eathen don’t worry about it please” I got up and pulled my hand away “please don’t worry about it ok?” he sighed again and looked away “fine” he got up and walked out of the room I grabbed my cloak and walked out to the entrance I saw Cryos he saw me and nodded I looked over at Vixen who was now awake but tied up he stared at me like a wild animal waiting to pounce Eathen stared at him almost glaring over in the a corner Cryos looked at him “you all right Eathen you look grumpy?” he softly looked at me then turned away and crossed his arms leaning on the wall looking down “im fine Cryos don’t worry about it” Vixen sighed “can you remove these ropes who the hell are you snatching me from a bar if you work for Toby I was going to pay him back I swear!?” I walked over to him he smirked “you going to kiss me again girl?” I smirked and got closer looking like I was going to kiss him I smashed my first into his face and smiled “no im not Vixen” he looked up at me confused “ who the hell is Vixen haha that’s a girl name!?” I saw Eathen smile slightly when he said that Vixen snarled showing his fangs “let me go!!” he snarled again shouting I sighed a tall women walked out of a room across from us “what’s with all the noise!!??” she looked over at Eathen “oh my it’s you??” she stared at Eathen and bowed “my prince you have returned I am Shanni the Magian” Eathen smiled “you’re a Magian like me you can teach me to activate my powers!!” Shanni smiled “yes my prince it would be an honor I left Magiss after Endor took over I have hidden here for so long you must take your kingdom back and with my help you will” Eathen smiled “yes we will but first we need to find our friends” Terra thinks for a moment “hmm if your Magian you could heal Vixens memories!?” Shanni smiles “I can try” Eathen smiled “please do we need him to beat Endor” Shanni smiled and walked over to Vixen he growled as Shanni placed her hands on his head “don’t touch me Grrr!!” Shanni smirked “just relax and close your eyes” Shannis’s hands glowed light blue Vixen snarls then passes out Shanni smirks “when he wakes he shall have his memories” Eathen smiled “ that great who’s next Terra??” I smiled “Luna is Eathen once Vixen wakes up were out of here and too Lunia!” Shanni smiled “very well Terra or is it the royal rouge??” I smirked “it is princess Terra to you you’re not from my kingdom!” Eathen sighed “she’s a bitch to everyone you get used to it” I clench my fists hearing that Shanni smiled “prince Eathen I think you made her mad?” Eathen sighs “I don’t care she’s made me mad she can deal with it let’s go!” Vixen moaned as his eyes open “augh where am I??” I smiled and grabbed his hand “you’re safe Vixen we got your memories back now where going to find Luna” Vixen stared at me in a panic “Luna’s missing is she ok!!!???” I sighed “we don’t know Vixen that’s why we’re going to find her I hope she’s ok and not hurt or anything” Vixen sighed “yeah me too Terra what are we waiting for let me out of these ropes and lets go find her!!” I smiled and undid the ropes and hugged Vixen “im glad you’re ok Vixen” Vixen smiled “yeah me to Terra”  Eathen walked over to Tori she smiled “ you ready to get out of here Eathen and find Luna then the others and then take down Endor!!” Eathen smiled “yeah let’s go!” we walked out of the hotel “Vixen sighed “ I hate what Endor has done to this place” Tori sighs “ I miss the way it used to be” Vixen smiled “ don’t worry it will be that way again Tori I promise I’ll give you back your home” Eathen bent down and started drawing the symbols for the portal I walked over to him “ I get your mad but you didn’t have to call me a bitch what is a bitch I know it’s something mean??” Eathen sighs “it means female dog because you’re acting like a dog!” I clenched my fists “this is because I won’t tell you what’s wrong with me isn’t it Eathen!?” he kept drawing “yes you won’t tell me but I tell you everything you shouldn’t keep secrets from the one you love Terra!” I pushed my hair back not wanting to tell him “Eathen im not telling you because I know how you will react when I tell you maybe you will panic and I don’t want you to” Eathen stared at me “please just tell me please Terra I need to know!!?” I grabbed his hand “once we find the others then I’ll tell you” he sighs “fine im sorry I called you a bitch I just got mad” I smiled “it’s fine I have threatened to kill you Eathen calling me a mean name is nothing” I softly kissed him “now open that portal” Eathen smiled as the symbols glowed blue “already done” Shanni walked over to him “Ah very good Eathen teaching you will be easier than I thought” Eathen smiled “yeah I can’t wait to learn my powers” Shanni smiled and walked into the portal Vixen and Tori walked into the portal following her Cryos grabbed Halina’s hand followed by Zain and walked into the portal I smiled at Eathen and grabbed his hand “ come on lets go” Eathen smiled and walked into the portal I held her hand tight as we went through the portal I really hate these things I close my eyes begging for it to stop “Eathen open your eyes where here” I opened my eyes to pitch black darkness  “ah I can’t see it’s too dark!??” I looked around everything was dark “Terra where are you!!?” I felt my hand squeeze “shh its ok Eathen im right here we all are shh” I looked around “ why is it so dark last time the moon filled the night light so we could see??” Terra sighs “Eathen look up” I looked up there was a tiny bit of light shining through thick black clouds “this is how Endor makes his Lunium soldiers he takes them here for mouths even years away from the moons energy and eventually they snap becoming Luniums and if Luna’s here then she must be a Lunium” Terra grabbed out her never ending light and lit up the entire aria “well at least we can see now” Terra sighed “Luna please be ok please” Vixen walked over to her “she will be fine she’s stronger then she looks we will find her I promise” we started walking through the land I could feel a bunch of eye balls watching us I stopped “guys were being watched?” Terra whispered “shh just keep walking Eathen don’t make loud noises” I nodded and kept walking the trees and bushes rustled as we walked past them “ok im sure we are being watched but by what?” Terra stopped dead in her track “get it off…” I turned around at Terra there were dark blue tentacles wrapping around her legs from a bush I ran over to her and pulled out my sword Luna made me I slashed it across the tentacle blue liquid splattered across Terra’s leg and my sword “augh what was that?” Terra smiled “oh just Pentical tentacle parasites if they latch onto you it makes you sick I hate them” I smiled “well it’s gone” I started walking Vixen smelled the air and growled “were not alone Lunium and its close Zain is it her??” Zain walked over to vixen his hands glowing with silver looking dust Zain nods “it’s her I recognize her energy” Vixen smiles “ok if she’s a Lunium how do we stop her without hurting her??” Terra sighed “we don’t have a choice if she attacks we have to knock her out so she can regain her sanity” Vixen growls “no you won’t touch her ill bring her back cause I love her!!” a Lunium female snarls jumping out of a bush she tackled Vixen to the ground “Vixen!!?” I stared at the Lunium it was a girl with dark purple hair and dark bluish black skin with bright red eyes and sharp blade like teeth I looked closer as Vixen tried to hold her still “it’s Luna!!” Vixen struggled to hold her down “Luna please come back this isn’t you please ah she’s so strong Grrr Luna come back I love you please!!” Luna snarled and ripped her sharp claws across Vixens chest “augh!!” Terra stared at him scared “Vixen no!!” I ran up to vixen and swung my sword at Luna’s chest “she snarled then started to laugh as my sword vanishes she smirked and tackled me to the ground “ah Terra knock her out” I held her down waiting for Terra I felt sharp teeth rip into my neck “augh!!” Vixen got up with barley enough strength to move I pushed Luna of me as I covered my neck as blood poured out of the wound Vixen stumbled over to her blood staining his entire front of his body and dripping out of his mouth and nose Terra saw him her eyes filled with tears “Vixen no she’ll kill you!!” he kept walking till he grabbed Luna’s hand she snarled at him he stares at her “L…Luna please I love …cough…cough…cough!!!” Vixen coughed up a large amount of blood before collapsing Terra ran up to him “Vixen no!!?” Luna grabbed Terra’s crystal and ripped it off her neck then threw her away from Vixen and onto the ground “Terra!!” I swallowed a bottle of quilef and ran up to her “her crystal where is it!!” Luna held Terra’s crystal in her hand as she stared at Vixen she softly growled Cryos shouted “hey give me back her crystal I grabbed Cryos “no don’t attack her she’s calmed down just stay away Vixen knows what he’s doing I hope” Luna knelt down beside vixen she stared at him almost confused Vixen smiled at Luna “even as a crazy monster…y…your still beautiful augh…cough…cough…cough…Luna I love you…” Vixen collapsed on to Luna she stared at him as tears filled her eyes and slid down her cheeks “look she’s crying its working” Luna stared at the blood on her hands as more tears slid down her face “V…Vixen??” her hands started trembling as she stared at Vixen “I…no!” Luna grabbed him and held him close to her as she cried “no what have I done Vixen wake up please I…I love you!!” she holds  him closer to her and cries harder she stares at him as her skin turns back to light silver and her red eyes return back to black she lifted Vixen closer to her face “no please Vixen im so sorry come back please I love you” she presses her lips onto his and kisses him Vixen’s eyes slowly opens as he sees Luna he smiles and pulls her to him kissing her back passionately  Luna smiled and hugged him closer to her she stopped kissing him and smiled Vixen smiles back “y…you love me??”  Luna smiled and nodded “yes I do I heard you and when I saw what I did I came back” Vixen smiled then fainted “Vixen!?” Cryos ran to Luna “give me her crystal!!” Luna looked at him “wait what her crystal??” Luna looked at her hand seeing she had Terra’s crystal “no I didn’t hurt her did I?!” Cryos grabbed the crystal and ran over to Terra he placed it back on her neck he got up “everyone back away from Terra and find something strong and hold onto it tightly!!” Cryos grabbed Vixen “do it now before she wakes up!” Halina ran up and grabbed Cryos who held onto a thick tree Tori wrapped her arms and tail around a large rock Shanni smiled  glowing blue, sinking her feet into the ground I grabbed Luna and ran over to a large tree “Luna hold onto me” she wrapped her arms around me as we all held on waiting for whatever Cryos was talking about “Cryos why are we holding onto stuff tightly?!” he sighed “because she removed her crystal I told you Eathen after you left some stuff happened to Terra removing her crystal is not something you can do now hold on!!”  Terra’s eyes started to open slowly she winces in pain as those black veins started covering her again “hold on tight!!” Terra’s eyes snapped open they were pitch black with bright purple pupils just like before she moaned in pain I watched as the black veins began to fade she arched her body up wards as she screamed it was so loud it make the ground shake like an earth quake I stared at her scared unable to move she kept screaming as she did a skeletal looking hand made out of a black smoky think cloud it poured out of her mouth as she screamed “Cryos what is this!!!???” Luna watched Terra in fear the smoky hand spread through the land destroying trees and the ground it felt like I was standing in front of hundreds of giant fans I clung to the tree and Luna as hard as I could I could feel me strength failing as my hands started slipping the smoke began to clear as Terra stopped screaming she went silent I couldn’t see her through the smoke “Terra!?” the ground stopped shaking and the smoky wind vanished I let go of the tree Luna still clung to me like a scared child I heard footsteps getting closer and closer I still couldn’t see anything Terra walked over to me “hey you guys ok?” I stared at her eyes were back to normal the black veins were gone she looked ghostly white and her crystal was a lighter shade of amethyst like its color had been slightly drained but other than that she looked normal “yeah were fine” Cryos ran over to Terra and hugged her tightly Terra smiled and wrapped her arms around his “im ok Cryos so let’s keep moving and find the others”

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