After loosing his memories Eathen lives the normal life of a human once again but a certain purple crystal wearing princess follows him in the mortal life hoping to return his memories before the very wold is destroyed Eathen must find and return the memories of all his friends before time runs out its a race for survival as a powerful entity of darkness claws its way to the surface one friend is not what they seem will the young prince sense this looming doom or fall to its power



Zarina held my hand as we walked into the shopping center she had the hood up on the grey jacket I gave her so it was hiding her face she wore a pair of black sunglasses to cover her eyes if you didn’t know her you would of thought she was just a normal teenage boy and yes I said boy cause wearing my clothes she looked like one Zarina smiled at me “so this is Earth it’s nice” I laughed “this is only a shopping center Earth is huge with so many places and countries and species im sure you would love it “she smiled “well you have a moon so im happy now where is this girls clothes store you were talking about?” we walked over to a pink store with a women on the sign a tall lightly tanned women with sandy blond hair in a pink uniform wearing a snake bracelet walked over to us she smiled “hello welcome to Think Pink my name is Polly how may I help you two gentleman?” Zarina sighed “im a girl” Polly smiled “oh my mistake your just wearing boys clothes?” I laughed “she’s a tom boy that’s why I brought her here to bring out her inner girl” Polly smiled “then you came to right place if you need any help please ask” she walked off leaving us alone Zarina walked over to a bunch of yellow shirts “hmm I like these” I smiled “ok try them on in the changing room’s over there” we walked over to the change rooms Zarina looked at me “can you um help with these?” I stared at her “ah yeah I guess you have never worn Earth cloths before and you did find it hard to put on my clothes so yeah I can help you” we walked into the change room I helped Zarina take of my jumper she wasn’t wearing anything under it I looked away as I handed her the shirt “oooh Eathen a little help im stuck” I turned around and saw Zarina trying to fit her head through the arm sleeve the shirt barely covering her breasts I blushed and closed my eyes helping her get her head out” she smiled as she saw me blushing “I thought Magians only show affection towards their true one love but your blushing over me??” I looked away ‘what is this it’s the same feeling I have when im with Terra but no she’s my only one why am I feeling this way about Zarina???’ I stepped out of the change room I could feel my heart beating faster what is this Terra is my one I can’t feel this way about Zarina but why won’t my heart slow down? Zarina walked out of the change room “Eathen you ok?” don’t look at her don’t look it’s a spell or something I love Terra not her Terra just don’t look’ “Eathen please tell me what’s wrong?” I kept my head down my eyes hidden by my hair I couldn’t look at her “this is wrong I shouldn’t feel this way about you I have my one I would do anything for her anything in the world just to see her smile I can’t be having feelings for you” I felt her arms wrap around my waist my body shuttered at her touch “no d…don’t do that” I could barely speak my words were all stuttered “p…p…please stop” I felt her hands go lower “no stop!” I grabbed her hands and turned around holding her hands above her head she stared at me blushing as I held her unable to move I stared at her my eyes locked onto her lips they look so soft I could feel my heart rising the desire to kiss her I leaned forward just inches away from her lips ‘wait no I can’t “no!” I let her arms go and ran outside to the tap I splashed some water over my face “oh god what’s wrong with me why didn’t I stop her?” I walked back into the store Zarina walked out wearing a pair of black jeans and a black singlet top with a golden yellow short sleeved jacked and gold boots she smiled “you like and im sorry Eathen I just don’t want you to get hurt by staying with Terra” she blushed and looked away “ide rather you be with me cause I really like you I have since the day I tried to kill you but you’re a Magian so I knew you wouldn’t like me but you do I felt it you do like me which means Terra can’t be your one love” I smiled softly “you look great Zarina go take it off and I’ll pay for it and yes its true I felt something but I can’t be with you I love Terra from the moment I saw her it’s been her I would die for her a thousand times if it meant keeping her safe I don’t ever want to hurt her im sorry Zarina I don’t want you I want her” Zarina walked back to the change room and threw the cloths over the door I grabbed them and walked over to Polly “I’ll take these and a pair of the those boots” Polly smiled and grabbed the clothes “so it must be tough having to be a leader when all you have done us hide in the background” I stared at her confused “ah I don’t know what you mean?” she smirked “oh come now little prince you can’t lie to me” I stepped back from her “who are you!?” I went to grab my sword but I forgot I didn’t have a weapon anymore Zarina walked out of the change room and over to me “ok im changed if you want we can go now…” I grabbed her pulling behind me “stay behind me!” she looked at me confused “Eathen what’s wrong?!” I glared at Polly “what are you?!” she smirked “I’m a Polise I was sent by Duchess Liana to recover Princess Terrathia I was told I would find her with you but she is not here where is she?” I held Zarina hand as she hid behind me “Zarina I need a weapon!” she nodded her hands began to glow a silvery blue a sword began to form in her hands it was longer then my old sword and It had two blades embedded on the helm was a large E on a crescent moon “here!” I grabbed the sword and held it a Polise’s throat “I’ll ask again why Terra why are you after her?!” Zarina walked up to Polise and grabbed the bag of clothes “Zarina no she could hurt you!” ‘wait why am I caring if Zarina gets hurt she can take care of herself augh why can’t I get her out of my head!?’ Polise hissed like a snake “where is the royal rouge Terrathia by order of the Terranian crown she has been ordered to return to the kingdom to receive her punishment for treason against the thrown now where is she!!?” I glared at Polise “you’re not taking her anywhere and treason against the crown she is the crown the only heir to the thrown you can’t treason against your own crown!!” Polise snarled and hisses as her body turned into a large snake two large bat wings ripped out of her back and her hands become stone with really long and sharp fingers “crowns are inherited kingdoms are earned and she did not earn her kingdom she abandoned it her people her planet just too find a stupid little lost prince!!” Zarina tackled Polise to the ground her snake body slashed around breaking the store “don’t Talk about him like that Eathen risked his life to find me to bring everyone back together it’s not his fault Terra went rouge she’s always been rouge so don’t blame Eathen and stop moving your making me feel sick woe!” Polise threw Zarina off her and threw a window “Zarina!!?” I ran to her she was unconscious bits of glass cut her face luckily my jumper stopped the glass from cutting her body and arms “Zarina hey you’re ok wake up?” Polise snarled and thrashed around breaking the store apart “you hurt her you bitch you’ll pay for that!” I grabbed my sword and ran into the store slicing away at her snake body “augh!!” she snarled and hissed in pain as she flew into the air and slashed at me with her long rock fingers I felt them rip across my chest tearing my clothes just barely missing my skin “you will die for that boy augh!!” I smirked as I breathed heavily and teleported behind her stabbing my sword threw her chest “ah augh you foolish boy Ahh!” I pulled out my sword and held it at her throat “you hurt Zarina give me one good reason I shouldn’t cut your head off!?” dark green blood poured out of Polise’s chest “I was only doing my job she attacked me first I was defending myself…” Polise collapsed to the ground her snake body or what was left of it turned back into legs her bat wings vanished and her hands went back to normal “oh man now I feel bad hmm I won’t kill you I’ll send you home” I wrote down the symbols for Terranises and opened the portal I pushed Polise into it the ran back to Zarina “she’s still asleep” I grabbed her gently and walked over to the tap I cupped some water in my hands and dripped it on Zarina’s face her eyes twitched then opened “hmm Eathen what happened Polise where is she I’ll ah” I grabbed her “woe she’s gone don’t move your hurt there’s some glass stuck in your waist just don’t move” Zarina nodded and didn’t move as I lifted up the jumper some bits of glass had gotten threw I gently tried to pull them out Zarina winced under her breath trying to hide it hurt “hey its ok you don’t have to hide how you feel around me if it hurts then show it hurts so I can be more gentle” she nodded I smiled and went back to the glass I grabbed the last piece it was bigger than the others  I pulled it out slowly I felt Zarina’s body shake she whimpered in pain “oww!” I sighed and pulled out the last piece she softy smiled “thanks Eathen” I smiled and took of my shirt ripping some on the fabric and wrapping it around the cuts to stop the bleeding I saw Zarina blush as she stared at my bare muscular torso the fight with Polise had drained me so I was probably all sweaty “there now we can get us home you can change have a good rest then find Joe then the sword and take down Endor!”  She smiled at me and nodded I helped her up “here ill just carry you” I picked her up bridal style again she was so light I barley felt like I was holding anything Zarina softly blushed as she snuggled up to my chest I softly smiled and started walking home I was dark and cool the perfect night I looked down at Zarina “oh your awake I thought out would be resting” she smiled “no its night and I don’t sleep I only got knocked out but I don’t actually sleep I don’t need to it’s a Lunian thing” she smiled then sighed “Eathen I really am sorry about before I just couldn’t hide how I felt anymore and im sorry if I hurt you I meant what I said I do want you to choose me but I know you won’t Terra’s your one but it hurts that you already have your one but you have feelings for me it’s like your tormenting me with something I know I can never have” I sighed ‘she’s right im being so mean to her having feelings for her but not doing anything about it why do I want her so much I can taste it Terra’s my one we sealed our bond with our first kiss Joe said we only have one so why do I have two?’ a man jumped out infrount of us he was muscular and wore a black jacket his hair was spiked and green he had pain and fury tattooed on his neck he held a gun at us “hey give me your money kid!” Zarina stared at the man and the gun “Eathen?” I held her close “shh its ok here take it” I grabbed out my wallet and threw it at the ground “there that’s all the money I have please just take it and go” the mugger bent down and grabbed my wallet he went through it grabbing the money still holding the gun at us Zarina glared at the mugger she jumped out of my arms “that’s Eathen’s give it back!” she kicked the mugger in the chest and grabbed his arms the gun was held loosely in his hands just inches away from Zarina I had to help but I was frozen unable to move I heard the gun go off it sounded like a small explosion I saw the mugger running away as Zarina dropped to the ground the gun infrount of her it slightly smoking from being fired “Zarina!!??” I ran to her I saw a puddle of sliver blood I moved Zarina on her back and saw the bullet wound more blood was gushing out of her gut “no!” I draw the symbol for my home as fast as I could I opened the portal and grabbed Zarina I ran into the portal “just stay with me don’t close your eyes look at me it’s going to be ok I promise!” I ran out of the portal and into my room “Shanni I need you to heal Zarina now!!” Shanni and Luna ran to my room Luna stared at all the blood “Zarina what happened Eathen?!” I held my hand on the wound trying to stop the bleeding “she was shot by a mugger on our way back here after shopping please Shanni hurry!” Shanni’s hands glowed blue but the wound didn’t heal “I…I can’t this wound is strange I don’t understand it but you do Eathen you must heal her close your eyes and place your hands over the wound then think as hard as you can why you want to save her if the reason is true your will heal her” I closed my eyes thinking about the true reason why I need her to live “please Zarina I need you to hold on your smart your beautiful you make me feel confused but happy if I hadn’t met you im sure a part of me would be bored no matter how upset I am you always make me smile so please I need you to be ok” I walked into the room “why’s everyone all shout…” I stares at Eathen unable to move my eyes away as I watched him kiss Zarina his lips glowing a bright electric blue as he locked with her lips her body began to glow the same color till the blood and wound in her gut was gone Luna ran up to Eathen and Zarina as Eathen pulled his lips away I saw him smile at Zarina the same way he would smile at me I stood frozen behind everyone else I could feel the tears in my eyes sliding down my cheeks I felt like I had gone numb I couldn’t speak I couldn’t move Cryos walked over behind me “ah Terra you shouldn’t be out of bed” I turned around at the sound of Cryos’s voice I saw her Terra how long had she been there her face was stained with tears she stares at me with confusion and pain written all over her face “Terra it’s not what it looks like she was hurt I was healing her” Terra didn’t move not even blink she just stared at me I got up and ran to her “Terra please say something I swear I was only healing her she was hurt bad I had to get my power all through her body and like you said the mouth is the best way come on Terra say something??” Terra shook her head and walked out of the room she knelt down and drew the symbols for Terranises then opened a portal I ran after her “Terra?!” I couldn’t look at him I felt so angry but so hurt he’s a Magian they only fall in love once the kiss seals the bond but he kissed Zarina that means I can’t be his one’ I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down where I hid the sword “here the location for the sword find Joe get the sword then get yourself killed like I said when I first met you Endor can kill you for me I thought I was your one Eathen I gave you ever thing I had I left my kingdom for you and this is how you repay me well fine then have it your way I hope Endor rips your heart out like you did mine!” I stared at her I didn’t know what to say I could only apologize so much and I didn’t do anything wrong she kissed Vixen twice did I go off at her for it no I kiss Zarina once to heal her and she flips her shit that’s not fare “Terra you don’t think it hurt seeing you kiss Vixen twice the way I see it you shouldn’t be mad at me I wasn’t mad at you ok well maybe I was but I forgave you all I did was heal her but if you’re going to make a big deal about it then maybe you should go and leave me alone!” Terra walked into the portal “it’s not the kiss that upsets me it’s the fact that you liked it Eathen Magians only love once kissing her means you didn’t love me bye!!”               

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