The Double-Cross

Brittany Nicklson always thought she was normal. But one day she gets the guy she never wanted to see again and found herself living with someone who turned out to be the enemy. she found her family and went on with learning who she was while trying to destroy the enemy.

This takes place six months after City of Heavenly Fire and Johnathen is back.


3. Chapter 3

I must have fallen asleep because I found myself waking up in the same place as last night. I looked out the window and it looked about noon. I realized I was hungry and decided to walk out of the room that was protecting from Sebastian. I stated walking the way I thought I had come but ended up getting lost. I was opening and closing doors to see if I recognized something. I ended opening a door and finding the guy with pitch black hair. He was getting a shirt on.

"Oh my god I am so sorry." I said as I quickly closed the door and hurry away. he came out and ran up to me. He started walking with me.

"I'm sorry you had to see that. I made a promise to myself that I would be nice to you so. I'm Alec Lightwood. I would be your cousin. Well one of them, you have one more." Alec explained before someone interuppted him.

"Your not mad that I walked in while you were getting dressed?" I asked.

"No, I am gay so it doesn't phase me." 

"Wow." I said.


"I've never seen anyone I've ever known that is gay be so open about it." I explained.

"Oh well now you have and I am so open about it because even though the Consul doesn't except it they aren't going to force anything. And I have a boyfriend who is kind of awesome. Though my sister isn't as excepting either so I get used to it." I nodded.

"You talking about me?" The girl with black hair said.

"Speak of the devil. This is your cousin Isabelle. She will be trying to get you to wear extrememely revealing clothes." Alec said.

"Dumb ass I'm right here." Isabelle said. 

"I know that is what makes this more fun." 

"Ok not to stop you two from bickering because it is funny to watch, but where are we?" I asked. 

"The west wing of the Institute." Said the blond guy as he walked up to us. "I'm Jace by the way." 

"Nice to meet you all but I have to find where I am so." I said. 

"I can show you around." Said the girl with the red hair. "I'm Clary. Johnathen's younger sister and Jace's girlfriend." She said.

"You all know who I am so no need to explain who I am." I said as I lightly laughed. 

"Well I have to tell you unless you plan to train with us you need to go somewhere else." Alec said. 

"Ok, well where can I get food?" I asked them as my stomach took the chance to grumble then. They all chuckled.

"I'll meet you guys i there I will bring Brittany to the kitchen." Alec said to the people. They said fine and continued walking while Alec and I stopped at the stairs Sebastian walked me down.

"Ok so I will walk you to the kitchen and then you will meet Jocelyn again. She is making lunch for all of us only because her daughter is one of us. Otherwise she wouldn't have anything to do with this world." 

"Hmm." I responded. We then walked through a door that lead to the kitchen. I saw the woman who had introduced to me as Jocylen. 

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