The Double-Cross

Brittany Nicklson always thought she was normal. But one day she gets the guy she never wanted to see again and found herself living with someone who turned out to be the enemy. she found her family and went on with learning who she was while trying to destroy the enemy.

This takes place six months after City of Heavenly Fire and Johnathen is back.


2. Chapter 2

"Nice to see you little sister." Zane started, "yes I'm Nathaniel, Nathaniel Gray. Brittany your friend isn't the only one to come back to life. The woman next to you is my little sister Tessa Gray, she though will never die. I lost my life trying to kill her. I'd also like you to meet a few people I know." He motioned behind him and two more men walked up behind him. One was a guy that looked like Sebastian and the other was the man I met as Zane's father. "This is Valentine Morgenstern, and to my right is Axel Mortmain. Valentine figured out how to bring himself back to life and then he brought us back to destroy you all and this time we will win."

While he was talking I felt Sebastian grab my wrist and pull be back. When I got next to him I tore my hand from his grip.

"Zane what are you doing?" I asked him. He just started laughing like I was crazy.

"I'm going to set every demon here go and watch them kill all of you. Demons I summoned and put in cages just for this day." He smirked and whisled. Suddenly we all saw the demons appear behind him. I felt Sebastian put something near my hand and I looked down to find him trying to hand me the hilt of a knife. I grabbed it to throw it but as soon as I grabbed it, a white glowing knife appeared. I looked up to see a demon running to kill Sebastian and I freaked and yelled no. Suddenly every demon there was turned to dust.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!" Zane yelled. I was as confused as him but I played it off as I knew.

"I just saved the life of all of the people here! People that weren't even hurting you! Why is it that I always seem to end up with people that will hurt me! I trust people to easily it seems. Every guy I let into my life seems to hurt me! You, a best friend I had in the past, foster brother's I've had." I yelled at him. I could feel Sebastian looking at me as I said this but I meant every word. "I saw this coming to. Last night I thought I was asleep when I heard you talking to someone about trying to turn me against myself, the same way you turned Sebastian. I thought I was crazy to think a guy like you would turn out to be such a jerk. Thinking about it now I thought the same thing about that past friend of mine. I heard you tell the person you were talking to that you were going to make me chose between people. I would have chosen your side if it wasn't for today, but now I chose to leave with the people who will be able to tell me more about who and what I am." I stopped for a second and I saw Zane throw something at me but before it hit me, someone grabbed my wrist and everything went black for a second. When everything had light again, we were in a building that looked more like a mansion. I felt dizzy and almost fell, if it hadn't been for Sebastian.

"Sorry I had to do that someone would have gotten hurt." Sebastian explained. He pulled me to my feet and then everyone explained that what he did was fine. 

"I don't think I will ever get used to it but we have your girl save." The blond haired guy said. 

"First I'm not his girl and second where are we?" I asked the people. 

"In New York." The girl with the red hair.

Suddenly three people came down the set of stairs behind us. One looked a lot like the girl with red hair. The other looked like a chinese guy with dark brown hair. The red head woman ran to the red head girl so I figured they were realated and the chinese guy ran to the girl who called Zane Nathaniel.

"What happened to you Tessa?" He asked her while grabbing her face. I finally realized that she was crying.

"My brother and Mortmain are back." She said through her tears. He sighed and pulled her in for a hug.

"Mom, so is Valentine." The girl with the red hair told the woman.

"Great so how are we going to fix this, AGAIN." Said the woman with black hair coming down the stairs. 

"Well first of all I would like you all to meet Brittany Nickleson. She is the girl I met when I ran from Dad when I was fourteen." Sebastian told everyone.

"Well I'm Joclyn, Jonathen's mother." The woman with the red hair told me.

"Nice to meet you but right now I don't feel well and I just want to get some rest. I just found out I was living with someone who wanted to kill me for almost two years and I don't want anyone to ask me if I'm fine because I already feel like punching someone." When I finished I stumbled again and Sebastian caught me. I stood back up and started to walk away but Sebastian stopped me.

"Sorry guys I'll take her to one of the open rooms." He told the other people as he pulled me up the stairs. We stopped in front of a door and he opened it and pulled me in. He let go and shut the door behind me. He came back over to me and he turned me around to face him. I pulled my hand out of his and slapped him.

"What? You think it is  that easy for me to forgive you?" He hand this shocked look on his face when he turned back to look at me. "I don't need you to save me or help me. I am 18, I can handle myself and as far as I'm concerned you are dead to me after what you did." I turned and walked over to the only window in the room. I heard him take a breath as if he was going to say something and then decided not to. Then I heard him walk out of the room. 

When the door closed I sat down on the only bed in the room and cried. Zane or Nathaniel-who ever he was-was my best friend, well I thought he was, For over a year anf right when I thought I needed him the most he turned against me, like all the other guys in my life. He spent the time he knew me to get me to trust him so he could kill me at the perfect time. This was the worst thing to ever happen to me. Brittany Nickleson was living the worst life everto be lived.

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