The Double-Cross

Brittany Nicklson always thought she was normal. But one day she gets the guy she never wanted to see again and found herself living with someone who turned out to be the enemy. she found her family and went on with learning who she was while trying to destroy the enemy.

This takes place six months after City of Heavenly Fire and Johnathen is back.


1. Chapter 1

Singing radio head at the top of our lungs

with the boombox blaring as we are falling in love


"Brittany can you PLEASE change the song. You have listened to it ten times already." Zane, my best friend and roommate, stated.

"Wow Zane, you can count!" I exclaimed sarcasticlly and kept singing. He walked over to me and grabbed the remote from my hands and turned the TV off.

"Hey," I whined,"I was listening to that."

"You've listened to that song enough." Zane said as he tossed the remote onto the couch, "And besides I think I heard someone at the door and I don't think they want to listen to that song over and over again." He left to get the door. I grabbed the remote and turned the TV back on and decided to put on a different song. Me and You by Coco Jones.

Your spinning round and round and round in my head,

Did you really mean the words that you said, said

This is here I gotta know should I stay or should I go

Show me the truth

Is it gonna be me and you?

I sang that all the way to the fridge to look for something to eat.

"Hey Britt, you've got clients!" Zane yelled.

"Got it." I said to him while still looking in the fridge.

Is it gonna be me and you?

I grabbed the left over chinese from last night.

I know you gonna be mad

Feelings that you thought you had 

was for another guy

well I'm that other guy.

I completely froze. I'd know that voice from a mile away. I turned to see my worst nightmare. Jonathen Morgenstern. Or as everyone knew him as, Sebastian Morgenstern, biological son of Valentine Morgenstern, the second biggest threat to the shadowhunter race behind Sebastian.

The chinese fell from my hand and I ran out the back door.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

I ran and hid in the park by the apartment until nightfall. I cried the whole time.

I used to be best friends with Sebastian and we were friends for two years before he lead a demon to my house and got my brother killed. Then he just basically disappeared off the face of the earth until today.

See he is a Shadowhunter. They are half angel, half human beings that kill demons to protect 'mundanes' also known as humans but whatever. I just haven't seen him since the day my brother died.

I was suddenly grabbed from behind, breaking me out of my thoughts, by someone. I screamed and tried to free myself. The person let go and I turned around to see Sebastian and behind him a guy with blonde hair and gold colored eyes, a girl with pure red hair and green eyes, and a guy with pitch black hair and bright blue eyes.

"Look Brittany, I'm sor-" I cut him off.

"Your sorry for what? Leading a demon to my house and standing there like nothing was happening and watched it tear my brother apart? Sorry that you left without explaining yourself? Sorry that I now see the monster you rea-" He cut me off this time.

" Yes! ok, yes I'm sorry for everything I did. I have made so many mistakes in the last two years that I can't make up for all of it. Do you know I was only saved by my sister stabbing with a knife that had a fire inside that killed me? I came back a month ago as Jonathen, not Sebastian. Sebastian died the moment that fire got into me! I came here because I told them you could help me find someone I had lost." He turned and pointed at them breifly before turning back to me. "They didn't know it was you that I was looking for until you ran out the door the moment you saw me. I'm sorry I did those things to you and I'm sorry I ever hurt you. I'm sorry I told you about this life of mine, because if I hadn't said anything you and I wouldn't be here." He stopped to give me time to prosease what he said and respond.

"I went to that person you said to go to to find out who my parents were. Guess what thats not all he toolld me he also told me that I am a shadowhunter, and you three are not the only shadowhunters he experimented on. He stole me from my mother after I was born and not only put more angel blood in me than I should but he put demon blood in me to." I stopped as I saw a blond girl walk up and a black haired asian guy with gold cat eyes. "I also found out I have a cousin who is the same age as me and my father is supposed to be a missing person. My parents are Peter Lightwood and Pheobe Halliwell. That also means I am a shadowhunter and a witch."

When I finished everyone was making strange faces.

"That is why we are here." I turned to see Zane. The blond girl walked over in front of me.

"Nathaniel?" She asked. He smirked.

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