The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf is the greatest story of the small town of Monroeville. A wolf, living completely and utterly alone in the forest that borders the town. Unnatural and unusual, Darcy decides that she needs to investigate this wolf and find the reason for it's isolation.


1. Prologue


Darcy stared the wolf down, daring herself not to move. She was trying to keep so still that she was hardly breathing.

The wolf's strange brown eyes stared back at her, unblinking. He didn't seem to be moving at all. Not a single hair on his entire body seemed to even twitch.

A gentle breeze whispered through the forest, shaking the leaves above and ruffling the wolf's grey fur. A few loose strands of hair fluttered in front of Darcy's face, but she still kept herself as motionless as possible. The animal's nose twitched slightly as he caught a scent on the wind. His ears subtly flicked back to listen to something. Darcy took the opportunity of his distraction to flex her stiff fingers and shift her weight onto the other leg, to stop her left one going to sleep. The wolf immediately snapped his attention back to her as he noticed her fidgeting. She gulped. She knew that he would not hurt her, as she had been watching him for months now, and he had never paid any attention or even tried to harm her, but her body still tensed up, ready for a fight or flight movement.

The wolf suddenly seized up and jerked his head to the side, his fierce-some face now looking towards the wind. He used his nose to the best of its ability, before darting off into the woods, without a glance backwards.

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