1. chapter 1

"Micheal?" Christian asks, her dark blue eyes filled with worry.

"Micheal where are you?! I heard something in the house." Christian walked around the couch in her and Mikey's house. She tripped over the rug and fell on her arm.

"Ahh!" She yelled as she felt her bone break. She heard someone running down the stairs.

"Chris? Where are you?!" Mikey says jumping off the last step. He say Christian and ran to her.

" oh my god baby are you alright?" He asks as he crouches next to her and pulls her arm up to his lap. She hisses in pain and he drops her arm slowly.

"Come on Chris. We need to go to the hospital." He grabs her around the waist and takes her out to the car.

" I'll call the guys." He says pulling his phone out and dialing the boys. He buckles Chris up and starts to back out of the drive way. They were halfway to the hospital when a semi come out of no where. Mikey tries to get in the other lane but...


This is just a little filler chapter soo.. Yeah

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