The blood the blackens my veins

A girl struggling with a "curse" finds a way to get rid of it for good


1. Short story

 this short story is very triggering so you have been warned!!! 


it is called the blood that blackens my veins.


As my blood runs down my arms, hips, and thighs I start to feel numb.

I start slowly seeing my "demons" but it wasn't like I normally saw them. Oh no. I saw them as the people that my "curse" caused to die. 


Oh yes. that's right. I haven't told you that part. Yes I have been cursed as whoever I have ever loved even just thought I did dies. Yeah pretty horrible. Anyway back to the main story.


They started screeching my name, "Sophie! Sophie!" I started crying and tried with ever last bit of my strength but I ended up falling right back down the wall I had put my self against ever time I self harmed, as I had done ever since 6 years of age( I know pretty weird hobby for a 6 year old). "Leave me and my family alone! Haven't you done enough! They don't deserve this pain!" I scream. They fade slowly still saying my name as I reached for my blade and cut further into my flesh. I smile as I watch my very strange form of "art" drip onto my floor. that's when the pain and regret kicked in. The pain felt like I was getting stabbed by thousands of tiny demons, first it started in my head but VERY slowly travelled down to the tissue that I had cut into (now deeper than I had intended). I started screeching in pain. And then the demons came back. They were everywhere. Crawling up my walls. And they kept saying to end my life cause my parents, my sister, my husband and my daughter wouldn't care. "STOP IT! LEAVE ME ALONE! STOP IT! ITS JUST TOUGH LOVE !" I shout.


I heard someone coming up the stairs and onto the landing. I quickly grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans and my Marron top and ran into my bathroom and locked the door. As soon as I put on my jeans and did my zipper the pain started again but it was bearable this time so I didn't scream or cry out in pain. I heard someone open my room door. That's when I remembered. "Shit!" I say. I had left my blade on my bed covered in blood. Fresh blood.


"Sophie? Is that you? Are you ok?" It was just my mum. Phew. I put my long sleeved top on. Flush the toilet and unlock the door. ""What? Can't I go to the toilet on my own anymore?" I say. She looked down at me like she was mad. "When was that?" She said a couple minutes later. I followed her gaze to see my sleeve covered with patches of fresh blood from my new cuts embedded in my arm. "Um just now" I say very calmly. Now she looked horrified. My mum knows about my " problem" and tried to get help for me but I didn't go. Knowing I was going to get a lecture I quickly grab my phone and my leather jacket and run down my stairs shouting "I'm going for a walk" and slamming the front door.


I ended up going to the woods about half a mile away from my house. I went to my favourite part. The rope tree, it is called that because it has a hangmans noose tied on the rope and a rope ladder up to the branch it's tied on. I look at it for a split second before climbing up the ladder leading the the branch the secures the rope to the tree. I clamper onto the branch and walk along it,the branch is really thick that you can walk on it, and pulled the rope up and put it round my neck, it was quite a snug fit, and I look one last time at the ground before taking my final breath and jumping. And as my heart stopped and my eyes closed I saw someone/something. The devil and my demons that once hunted me day and night. That's how I knew where I was. I was at the gateway to hell. And as I said there telling you my story with ailment with my demons and the devil himself I have one last thing to tell you before entering hell the the rest of enteranty. Life doesn't get better. Infact it gets worse the more u don't end ur life. So if your have a voice telling you to die. Listen as do it when it says it the first time. And stand with your demons now as ur closest friends. It's the only way that u can truely be happy is to have a better life. A fresh start in hell. 


See you at the gateway.

                                      Sophie White xx

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