In the early 21st Century Nuclear war raged across the planet earth like a virus. The once great empires built by the rulers of old now left in ruin and rust. But hope still remains for the species of humanity, remnants of our species locked away in the cold void of space for hundreds of years cast down to fertilize our planet once more. It's almost as if society is on the path to redemption that it has for so long sought, that's if they don't destroy themselves once again...


1. Prologue



“War does not determine who is right - Only who is left…”  - Bertrand Russell


The End of the World came as soon as it had started when, during the early 20th Century, the species of man began to plant the seeds of their own destruction. Developing such horrors as atomic fire, chemical weapons, and biological warfare, a small flick of a switch and an individual could rain fire upon millions of his choosing, all without even leaving the comforts of his own home!


The year was 2052 and after decades of increasing tensions and prejudice man's violent nature could no longer be contained. In one brief day during the month of August the destructive force of nuclear fire cast itself over civilisation. Once great empires were suddenly reduced to ash and ruins as entire continents were swallowed up whole. On that day humanity almost wiped itself clean of this planet, the spirits of those that remained soon beginning to decay as a radiation blanket now cloaked its way across the planet. For many years a darkness befell the Earth, the potential of humanity all but lost to history and sands.


But this was not, for as some may have predicted, the end of Humanity, but instead a mere chapter in a long story of blood and violence. For while man had succeeded in destroying what once made it great, humanity itself is a stubborn species and is not so easily laid to waste.


It is said that in the days before the Great Destruction thousands of people were spared the horrors of atomic annihilation by taking refuge in one of the 12 Stations, mass storages of human life placed into orbit around the planet Earth. A last resort by a doomed government to save a doomed species

It had almost been two hundred years since the passing of the Great War when, all of a sudden, two of these stations suddenly sprang to life. Whether by accident or design is unknown, (and for all intents and purposes unimportant), but in the blink of an eye these ‘stations’ began making a sudden descent towards their now deserted home. The originals, (as they are now known to be called), are said to have landed in two opposite regions of what was once the USA. One party to the cold and harsh north where they were surrounded by nothing but the decrepit ruins and 50,000 miles of snow, and the other party to the south where they themselves were surrounded by deserts as far as the eye could see, left nothing but their will to survive.      


But, as almost as it had been predicted, over the next two hundred years these survivors began to rebuild civilisation in their own flawed image. So much so that they even managed to develop their own forms of currency. In the cold and harsh North trade was done through the use of food, a resource they were very much lacking in, and for the warm and sweltering South their trade was done through the use of water, a resource they also happened to be lacking in. With the passage of time and the work of a few hardy souls society once again began to rise from the ashes of its forefathers.


This leads us to where we are now, the year is 2318, the World once again remains unexplored with the harsh reality of survival now just becoming merely day to day existence to the Earth's new inhabitants.

Unfortunately though, as if like clockwork, humanity's violent and crude nature is once again beginning to resurface among the survivors. Tensions begin to brew along the North South divide and fears of an all-out war are once again beginning to plague the survivors of society.


But this time somethings different, humanity has something it never had before. Some say it’s just myths and legends spread by travellers and caravans, whereas others say the stories are just as real as the very sun they see in the sky.

One thing is for sure though, whatever or whoever they talk about has the power to either end or rebuild the wasteland, and war?


Well the war never truly ends, it just adapts.

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