Saving Michael

I went to Sydney in the winter of 2017 (summer in Australia). I didn't know who 5 Seconds of Summer were. What happened next changed my life.


16. Time to Rock

Shelby and I stood in line. She had insisted that we come extra early and she was right. If we would have arrived just before the concert we may have missed an opening act. In any case, I would not have been happy.

We got food, as always. It was really expensive. We checked out the merchandise tables for 5 Seconds of Summer and it looked like they were staffed either by other band members or the girlfriends of band members. In any case, I had plenty of wrist-bands on so I decided not to purchase any more.

I was excited. Shelby knew a lot about this band and was blathering on and on about them.

"If I were you, Alex, I would have hunted Michael down when you were in Sydney. You know? You guys were in Sydney around the same time."

"Oh," I said. "I didn't know who they were then."

"Hmm," she said. "There was a mystery girl in Sydney that Michael was seeing. I swear she looked just like you."

I cracked a smile. "Maybe it was me and I just can't remember," I said.

"Oh," Shelby said, "if it were you, you would certainly remember."

"Would I?" I asked with a smile. "Let's get our seats. I'm finally feeling good enough to listen to loud music!"


---From Michael's Perspective---

Alex said she was from Indiana, Michael thought as he looked out into the sea of faces in front of him.

"This song is an older song but it takes on new meaning for me tonight. It's about a girl I'm hoping is in the audience," I said. I looked towards the side of the stage and said, "I'm sorry, but I miss her. She was the love of my life." My girlfriend glared at me. I didn't care if she broke up with me. In fact, I wanted her too. She gave me the shivers. Like she was plotting murder. I didn't like how pleased she was that Alex rejected me in Sydney.

"It's called 'Wrapped Around your Finger," I said. "And it's exactly how I felt with her."

Every word I sand was about Alex. I missed her tremendously. What did I do to make her leave Australia? The more I contemplated it in my mind, the more I wanted to see her.

The sea of faces in front of me blurred in and out of vision. But then I saw something I recognized.


---From Alexandria's Perspective---

When I saw the face of one of the guy's on stage, Shelby confirmed his name was Michael, a memory fluttered around in my mind.

'Where are we going?' I asked

'A place,' Michael said, deepening his grin.

'What place?' I asked.

'The place' Michael said with an air of mysterious humor.

'I'm getting nothing out of you,' I said to Michael's agreement.

The singing stopped, the crowd seemed to quiet down, and I came back to reality. "What's going on?" I asked Shelby.

"I don't know but he's staring right at you," Shelby said.

"Who?" I asked. I looked at the stage and Michael's gaze was on me.

"Alexandria?" Michael asked.

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