Saving Michael

I went to Sydney in the winter of 2017 (summer in Australia). I didn't know who 5 Seconds of Summer were. What happened next changed my life.


5. The 'Date'

 I got back to my house, got on my laptop, and caught up on twitter. A notification told me '@Michael5SOS Followed You.' In my inbox was a message from Mike. "You. Me. Ice cream? Not a date. As friends." I smiled.

It was cute.

"Pick me up in an hour," I typed.

I paused, added my address, then pressed send. "Cya then" came the reply almost immediately.

I hopped in the shower to make sure I smelled my best. After, I put on a royal blue layered shirt that my mom gave me. I wore peach shorts and bead bracelets.

I wore a tan hat with a blue stripe going across it and sandals with fake diamonds. (Picture at the end)

Michael would arrive in15 minutes. Why was I nervous? I don't think I've felt this way in awhile. Maybe when I first met Kai. Kai played the French Horn so beautifully.

I missed that haunting sound. I pushed that feeling away and looked up 5 Seconds of Summer on youtube.There was an interview by SugarScope. I saw Michael with Luke and two other guys who I guessed were part of the band.

I watched and laughed at Michael because he started waving his hands in the air while Ashton the drummer, their names were in their stools, and Luke came in and started dancing weirdly.

I laughed hard. I watched another video.

This time it wasn't funny. It was titled "Where is Michael??!?!"

"A source close to the band indicates there was a love triangle between Michael, Luke, and the 'love of Michael's life,'" the hostess of the YouTube channel said. My mouth fell open but I kept watching.

"The band members are searching Australia for Michael as we speak." The video cut to a face I recognized. It was my Uber driver, Jenny.

She looked frazzled, like she'd been driving a week straight non-stop. "A girl...." she said, wide-eyed, frantic.

"Her name was Alexandria. She knoooows," Jenny said emphatically.

"Okaaaaay," the interviewer said, attempting to pull the microphone away from Jenny.

"She knows!" Jenny shouted."She's here!"

The hostess cut back in. "Clearly there are some mental issues going on there. I'll be praying for that girl." The video cut back to Jenny who now had full control of the microphone as the interviewer attempted to wrestle it from her.

"Alexandria if you see this please convince Michael to rejoin the band! They will break up permanently if you don't!"

"Sorry folks," the hostess said as the video cut back to her.

"Clearly there is a loose cannon in Sydney, Australia right now. Does Uber do background checks? She's an Uber driver." Just then the doorbell rang.




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