Saving Michael

I went to Sydney in the winter of 2017 (summer in Australia). I didn't know who 5 Seconds of Summer were. What happened next changed my life.


6. Secrets

I answered the door and Michael smiled as he saw me. "Hey," he said as I smiled back at him. I stood awkwardly staring at him. I admitted to myself I was crushing pretty bad.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"A place" Michael said, deepening his grin.

"What place?" I asked.
"The place" Michael said with an air of mysterious humor.

"I'm getting nothing out of you," I said to Michael's agreement. We walked to Michael's car. He had the top down and it looked expensive. I didn't care, I was going with him because he was sweet, not because he had a nice car. He jumped in the driver's seat and turned on "Bring Me The Horizon's Throne."

"I love this song!" I started singing. "So you can throw me to the wolves Tomorrow I will come back Leader of the whole pack Beat me black and blue Every wound will shape me Every scar will build my throne."

Michael sang as the song stopped.

"Wow, you're really good" I smiled.

"Haha, thanks, you are too," he replied. We were silent for a moment. I was trying to think of a way to break the silence.

"So, you dropped out of a band?" I asked.

Michael bit his lip and sighed. It was cute. Not all boys bite their lips but the contemplative ones do.

"It's all over the news.. Yeah.. I want to get back in the band but I don't know how to forgive Luke." Michael said as we pulled up to a ice cream shop.

"Oh." I felt bad because I have Luke's number and I hadn't given it to Michael yet. "What did Luke do?"

He gave me a solemn stare. It's the first time I saw him without a smile on his face. "He betrayed my trust. I don't want to talk about it."

I put my hand on Michael's arm. It felt electrifying. "Okay," I said. "When you're ready to, I will listen."

"We're here" Michael said, smiling again.

"Yup" I said "Wait, this was the big secret?" I laughed.

"Well, no but.." Michael laughed. I opened the door and got out.

Michael walked in and people started whispering back and forth frantically. 

"Oh my goodness! Are you Michael Clifford??" A girl asked. "My name is Shyla and I just want you to know you're the second biggest crush I've ever had!!" She jumped up and down. She looked like she had just escaped from a mental ward.

"Oh yeah? Who is the first?" Michael replied, as if to humor her.

"I'm a Belieber!!!" the truly crazy girl answered.

"Um, yeah." Michael said.

"Can I get a picture??" the girl said, shoving an iPhone at me.

"Are you okay with that?" Michal asked as I awkwardly held the girl's camera.

"No problem," I said with a very teethy smile. I took the picture and the girl jumped up and down as if working out in the gym before hopping away to her squealing friends.

Michael ordered chocolate and I ordered Cookie dough. It was heavenly good.

"Hey, let's play a game" Michael said.

"What game?" I asked.

"A question game." Michael said smiling. I couldn't help it but his smile is perfect.

"Okay, what do you wan't to know?" I asked.

"What's your favorite color?" Michael asked.

"Black, What's yours?" I asked.

"Green. What's your middle name?" Michael asked.

"Faith.. What's yours?" I asked.

"I don't have one" Michael said eating a scoop of his ice cream.

"Every one has a middle name, tell me" I said.

"Well I don't have a middle name." Michael said not looking me in the eye.

"Pretty pwease?" I asked in my baby voice.

"I hate my middle name though." Michael groaned.

"It's not that bad, trust me" I said.

"It's pretty bad" Michael said.

"Just tell me!" I laughed.

"Fine... Gordan." Michael said looking ashamed.

"What's so bad about that?" I asked.

"I HATE IT" Michael said and I laughed.

"It's not bad" I smiled.

"Yes it is!" Michael said covering his face.

"Haha, It's fine I like it" I smiled.

"Really?" Michael said peeking through his hand.

"Yeah, Gordan suits you" I smiled.

"Greeeaaatt" Michael said and I laughed. We got done with our ice cream and Michael drove to the beach.

"Why are we going to the beach?" I asked.

"Reasons" Michael smirked.

"Tell meeeeeeeee" I said.


"Or nahhhh.." Michael smirked again and I groaned.

"Blahh, you're no fun" I said.

"That's my flaw" Michael said.

"Nah, your flaw is your middle name" I said and Michael groaned.

"Shut up" He said and I laughed.

"I'm kidding, I like your name" I said. He smiled. We arrived at the beach and Michael set out a blanket and laid down. I laid down next to him and stars shined above us.

"It's beautiful" I said.

"Yeah, this is where I go when I'm mad or stressed. Or sad" Michael said looking at me.

"I understand" I said as I found the big dipper. I hoped that he would decide to confide in me soon.

There was someone taking photos of us while we were laying there. Soon there were two of them.

"Michael, is this your girlfriend??" one of them asked.

"Michael! Why did you drop out of the band???" Another one asked.

"Michael, why do you want this girl??" more asked.

Michael rolled his eyes and grabbed the blanket and I stood up. Michael grabbed my hand and we ran back to the car as Paparazzis tried asking more questions. "Great" Michael said driving away.

"What?" I asked.

"This was supposed to be a fun night." Michael said.

"It has been," I said. I put my hand on Michael's face. I think he expected a kiss at my door but I released him, turned around, and walked in.

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