Saving Michael

I went to Sydney in the winter of 2017 (summer in Australia). I didn't know who 5 Seconds of Summer were. What happened next changed my life.


14. Marybell the Dog

I'm a dog and I protect the house. I usually patrol all day every day. When Alexandria left for Sydney I was really sad. All I had left was a stinky lady, Alex's mother, and her husband. I was so sad.

To make sure everyone knew I was displeased I was at the situation, I raided the pantry for Cheetos. I even left the bag sitting out on the floor for everyone to see. "Ain't nothing but a thang," I whimpered with some swagger that only Olaf the cat heard.

When Alex's Mom came to feed me that day I blamed Olaf the cat. I clearly pointed my nose at Olaf but she didn't seem to believe me. There is no justice in this world.

To get revenge on her not believing my lie, I took some of the perfectly good food they threw away in the trash and ate it. I kinda left a mess all around the kitchen too. Then I went on patrol to guard the house from the stranger who came to the house every day to put stuff in a box on the porch. When I heard someone stepping on the porch I tore the curtain off the door to see my way clear to break through the door if need ever

arose. I got it so good. It came right off!

I scared the would-be invader away. But then.... someone else stepped on the porch. I readied myself to attack. There was something familiar about the scent, though. The curtain was already torn asunder so I could see who it was.


She climbed the steps with her suitcase and her mother. She looked happy but confused. I did the only thing I could think to do... I spun around 5 times in pure joy. They opened the door and I burst through in a furry fury to lick her face and claim her attention.

"I guarded the house for you! All this time!" I whimpered at her. She could only hear the whimpering, not the words.

"Marybell!" she said to me. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too. So so so so so so so much!" I waggled my tail with the velocity of Olaf on catnip (fast, oh so fast). 

Then I started hacking. I have an enlarged heart I take medication for. The people at the shelter didn't think I would be alive as long as I am, but I sure showed them. My former owners beat me with a newspaper then gave me up for adoption. That was then. 

Now I'm so so so so so so so so so happy!

Then I started to growl. A car I knew very well pulled up to the house. It was Kai. I never liked Kai. Once I saw him flirting with one of Alex's best friends behind her back. She seemed happy to see him though. She was... so confused. About her life, about everything.

Bark bark bark! I said.

"It's only Kai, Marybell," Alexandria said to me.

I whimpered. I decided to ignore Kai. I gave him the cold shoulder, and the cold butt. "Talk to the butt," I said to Kai in whimpers.

"Alexandria!" Kai said. "So, you remember nothing?"

I pawed at Alexandria to continue petting me. Instead she smiled at Kai and said, "No. They tell me I was an exchange student. I don't remember ever going to Sydney. Or anything else."

Another car pulled up. "Alex! I hear you came back." It was a female. Shelby. She was a friend of Alex's (not the one who Kai was flirting with).

"Shelby!" Alex shouted. "I feel like I saw you just yesterday."

"Nope," said Shelby. "It's been a long, long time. But... and I know you don't listen to this band, but I got tickets to a concert. It's a band that just got back together. They're called 5 Seconds of Summer."

"I'll go," Alexandria said.

"No," Kai said. "I want to take you out that night."

"Oh," Alexandria said. I growled at Kai.

Shelby gave Kai a rueful look. "Do you even know what night I'm talking about?"

Kai stuttered. He took his phone out.

"No," Shelby said. "Don't look it up. What's going on? Why don't you want Alex to go to the show?"

"I.. well I..." Kai kept fumbling with his phone. I stepped forward, growling even more ferociously.

"I'm going," Alex said firmly while giving Kai a confused look. "I'm not sure what's going on with you Kai but I'm not going to ditch all my friends for you. We can hang out another night."

"Oh," Kai said. "Well, I'm going to go."

"Good," I said with a bark.






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