Saving Michael

I went to Sydney in the winter of 2017 (summer in Australia). I didn't know who 5 Seconds of Summer were. What happened next changed my life.


11. Dark Rose

Kai? What are you doing here?" I asked as I felt my cheeks getting red with anger.

"I'm sorry," he said, holding out the red rose. "I want you back. I didn't mean to hurt you."

I didn't take the rose from his outstretched hand. I didn't want it.

"Take it," he said.

"You had your chance Kai. You have no idea what you put me through. I thought you'd be there for me when I came here to learn music. I don't want your rose."

His eyes widened. I'd never seen him quite like that. "Take the rose Alex," he said almost robotically.

I took out my phone and requested another Uber so I could get away from him. "How did you know I would be here? Were you pretending to be Michael Clifford? Did you leave that note at my house?"

"I don't know," he said. "Could you just take the rose?"

"I'm here," Jenny said from behind me. I grabbed the rose and left. "Where do you want to go?" she asked.

"Somewhere alone. Quiet. Somewhere where no one is around," I said, trying not to let my voice crack. I wiped a tear from my cheek as we pulled away from Kai who was standing there dumbfounded.

"I love this place," Jenny said. She was referring to a cliff with a beautiful view.

"Sounds good," I said. My head hurt even more now.

Where are you? I went to your house and you were gone. I thought you were sick. It was Michael. Should I tell him that I was tricked into meeting my ex at the airport? Would he think I was dumb?

I locked my phone and sat by the ledge. I let my feet dangle and I closed my eyes. Why couldn't it just be night time?

"So you're the girl," a female voice from behind me said.

I opened my eyes and turned to see who was talking. It was a girl about my age flanked with two men in suits.

"Kai gave you the rose?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said. "How'd you know?"

"I paid him a lot of money to do that," she said. "It was the only way I could track you. To find you when you'd be alone. To..."

I started to get frightened. I looked below my feet and I saw waves crashing into rocks. It was a long drop if she decided to push me. I opened the petals to the rose. There was a tracking device in it.

"Michael is mine," she said. "And when I'm done with him no one else can have him."

She stepped towards me.

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