For over 300 hundred years he has searched. For over 300 hundreds years he has failed her, has been so close to finding her. Now, after 300 hundred years he'll finally get his chance to save his love, but he'll have to fight every step of the way. As long as he doesn't fall into that blackness, he just needs to see...see the face his love now has.


4. Chapter 4

"You think you know him? You think he has told you everything about him?! HA! If you believe that then you are more of a fool than I thought...Think about who this man is, he's a thief, a murderer, and a liar. He would say anything to get what he wants, even if that means getting you to fall in love with him so you will stay loyal to's not true...Oh don't give me that look, you know what I say is the truth...It's not true...He hasn't told you the truth about his past, about the things he's done. Oh the things he's done my dear you'll never know all the lives he took...IT'S NOT TRUE...That man isn't a pureblood, he was turned at an age we see as only a child but a man in the eyes of humans. So what could he have been when he was 'alive?'...IT'S NOT TRUE...You've seen it haven't you? The mark of those who were damned to fight for the cause, the cause of-IT'S NOT TRUE!

He woke with a gasp, hands flying to his cheeks and was surprised to find tears staining them. He had never had a dream like that, it had felt so real. Everything was dark but it felt as if he was in a dark room, or his vision was obscured. When he remembered the voice he couldn't help but shiver and burrow back into the blankets. It was a male, that he knew, but it was the amount of ice in his voice as he spoke of the stranger that he apparently loved.

He sat up in bed and reached for his glasses, still thinking about the dream. He got dressed in a daze, why would he dream of something like that? Was it just a dream or could be being warned about someone? Immediately white skin and rust colored eyes popped into his mind and he frowned, remembering what Alfred told him about the man.

A vampire. A creature of the night that feasted on human blood. There weren't that many around anymore, the witch trials helped to decrease their population, but during those trials the younger vampires were the ones to get killed as they believed peace could be reached with the humans. Now a days any vampire that was encountered was older and very dangerous, he hadn't heard of one coming out that wasn't less than two hundred and fifty years old.

He wondered how old Gilbert was, from what he remembered the man carried himself with a confident air, like royalty. He also knew a dance that considered to be a folk dance and his German accent was too smooth to be less than three hundred. He frowned, Alfred didn't tell him anymore than to be careful, but Francis said he was going out last night.

He walked downstairs in socked feet and was surprised to be met with short blonde hair and the smell of tea instead of Francis' cooking. The man stood with his back to the door, kettle in hand as he poured a cup of tea. He sat quietly at the island, "I was wondering when I would see you here."

Arthur jumped, nearly spilling the tea as he turned to glare at him. He sighed when he saw who it was, " scared me! I didn't think anyone would be up this early."

He smiled slightly, "No...we're always early risers, except when Francis has someone over. He likes to cuddle." Arthur's stared at him and he frowned as Arthur's green eyes slowly hardened, shit. He stood to make himself a cup of tea, standing right next to Arthur, "Don't give me that look Arthur...He hasn't had someone in his bed for a while…" He smiled at the fuming blonde, "He really does love you."

Arthur looked at him with wide eyes before scowling, "Then why the hell did he wait for two years?"

He stared at Arthur for a good minute, "...It's not for me to tell you Arthur, he never told you what he does for a living for a reason. All I'll tell you is he's protecting you and those close to him." He walked towards the kitchen door, he turned just past the door, looking into wide green eyes, "What we do is dangerous Arthur. If you care for him at all then don't ask. He'll tell you when he's ready, or is forced to."

He walked out, Arthur's voice chasing him, "Matthew wait! What do you mean dangerous? Is he in danger?!" Matthew closed the front door on the Englishman, Francis would be able to calm him down. He walked away from the flat, he didn't have classes today so he was going to go do some shopping.

He felt a little guilty for leaving Arthur like that, and he knew Francis was going to yell at him later for worrying his 'Angleterre' like that. But he needed at least to know that Francis wouldn't be around much in the coming week. He looked up and frowned, a near full moon was barely visible in the sky. Tonight would be the night that werewolves would run the streets. The stories about werewolves only transforming on a full moon were lies, for the most part at least. It was true that they transformed at the full moon, but that was involuntarily, and for longer than one night. Two days before and after the full moon, werewolves were still called by the power of the moon and now a days they controlled the night. The news stations call them some kind of cult because of murders happening every cycle. Luckily there were was only a small pack, and Feliciano and Alfred were the only loners he could think of, so they were able to keep an eyes on them pretty easily. Well as easy as it is too look after blood crazed werewolves.

He had made it to the grocer, he walked in and smiled at the man at the door before grabbing a basket and walking through the aisles. He walked towards the bread aisle, deciding they need some more and materials for crepes. He passed the aisle that held the canned goods and stopped before reaching the next. He could hear a familiar voice in the next aisle, "Gilbert came with me to my dance class yesterday...He seemed really happy to be able to dance again." Feliciano, he ran into him frequently here but he was always alone.

"I hope he behaved himself, but how did Alfred react? Was he suspicious of you?" It was a man who answered, his voice was deep and serious. It reminded him of a military commander because he felt, with even that one sentence, that this man was important and commanded respect.

Feliciano giggled, "I think he was more focused on the fact that there was a vampire in his territory and he didn't know it. He didn't even ask me why I was so comfortable around him." He laughed again, "I'd hate to think what he would do if he found out about you!"

He blinked, whoever the man was, Alfred wouldn't like him. He frowned, if Alfred would be more angry then...that meant that whoever was talking with Feliciano was a vampire. Why was Feliciano so peaceful with his 'mortal enemy'? More importantly was if this man was a vampire as well then that meant there were two in the city. And there was no way they were newborns or even 'middle-aged' ones if it took a werewolf to find one of them before they did. This was troubling, he'd have to talk to Francis later.

It was then he realized that Feliciano nor the stranger had spoken for awhile. He stayed for a few more seconds before walking out from the cover of the aisle shelf. Immediately he knew that was a mistake as a hand snatched his shirt front and dragged him into the aisle. He was met with a man's face contorted into a growl, cold, blue eyes glared into his and if he stared he could just barely make out a red tint to them. The man had blonde hair that was slicked back and the coat he wore did little to hide the muscles along his arms and chest. He stared at the man and saw Feliciano in the corner of his eye staring at him with wide eyes, "Mattie?!"

He glanced at Feliciano before looking at the man, "So this is Ludwig?" He grunted as the man on his shirt tightened and a shelf dug into his back, "I'll take that as a yes then…"

The blonde, Ludwig, growled at him, "How much did you hear?"

One hand came up to Ludwig's, "Enough to know that if Alfred finds out what you are there's going to be a problem."

Ludwig scowled, "You speak one word to that dog or any of your friends you would not want to see me again."

Feliciano pouted at the blonde man, "Ludwig! That's no way to talk to Mattie! He's nice and not like the ones in America. Let him go." The last sentence was spoken in such a commanding tone that he couldn't help but blink at the Italian in surprise.

Ludwig and Feliciano glared at each other, a silent conversation going on between them. After a minute Ludwig sighed and let him go, he straightened his sweatshirt, making sure everything was in place before nodding to Feliciano. He looked back at Ludwig, "Feliciano's right, we're not like them. We ask questions first. Unless I don't like the answers, I leave you alone."

Ludwig stared at him in surprise, "So you stay with the traditional ways…" He couldn't help but frown at the vampire in front of him, if he knew the traditional ways then he was a lot older than what he originally thought.

He looked at Feliciano, the Italian spoke about Ludwig often. He called him, "Husband? Feliciano if anyone else finds out you mated with a vampire neither I nor Francis will be able to protect you."

Feliciano smiled then and he blinked at the look in the Italian's eyes, "Mattie I've been avoiding the subject for a long time, we'll be fine."

He looked at the two before nodding, he felt like a child trying to tell his parents not to stay out too late. For the second time that day rust colored eyes flashed through his mind, "Gilbert. You've never mentioned him before."

Feliciano looked at Ludwig who had stiffened at the man's name. The blonde looked at him for a long time before he spoke slowly, "He is my brother. It has been a long time since I have last seen him, and his name is not one that our kind likes very much." He sighed, "I will tell you that if the wrong person hears his name and know that he is here then you will have to worry about a lot more than wild dogs."

He frowned at that. Obviously whoever Gilbert was, he was important and a threat if anyone found out about him. He needed to look for information on the albino. He nodded to Feliciano and Ludwig, "I'll keep that in mind. It was nice to meet you...I'll see you next week Feli." With that he left, stopping to buy the bread in his basket.

His mind was reeling with what he had just learned, Feliciano was mated to a vampire. That in itself was dangerous information to have. He may part of the traditional ways and more kind than others, but if the higher ups found out then they would hunt down and kill both of them in fear of a mutant coming from them regardless of if it was possible or not. He could think of a few who would stand beside him but it wouldn't be enough to stop them from issuing the order.

The other fact was that there were two vampires in town, and if what Ludwig told him was true...they were old, very old and knew how to hide very well. They obviously knew how to not attract attention and only those with a good enough nose would be able to tell them apart from humans. So they would be safe, for now.

Finally there was the issue of Gilbert Beilschmidt, a vampire who's name is supposedly infamous and hated by just mentioning it. He needed to find information on this stranger and what makes him so hated by just speaking his name.

He found himself heading for the library, if anything he could see if humans have Gilbert's name in it, or at least the last name Beilschmidt.

He stepped out on the crosswalk across from the library, he made it two steps before, for the second time that day a hand grabbed his sweatshirt and yanked him backwards. A line of cars sped across the patch of pavement he just stood. It took him a minute to grab his bearings and focus on the hand that now rested at the small of his back.

"For someone who can control their body so well, I never would have expected you to daydream." The voice had a smooth German accent and when he turned rust colored eyes looked down at him in amusement, a small smile gracing his lips. "Hello Mattheu. It is nice to see you again."

He looked up at the albino vampire before him in shock, Gilbert was the last person he'd think to run into. Especially now that he was trying to get information on the potentially dangerous man before him. From the smile on his face and the look in his eyes he knew the man had some idea of what he was doing.


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