For over 300 hundred years he has searched. For over 300 hundreds years he has failed her, has been so close to finding her. Now, after 300 hundred years he'll finally get his chance to save his love, but he'll have to fight every step of the way. As long as he doesn't fall into that blackness, he just needs to see...see the face his love now has.


3. Chapter 3

Gilbert watched the blondes leave, his smirk falling from his face and he glanced at Feliciano with a frown, "Was this all you wanted to show me? A bunch of humans learning to dance and an overreacting wolf?" The blonde wolf's disrespect nearly made him rip his meaty head off. The kid needed to learn to respect his elders or he would end up in a lot of shit he would not want in the future.

Feliciano smiled nervously, "Yeah, just to keep your mind off...things..."

Gilbert took a deep breath in order to calm himself down. It had been three years since he had woken and it had been hell. The underlying fear of suddenly plunging into the blackness of the curse, knowing he had failed again and had to wait. When he first came here, two days after waking up in the clinic, he immediately went out and searched for her with Feliciano as his guide. Truthfully he was surprised to see the Italian alive, werewolves didn't live as long as vampires, this had him suspecting the smaller man had involved himself in black magic, just so he wouldn't leave Ludwig alone. He wasn't complaining, he was glad Feliciano was still around, he was the middle ground between him and his brother, but at three years ago he nearly wanted to rip the smaller man's head off.

Feliciano had the gift of being able to sense and track auras and Gilbert trusted him to lead him right to her. He saw her the same day he arrived in Quebec, he almost didn't believe it was her, the woman he was looking at was the complete opposite from the woman he knew during her first life.

Her name was Katelin, she was an office worker who practiced in ballroom dancing three times a week. She had a Siamese cat named Jorge and a Yorkshire terrior named Edgur, she lived in a two bedroom apartment on the fifth floor in a moderate neighborhood. Her love for dance is what gave him hope, in her first life and the one other time he saw her for more than a day, she had loved to dance. With these hopes he spent three years with her, getting closer to her and, if he dared to even think it, fell in love with her.

Gilbert was a man who still believed in the old ways, never changing his views even after three hundred years. One of those was a soul bond, he knew that they shared one so if Katelin was really her then he would know. The only way he can know is doing a bonding ritual that, as far as he knows, no one has used in one hundred years. It goes by the simple name of the Blood Bond. It's name is simple but it is extremely risky, and most of all deadly, because if the two doing the ritual are not soul mates then the dominant soul will consume the other and kill their partner. Gilbert had told Katelin the risks but she was willing to try it, was willing to die for him, so like a fool he went through with the ritual. It's a very simple one but it looked down upon by modern vampires, first he had to feed her a good amount of his own blood before drinking hers. The purpose of this is to make the vampire's partner immortal, fill them with their blood and drain their partner of the blood that slowly kills their body. That's when it gets tricky and the ritual takes over instinct, for if the two are not soul bonds the vampire or dominant soul's primal instincts will kick in and they will feast on their partner's essence until they are completely empty.

Gilbert did just that. One moment it ritual was going well and the next he was holding her dead pale body. He had been grief stricken, thinking that after all these years their soul bond had broken. He waited for the blackness to come and claim him again, but it never did. After two hours of waiting he realised that he wouldn't be going back to sleep.

That was when he got pissed. He had wasted three years, three years he could have spent searching, spending with her. What made him even more mad was that he couldn't regret, as much as he tried he couldn't regret the time he had spent with Katelin. That was when he went to Feliciano, wanting to rip him apart for distracting him for three fucking years.

It took Ludwig's fist in his face for him to register Feliciano's apologies and explanation. If that wasn't her, then that meant that she has changed, or her aura had just slightly enough for Feliciano to mistake someone else's for hers.

And so the search began again, Gilbert tried to help Ludwig search through letters on his computer, which he had to admit the human have advanced very well. But his brother kicked him out after he accidentally restarted the whole system a second time. All he could do was wait, Ludwig had reassured him that the computer would be the fast way to find her.

Now all he can do is wait.

So he went with Feliciano to his dance studio to make sure he wouldn't get rusty. Gilbert had a passion for the arts of dancing, he had been doing it for as long as he could remember. When they had been together she had loved dancing as well, so he kept with it if only to remind himself that he wasn't just running in endless circles.

Then Feliciano forgot to tell him he had a class the day he had wanted to brush up on some more modern versions of dances.

He didn't mind the crowd, in fact he relished in it and decided to show off for the gathering humans. Feliciano couldn't help but giggle as he pulled some 'old school' flare and ended the dance beautifully. He could hear the applause through the window as if the humans were in the room and he didn't doubt Feliciano could too from the way he smiled.

With some beckoning the humans slowly made their way into the studio. He looked over the humans with carefully, making sure no Hunters were among them.

The last group of males to walk in caught his attention. Mostly the wet dog smell that came with a muscular blonde, he fought the urge to scowl and kept his face blank. He looked at Feliciano, "Is he why Ludwig doesn't show up?"

Feliciano nodded, "He's a lone wolf but could easily influence packs to go against us if they found out I'm mated to a vampire."

Gilbert looked at the blonde again and didn't flinch when he saw him glaring right back. He couldn't help but smirk as Feliciano began to talk to the other humans, welcoming them and telling them what he was going to teach them. Gilbert couldn't help but tease the blonde wolf and he let his eyes drift to the other blonde's around him. He first looked at the dirty blonde sitting to his left, his eyebrows being his most prominent feature. He looked over the green eyed blonde's body slowly, fighting a smirk as the wolf tensed.

He didn't even look at the wolf as his eyes went to the taller blonde behind them. Gilbert's smirk twitched as he caught the man's gaze, his eyes were blue, just a shade darker than the sky and his shoulder length blonde hair was pulled into a flip bun on the back of his head. What surprised him was the hard stare the man was giving him, he held back a laugh as he realised what it was. A warning, the man was warning him it seemed, he probably thought he fancied the green eyed blonde. Gilbert couldn't help but smirk a little wider at the blonde and just barely roll his eyes. The blonde's stare turned to amusement as he glanced at the fourth and last blonde, obviously knowing that Gilbert was trying to get under his younger friend's skin.

That's when Feliciano decided to have his class 'show him what they had learned.' Gilbert's smirk faded and he fought a sigh, watching inexperienced people dance was as annoying as having the scent of wet dog being so close to him.

Feliciano turned to him with a smile, "Don't worry, some of them are really good. Especially Mattie, go see for yourself!" The Italian nodded to the last blonde he hadn't been able to look over.

Gilbert couldn't fight the smile on his face as he walked towards the blonde. He passed the wolf and grinned at the low growl aimed at him. He just glanced at him down his nose, making sure to be as insulting as possible before moving onto his original destination. He stood in front of the lean blonde, smirking at the look of surprise he was given. He wasn't listening to what dance Feliciano was talking about but once the music started it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. He looked at the blonde in front of him, his hair reached just past his shoulders, the waves it held making him think it was even longer. He couldn't help but stare at the stray curl that hung in front of his face, just drawing attention from attentive purple-blue eyes hidden behind glasses. He guessed the sweatshirt the younger man wore hid a fit torso that he had to have if he was a dancer, his skinny jean clad legs also helped him figure it out. He looked into the blonde's purple-blue eyes, "Feliciano tells me you know this dance best."

He watched the blonde mull over the words in his head and hid a smirk at the look of surprise in them. He probably realised he was a German speaker that knew fluent Italian and possibly English. The blonde looked back with curious eyes and a smile, "I wouldn't say that...but I accept the praise." So he was Canadian then.

The music started up and he couldn't help but smile as he instantly recognized the music, balboa, damn Feliciano and his good tastes in dance. He walked closer and blinked as the Canadian jumped at seeing him so close, fighting another smile he quickly glanced around the room and glared at the atrocity the wolf was trying to pass off as dancing. He looked back down to see the blonde nod, signalling he was done sightseeing.

He held out a hand and gently held the Canadian's, his other resting around his waist. As the blonde's free hand went to his shoulder he fought a frown. Just at his fingertips he could feel the butt of a gun, he looked over the blonde again and decided to test his theory. He lead the dance when the blonde looked up at him and lead at a fast pace, faster than a normal human could follow without tiring within the first two minutes.

It was three minutes before he looked down at the blonde with a raised brow, interesting. He decided he had been quiet long enough and chuckled at the back of the Canadian's head, "You are very good for someone who has just started, so relax."

The blonde snapped his head up and stared at him, he looked back into those eyes and concluded that he like their color. It was mesmerizing, the purple and blue seemed to swim around each other like a pool of jewels. He continued to stare and felt himself relax into their gaze, he felt he could trust in these eyes. The Canadian's soft voice brought him out of his daze, "...What?"

He blinked, what was he thinking? Feeling he could trust in a human, especially this human who carried a gun and had stamina much higher than a normal human's. He felt his head shaking on its own and a smirk curling his lips, "Like what you see?" He sure did.

He didn't realize he had pulled them blonde closer and at his frown he must have said his thoughts aloud as well, "I wouldn't take you for someone to flirt with a stranger."

The music then grew to a close and they separated. Gilbert felt a glare on his back and he couldn't help but smirk, "I am not either but exchanging names would not be a bad start." He decided to take it a step further. He stepped forward and took the blonde's left hand in his and bowed, his lips just brushing the sweet smelling skin. As he kissed the human's hand he glanced out of the corner of his eyes at the wolf. So he knew what he was doing then, good dog, "Gilbert Beilschmidt at your service."

He looked up at the blushing blonde and didn't stop the smile from spreading. He stood and fought the grin as the Canadian spoke, "M-Mattheu Williams...a pleasure." He could almost feel the anger rolling off the wolf now, shaking with it. Gilbert was absolutely loving it. He watched the blonde, Mattheu, walk away to join him and smirked as he slapped the wolf's shoulder.

The rest of the class went by quickly, or Gilbert didn't really pay attention, there was nothing else he could do that would annoying the wolf any more without him exploding into fur and claws. As the class drew to an end he decided to give him one last push.

He walked over to the now group of four blondes and smiled at Mattheu, "It was nice to meet you Mattheu. I hope we see each other again." He barely glanced at the wolf and looked at his other two companions with a smile, "It was nice to meet all of you as well, I hope we can trade names next time."

He held back a laugh as the wolf growled at him, "I doubt it." He looked at Feliciano and smirked at the look he gave the Italian, "See you later Feli." He watched the wolf leave loudly, stomping out of the studio and nearly slamming the door. Thankfully the long haired blonde caught the door, making him raise an eyebrow at that, the man was stronger than he looked.

Mattheu looked at Feliciano and looked apologetic, "Sorry, he had a history test that he was stressing about." He almost snorted at that. History test, sure.

He watched Feliciano smile warmly at the Canadian, "It's fine, I'll see you next week Mattie."

He watched the blonde leave and turned to Feliciano, "Was this all you wanted to show me? A bunch of humans learning to dance and an overreacting wolf?" He thought back to Mattheu, the lean blonde who looked nothing more than a dancer but carried a gun on him. He looked at the door and grinned, oh he didn't think that was the last time he'd see the Canadian.

Only of course to get under the wolf's skin again.

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