For over 300 hundred years he has searched. For over 300 hundreds years he has failed her, has been so close to finding her. Now, after 300 hundred years he'll finally get his chance to save his love, but he'll have to fight every step of the way. As long as he doesn't fall into that blackness, he just needs to see...see the face his love now has.


1. Chapter 1

Everything had been white, a beautiful, pure white and at the time he had loved it. That day had been perfect, everyone had shown up, the three-tiered cake was a masterpiece by itself, and the decorations was the definition of a winter wonderland...the season that she had loved so, so much...and the season that he now hates. That day had been one of the happiest in his long and bloody life, he couldn’t decide if he cherished the day he found out his brother was still alive or if the day he married the one he could call his beloved.

She was more beautiful than the all the Goddesses put together, the dress was the complete opposite of the white wonderland. The train alone was over eight feet long of golden laced silk, blending beautifully with her hair of lighter gold, almost white itself and ended in a crown of solid gold and rubies. The dress was a shade darker than the color of blood, dragging at a length of five feet behind and the sleeves were three feet long laced with gold in a beautiful leaf and swirling pattern. A necklace of solid gold laced with diamonds and rubies decorated the empty space the dress exposed, complementing the crown in her hair. As she glided down the aisle everyone stared in awe, even him, he didn’t believe that after only six years together she was willing to spend the rest of her life with a monster like him, but it would have happened.

The wedding was grand, fit for royalty, and in a way they were. After so much blood that had been shed, pain stabbing them in their hearts, and loss hitting them so hard they couldn’t breathe. Now, they could now take a breath together and fill their lungs with a love that would have been called forbidden if they had any family. Their close friends filled the pews with expressions of joy, and guards stood by the doors in subdued awe at the beauty of two beings becoming one. The minister was the one he called his brother, his sky eyes filled with happiness and he had a rare smile on his face that made him smile when he remembered it.  

As she walked down the aisle their friends stood in the pews, smiling as they watched her walk towards him. Their hands connected with a soft touch and she finally stood beside him, glowing with confidence. He felt a sense of pride as she stood beside him and if he thought farther back he could remember when he first met her, saved her. The beaten, scared, and submissive creature he had rescued had slowly grown in a healthy, confident, and beautiful women, a women he would have been proud to call his wife. If he thought about it she was his wife, if only for that short time she was, and he was happy.

The ceremony was a gorgeous communion, their vows left them choked and she shed a tear as he slid the ring onto her elegant finger. As his brother said those five words their lips touched and his world was finally whole, his existence had meaning.


For a week.


Every time he remembered that week, he couldn’t regret a single thing. He was happy, and so was she, they were even more happy when two days after their union, a friend said there was another soul inside of her. he would never see that child and neither would she. For that child never had the chance to grow, its life, like hers was taken away from him, from the world. The child would never know the love it already had, nor the hatred and fear that came with the announcement of its life. Now that he thought about it, he was glad the child was never born in that world. They wouldn’t have been able to protect it, not like they could have the last time he had seen the world.

The day he lost them both was the day they came back from what the humans call a honeymoon. He’s still surprised to this day that they were even found after that. It happened so quickly...don’t think about it...they were attacked by him, that bastard knew. How, he didn’t know but he did. He grew jealous and decided...don’t think about it...if he couldn’t get his happiness, no one would.

They were still a day’s journey from home, but they were so happy to be on our land that they were running, not paying attention….I should have been paying attention...don’t think about it...he attacked him first, broke four of his ribs almost immediately. Two punctured his lungs, he could feel it every time he tried to take a breath...don’t think about it...he choked on blood as he sat up, his body wouldn’t let him do anything else...don’t think about it...he grabbed her, said something he couldn’t hear over the roaring in his ears. She looked at him, said something...don’t think about it...he couldn’t understand, it was like he forgot Common...DON’T think about it!...she gave him a smile as his arm thrust through her chest, a sword through her stomach...STOP thinking about it!...It was then that everything came back, the words spoken to complete the spell, her screams, his own screams. When she dropped to the ground his words barely registered in his mind.

“I curse you...eternity”

The last thing he remembers of that day is failing to touch her cooling skin before everything succombs to black.


The first thing he heard was beeping, it was high pitched, annoying, and fake. He didn’t open his eyes, not yet at least. He twitched his body every so slightly and fought a frown before slowly opening his eyes. Needles stuck in both arms and his left wrists and a tube wrapped around his face and forced oxygen in his nose. He pulled the tube from his nose and coughed slightly at the sudden lack of the oxygen waves. Now he looked around the room, dying white lilies sat on a table beside his bed and he smirked; his brother never seemed to change the flowers before they wilted. Further inspection of the room further proved to him it was of a hospital and he hated it. He pulled a needle out of his right arm and sighed when nothing happened.

He frowned suddenly as he looked closer at the equipment around him, it was more advanced than when he last remembered. It must have been over a decade since he had been awake, two if he wanted to push it. The screens with fancier fonts further convinced him and he removed the needle from his left wrist. He watched the blood well up but the hole quickly closed and he slowly sat up, wincing at his sore back.

Looking over at the table by his bed he saw a card and...some three rectangular box beside it. He slowly grabbed the card and the box, leaning back in the pillows to take the pressure off his back. The card was simple, a single golden bird flying across the cover, leaving a trail of riches behind it. Inside was white and filled with his brother’s handwriting. He smirked, even after all these years his handwriting stayed the same; now he would call it militaristic with how neat and straight it was across the page. As he read a frown crossed his face and creased his brow.

Dear Brother,

I wrote this message on the first of January in 2015 just in case you wake up in this first month. The object with this card is a cellphone, it is like an advanced wakie and should be relatively easy for you to use as it is one of the older ones of this century. I don’t expect you to call me so I will leave a message if we find anything about her. I should tell you where exactly you are so you do not have to communicate with the nurses and doctor so much. We lost the war and Germany was split up between the Allies. I was able to convince American soldiers you were alive and believed that you were put into a coma after blunt force trauma to the head. You are in a small clinic in Vermont, they had to put you somewhere secluded so citizens or employees would not try to kill you. I was able to oversee your transfer to this clinic and make sure no one would be able to find you before having to run to avoid being arrested. Everyone is fine, we have been hiding out in France but will be spreading out to search for her. If we find anything we hope you’ll be awake to get our calls. I will see you when you wake up brother, and I hope it is longer than a few years.

 - Ludwig

He smiled slightly down at the card before setting it aside and picking up the cellphone. It was like an advanced wakie, it wasn’t so bulky and folded in on itself. He opened and blinked at the words; 3 new voicemails. It took him about two minutes and a growl at the plastic thing before he played the...voicemails. The first one had the date of the beginning of the year, January 2nd. He didn’t have to hold it to his ear as he could hear it perfectly.

"First unheard message:"  He winced at the high pitched beep sound before he recognized the high male voice; Feliciano, Ludwig’s best friend and mate, “Gilbert! Ludwig told me you were at a hospital and just wanted to say I hope you wake up soon and we’ll be waiting in Bordeaux for you! Call me when you wake up and we’ll come get you! Okay, Ludwig is fighting with Romano again so I have to go, hope to hear from you soon! Bye!”

He smiled as the message ended, Feliciano could always find the bright side of every situation. He thinks that’s what drew Ludwig to him, Gilbert frowned as he remembered his brother before Feliciano came to them. Squashing the thought he listened to the next message and once again it was Feliciano, this one was August 22.

“Hello Gilbert! We didn’t have a lot of luck in Europe so we’re heading across the ocean and searching through South America to see if there’s any signs there. I have to go know because they won’t let me talk on the phone on the plane. I hope you wake up soon! Call me when you do! Bye!”

Gilbert’s smile faded, this wasn’t too long ago if the phone’s date was right, he hoped they weren't in Asia or Africa, it would take him too long to get there if Feliciano has to abide by such ridiculous rules. He quietly looked at the next message that was only left a week ago on December 14.

“ Gilbert.” He blinked, it was his brother, “When you wake up come to Quebec as fast as you can, Feliciano believes he found her. Well her aura at least and we can’t pinpoint it because of the Hunters crawling around this city...When you get up get rid of the people in that hospital, they know you’ve been sleeping too long and when you wake up they will try something I am sure of it. If Hunters are not there already, do not risk it and get back here as quick as possible.” Gilbert heard Feliciano whining in the background, “Ludwig! You only speak to Gilbert in your language when you want to hide something from me! That’s not fair!” Gilbert smirked a little bit as Ludwig ignored Feliciano, “We are in Quebec now, we did not find anything in South America. That was when Feliciano was led here. We are in the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, should not be hard to find. We are in the penthouse, just ask for me and they should let you up. I will see you then.”

Gilbert closed the phone with a snap, looks like he was going to Quebec. He smirked, last he heard of that place was during the war when Canada got involved, the French bastards. He yanked the needle from his left arm and snarled as a shrill whine exploded from the monitor but was quickly silenced by the phone smashing through it. He swung his legs over the side of the bed as the door to his room flew open, slamming into the wall. Gilbert only glanced up as two nurses and a doctor rushed into the room.


The doctor couldn’t believe it, this man had been in their clinic for over seventy years didn’t look a day over twenty six. The albino looked straight at him and he gulped, blood red eyes. That was all he saw as the man rose  and he shivered as the man spoke, his voice like silk even if it hadn’t been used for all this time, “I guess I should say thank you for taking care of me for all these years.”

Blood dotted the doctor’s cheeks, he blinked, confused. Where did the red come from? Out of the corner of his eyes he saw his nurses slump to the ground beside him. His head jerked down and he stared in horror at his dead nurses. He couldn’t see their wounds but he guessed they were deep chest wounds, possibly high chest area from the amount of blood. He looked up and stared at the albino with red eyes, now only two feet from him. He took a shaky step back, “Y-You’re not human…”

The albino smirked, “What gave you the hint?” He looked at the bodies, “I apologize but I can’t have anyone telling about a man who’s slept for seventy three years and not dead.”

The doctor nodded, he needed to by time, play along, maybe distract him so he could escape, “I should have father talked about you and how you came in after the war, when he wasn’t even twenty. He didn’t know what to do when you didn’t age and I didn’t dare do anything because...I..” He stopped as the man got closer, his eyes widening as he grinned, “F-Fangs...Oh my god…!”

Gilbert slammed the man against the wall by his throat, “Really if you were smart you wouldn’t have let me live, you would have found a Hunter to kill me if you knew what was good for you.” He leaned closer to the doctor, making his mind go into panic mode and he began to shiver uncontrollably. Gilbert smirked and his eyes glowed as he leaned even closer, “Tell me doktor, have you ever met a vampire before? No? Well, I feel honored that I’m your first.”

The last thing the doctor saw was white fangs, a lunge, then everything went dark.

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