A Walk in the Woods could do No Harm?

Short story that I made up when my college tutor set us a task to write a story around the words: Bear, Bird, Castle, Water, Key and Group of People.

The story revolves around 3 siblings walking home from the park, Robert who is 14, Gerard who is 12 and Ainsley who is 11. Robert and Gerard are male and Ainsley is a female.
The 3 are walking home through the woods when they run into a problem. With panic settling in the delve deeper into more trouble and a shocking discovery could lead them into a life or death situation.


2. A Walk In the Woods could do No Harm? Part 2

Robert slowly opens his eyes. His vision blurry for some unknown reason. Blinking continuously everything starts to become clear. Robert was lying down on a Victorian four-poster bed, in a strange dimly lit room. The wallpaper on the walls were wearing away and the smell of damp was intoxicating. On the wall on his right their was a head of a bear. It looked like someone had gone out hunting and mounted the head of the bear as a trophy. It's eyes felt like they were burning into Robert. He looked away and slowly got out of the bed he was lying on. Where was he? Is what Robert thought. He wandered over to the window and peered outside. There was a 30 foot drop into water! It looked like Robert was in a castle of some kind. "Gerard and Ainsley." thought Robert and he turned round and ran out of the room he was in. Outside of the room was a long dark corridor that was only lit with candles on the walls. The walls were covered in mould and dust. The carpet on the floor had holes and tears in it. Dotted about were pools of red, thick liquid. "Is that...blood?" Robert thought out loud. He let his fingers touch the liquid. It was warm. Definitely blood. Robert started to panic. He needed to find Gerard and Ainsley quick. He started to follow the blood pools down the corridor. He carried on following them until they reached a door. He could hear shuffling on the other side of the door and a hysterical, creepy laughter. Robert hesitantly reached for the door handle. The laughter started to get louder and louder. Robert was trembling with fear! He slowly opened the door. What was on the other side made Robert's stomach churn. Robert let out a blood curdling scream and started to cry hysterically! On the other side of the door was Gerard having his intestines being ripped out by a possessed Ainsley! Ainsley was covered in Gerard's blood, her eyes still black and teeth still sharp. Ainsley has a psychopathic look on her face. She raised her right hand and a sharp knife glinted in the candle light. Ainsley then lowered her knife at such force Gerard's already limp body raised and fell. Gerard's eyes were still open which led Robert to believe Gerard started off alive before Ainsley had mercilessly murdered him. But Robert wasn't so sure this was Ainsley anymore. It was something more dark and deadly. A manic laughter ripped Robert out of his thoughts. This monster that had taken over Ainsley's body was staring at him with a big grin on its face. The fear this thing was sending through Robert made him freeze. He couldn't move. The monster slowly started to walk over to Robert with the knife in its hand. It started to laugh. "Move Robert, you need to move!" Thought Robert but his legs were having none of it. Tears started to flow down Roberts face. As quick as a flash the monster had Robert by his throat up against a wall. He couldn't breathe! The monster tilted its head to the right and grinned at the sight of its next victim! "Please, no!" Robert whispered, struggling to breath. The monster laughed and raised the knife in the direction of Robert's head. Robert shut his eyes and let out his final scream.

"Robert, Robert, ROBERT!" shouted Robert's mother. His mother was shaking him awake and was looking down at him worried. "My goodness, sweetheart! What were you dreaming about to make you scream like that!" his mother said letting go of her sons shoulders. Robert frantically looked around. He was in his bedroom lying down on his bed. He felt sweaty and it felt like he had just ran a marathon!" Nothing mum, don't worry! Sorry to scare you!" Robert said finally. "It's not just mum you scared." came a male voice. Gerard appeared in the door way, followed by Ainsley. Robert breathed a sign of relief. They were alive and normal. "Now Rob, get ready, these two want to go the park, can you take them please?" asked his mother. Robert looked at his mother in panic! "Can we go another day? I have work to do!" shouted Robert. He didn't want what happened in his nightmare to become a reality!



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