A Walk in the Woods could do No Harm?

Short story that I made up when my college tutor set us a task to write a story around the words: Bear, Bird, Castle, Water, Key and Group of People.

The story revolves around 3 siblings walking home from the park, Robert who is 14, Gerard who is 12 and Ainsley who is 11. Robert and Gerard are male and Ainsley is a female.
The 3 are walking home through the woods when they run into a problem. With panic settling in the delve deeper into more trouble and a shocking discovery could lead them into a life or death situation.


1. A Walk In the Woods could do No Harm? Part 1

"Robert where are we going?" whined Ainsley. "Through the woods!" said Robert. Robert rolled his eyes at his younger sister. "But why? Wouldn't it have been easier to get back home on the main road?" asked Gerard. "No, that takes us an extra half hour to get home, it's quicker to get home through the woods." Robert said through gritted teeth. He had to take his younger brother and sister to the park because their mother had forced him to. He was not amused. Robert let out a huge sign. "What's wrong with you?" asked Gerard. "Nothing, just leave me alone!" Robert snapped. They carried on walking until they got to the entrance of the woods. "Stick close to me as we go through here, it's getting dark, and I don't want you to get lost." instructed Robert. Gerard took hold of Ainsley's hand to keep her from wondering away. Ainsley clung onto her brothers hand. She was very nervous about walking through. She could sense something was off about this place. Robert started to walk through the woods closely followed by Gerard and Ainsley. 10 minutes has gone by and the tension between the siblings was rising. Each one was nervous and with each twig snapping, every one of them flinched. Suddenly a bird shot out of the tree's and cawed as it flew away. Robert, Gerard and Ainsley all jumped and stopped dead in their tracks, looking at each other in shock. "Are you two okay?" Robert asked quietly. Gerard and Ainsley both sheepishly replied, "Yes." They carried on walking a, but Robert was speeding up and turning corners sharply. Robert suddenly stops dead. Gerard and Ainsley run into him. "What's wrong?" Ainsley said quickly and worriedly. Robert was silent and frantically looking around. "Rob say something!" Gerard shouted. "I-I thinking we're lost." Robert says fearfully. "WHAT!" shouted Ainsley. "How can we possibly be lost!" snapped Gerard. "I don't know okay! Let me think! I don't even know this part of the goddamn woods!" Robert snapped back. Ainsley starts to tear up and shake as the fear of being lost floods her thoughts. "What if we can't find our way out?" cries Ainsley. "Don't talk like that Ains" We'll find a way out! Won't we Rob?" reassures Gerard looking at Robert in hopes that Robert had answers. Robert looked at Gerard. He had no clue on how to get out of the woods. The woods didn't even look the same anymore. It was darker, eerie and it felt like something was watching them. Something evil! "What's that sound?" asks Ainsley quietly. "What sound?" asks Robert quickly. "It sounds like water, running water." whispers Ainsley. All three siblings look around them, there was little light left. There was running water somewhere, it was very faint but you could still hear it. Robert started walking towards the sound of the water. "Robert wait for us!" shouts Gerard. Gerard holds Ainsley's hand tight as he runs to keep up with Robert. Robert starts to speed up as the sound of the water drew nearer and nearer. Through the poor lighting a clearing opened between the tree's! The entry way had moss and vines draped over it. A small shimmer of light peered through, lighting up a little bit of the ground beneath Robert's feet. Robert waited until his younger siblings were behind him. He grabbed his brother's hand.  He looked at the entrance and then silently turned his head to his siblings. They both gave a nod to signal to go through. The running water was very clear now. It was on the other side of the clearing. Robert turned to his siblings again and mouthed, "3, 2 ,1." and then walked through the vines.

The light was blinding! Robert, Gerard and Ainsley all threw their hands to their eyes to shield the harsh light! After a few seconds the environment around them became clearer and clearer. A white sparkling room was all around them, a waterfall was directly in front of them flowing into what looked like a never ending drop! A few meters in front of them there was a stand and on the stand there was a key. It was silver and looked like a key to a really old church. All three siblings stood and looked around in disbelief with what they were seeing! "We are all seeing this right!" said Gerard shocked. "I think so." whispered Robert. Ainsley who was being very silent, let go of her brother's hand and walked towards the key. "Ainsley where are you going?" asked Gerard nervously. "To look at the key." said Ainsley. Robert and Gerard followed her and stood either side of her as they inspected the key. "Something is telling me to pick it up." says Ainsley. Ainsley slowly reaches to pick up the key. Robert holds down her arm to prevent her from picking up this key. Something changes in Ainsley's expression and she turns to Robert and growls, "Get off me!" Robert screams in fear. Ainsley's eyes have turned black, including the whites of her eyes. Her teeth had turned razor sharp. She was baring her teeth at Robert. Gerard runs around to Robert and immediately starts to back away from Ainsley, dragging Robert with him. Before either of them could speak Ainsley grabs the key and a door appears behind Robert and Gerard. Ainsley then grins, showing the entire set of razor sharp teeth and then at inhuman speed runs to Robert and Gerard, grabbing them by the back of their t-shirts and drags them both through the door. Everything then goes black for Robert and Gerald.



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