You're Not Promised Tomorrow // H.S

What happens when Harry cheats on her? Will she forgive him? What happens after? Do they have a happy ever after?


2. chapter 1

It hurts, looking at him hurt. It's been 1 week, 1 WEEK and he has already moved on. I se pictures of him everywhere with Cara. The girl he cheated on me with. 

I trow the magasin with Harry and Cara on the the front. I turn to kate my best friend and say " Does it ever stop hurting?". "What?" she replies. " Watching the person you love with someone else". "awwww will stop i promise".

I breakdown in her arms. It's the only thing i have done for the past week. It just keeps on hurting i can't take it anymore. I have begin to wonder if it was the right thing to let him go. Cause how could something right hurt so much. What i have learnt the past week is you never realize how much you like someone until you se them like someone else. 

"Meghan, if it hurts this much it is not right. I think you should talk to him again. Get him back". Kate says. " I wish I could but he is with Cara. I don't think he loves me anymore". " I am sure he love you still". "I don't know". " Come on Meghan just text him to meet you at the park in a hour". "NO I CAN'T....i don't wanna get hurt anymore" I yell but end up whispering. "awww...babes then just think about it, okay?" she says and I nod


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