You're Not Promised Tomorrow // H.S

What happens when Harry cheats on her? Will she forgive him? What happens after? Do they have a happy ever after?


1. Prolog

As I stood there I couldn't believe it, everything we build washed away in one swift movement. I don't think I can forgive him after this, he cheated on me. I wonder if it was worth it. If she meant something to him. If it was a onetime thing. i wonder if I turn around I will se the hurt in his eyes. If I will se tears. Is he sorry. Do I mean anything to him.

" Meghan...meg babe say something... please". He begs. I turn around I see tears down his face that match mine. "what do you want me to say?... I don't think i can forgive you". " please don't leave me I love you it didn't mean anything... i promise". he holding back tears. " I am sorry haz... but you broke my trust and my heart... bye".

I say and walk out of the door, out of the relationship I have with haz.

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