The Giving Tree

This is a story of a greedy boy and a giving tree.I love this story a lot,And I hope you like it as much as I do.


2. Play with me

The tree was starting to loose hope.Little did she know that a family
just bought the house and are on their way.
The day they arrived the tree was asleep.There was a mom, a dad, and a little 5 year old boy.
The boy went out the backyard.He saw the tree and how sad it looked.
He reached out his hand and place it on the trunk of the tree.
Imminently, the tree woke up and turn green quickly and grew it leaves back.
It was as if it was glowing to the presence of the boy.He laughed and started playing with the tree.
Climbing it, swinging on it's branches.
The tree was so happy, that it looked like it dropped a single tear of joy.

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