The Giving Tree

This is a story of a greedy boy and a giving tree.I love this story a lot,And I hope you like it as much as I do.


5. Everything's alright

There the tree was.Standing straight.No branches.Just the trunk.
The man was sitting there.20 years had already passed since the tree lose all her branches.
He waited for the tree to grow back branched, but it didn't.It stayed the same.
He looked at the tree with his sad wrinkled face and said,
"Are you alright?.." He looked worried.
If the tree could talk, she would say 'Everything is alright' with a smile.
"Dear...I have some bad news,"
"I'm broke," ... "But a friend of mine told me what a rare tree you are," ...
"And what an expensive boat you could be made out of," ... "Am sorry but i h-" He didn't want to say it.
"I h-have to c....cut you down....I'm sorry..."
He stroke the tree with his soft hands and pressed his lips gently on it.Leaving his tears going down the trunk.
At the end, he chopped the tree and made a boat.He sold it and got a fortune.


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