Hurt me | H.S

"How can I move on from a monster when it's the monster I thrive on?"


1. · O n e ·


Hurt me | H.S

· Chapter o n e ·


 A tear rolled down my cheek. I held my ground in front of the monster that stood before me. His eyes blazed with anger, but I was too stubborn to admit I was scared. My hands mimicked his, balling into fists. His calloused fingers wrapped around the palm of his shaking palm dangerously, but his eyes never left mine. I glanced up at his red face, never daring to break the silence between us for fear that he would erupt; or breakdown. I wiped away my tears and took a step towards him.


 "Jake... No," he whispered breathlessly.

 "Harry please," I whimpered. I reached my hand towards his cheek but he slapped it away. I covered my face with my hand and sobbed gently.

 "Stop it Jake. I need you to let this go, this isn't us... But this is all we've become. I can't sleep. I wanted to be your high, your everything; now I'm your downfall. I'm scared I'm gonna' hurt you Jake - but I won't let that happen. We can't be together. Not like this," he snapped at me angrily, his voice soon fading into nothing more than a murmur.

 I glared at him furiously through my tears. "You're being over-dramatic. You can't do that. Sure, we argue, but that is us. That is most couples, Harry. Get over it. It's bound to happen."

  "It's dragging me down Jake. It happens the same way every single god damn time! You say I drink and I smoke, I say you talk too much. So on, so on. Now just go and save yourself the trouble. I'm not who you want me to be Jake, and you know it. You can't change me into your idea of perfection. I'm not some stupid little toy that you can manipulate," a tear slipped from his eye. "Every damn thing I say goes unheard, and everything you see is with eyes straight blurred. I'm not perfect. I'm not your puppet. I'm me, Harry Styles and I'm gonna' be proud to be that."

 "Fine, Harry. Fine. You can leave if you really want to. You can go and run away if you feel you have to," I spat.

 "And I will drink and smoke if I feel I need to. I'm sick of trying, Jake. It's hard when I can't feel like I used to. I need to feel free again," Harry's anger had been replaced by sorrow. My anger had only just begun.

 "As I said, fine. I'm sick of going over the same old things, I pressure you too much, you're never yourself anymore, blah, blah, blah. This time it is finally over. Let's see who you are without me. If you can tell me in one months time that being separated is what you really want, then I'll leave us alone. You just better hope I'll wait that long for you," I huffed.

 My tears had dried by the time we were done. Harry was no longer the sweet individual I once knew him to be - the one who would chase the girl he wanted and make her feel enchanted; the girl that I once was. His sweetness had later been replaced by constant anger. He had turned in to a monster. It was almost as if by being with me he had forgotten to be himself.

 Now it's time for him to have a huge wake up call. There are more guys in this world than him.

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