The Classical Killer

Daisy Davidson is a perfectly normal teenage girl, with good grades and plenty of friends she attracts no attention, and that's how she would like to keep it...
But when her image is ruined by a group of more popular girls, she has to fight back, and not with words...


1. <<Introduction>>



She hit the button on her phone and instantly the sound of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons', this time she had picked Autumn ~ her favourite, washed over her left ear, beautiful, she thought. Having the earphones in both ears made her less alert, so she only put the music in her left, which she was slightly deaf in, on Volume One. This was sufficient enough to let her relax to the music and match her pace to the beat, although stay firmly alert on her surroundings, which was majorly important.

She took a deep breath in and stepped off her front step, keeping out of the way of the known cameras in her street. She had downloaded an app that was meant to connect to your security surveillance cameras, but she had discovered an alternative use, too, the owners always named their camera with the placing, to make it easier for themselves to identify them. Good for them, good for her!


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