Here We Are


8. Chapter 8

Dean's POV

That girl. Who is she? I can't seem to get ger out of my head. . .  I'll have to try. "Kyle," I said, not realizing I had spoken out loud. I'm sure alternative school is better than being homeschooled. . . 
I looked out my window, and I saw her. Walking with the blue-haired girl. The girl with the blue hair lived across from me. There was always screaming and crying coming from that house. They were walking together, and they were laughing. I noticed something I hadn't seen before. The girl had snake bites. They looked different, when they were stretched across her face in a smile, a faint one, but a smile still. I could go walk with them. . .  No. Too awkward.  I walked to my computer, and turned on some music. It was Ghost town, my favorite band currently. I went back to my bed, and fell backwards onto my pillow. I tapped my foot to the music, and fell asleep, thinking about Creepy Girls. 


A/N - Creepy GIrls is a Ghost Town reference, he's not just a weirdo stalker..... XD

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