Here We Are


5. Chapter 5

Erin's POV

D-O-L-L H-O-U-S-E I see things that nobody else sees  
Melanie Martinez's voice echoed in my head. I picked up my lighter and lit the cigarette hanging from my mouth. I was only 14 and already addicted to cigarettes. I took a long puff, and exhaled slowly, watching the smoke coming out of my mouth. I wonder if Andrew's home. Better not check, His mom'd kill him. It was already 11:30, and I was nowhere near tired. I could walk to the mall. . .  I took another puff on my cigarette, and flicked the ashes. I got up, and smothered out the rest of my cigarette. I swept my blue hair out of my face, and walked out of my room. As stealthily as I could, I snuck out of the house, and started walking towards the mall.

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