Here We Are


3. Chapter 3

Dean's POV

I looked at her. Her eyes were cold as ice, but then softened slightly. She looked as if she was having some serious deja vu. I looked away, but gathered details about her at the same time. She was pretty. Nice shirt, although Suicide Silence can be a bit too hardcore for me at times. I wonder what her name is.... I kept walking, as did she. And I thought. I thought about how I only had one friend, and I thought about how things could change if I made another one. Sadly, I was homeschooled, so I really didn't get a whole lot of opportunities to talk to people. Kyle.... He was like a brother to me. I hadn't gotten to see him in a while, though. The dumbass got himself sent to alternative school, and his parents wouldn't let him go anywhere until he was out.

Soon... Very soon.... I hope. 

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