Here We Are


26. Chapter 26

Kyle's POV 

Oh my God where is she?

I was seriously getting worried. 
What if she's never coming back?

Oh no.
Oh no
Oh no.

I looked around. So many people were staring at me. I started to freeze up. I saw an ex-girlfriend of mine staring at me. She started smirking. I looked away.
I looked around the place where she used to sit. Still no one there. I turned around and jumped. My ex, Aaron, was standing right in front of me.
"Kyle," she said. "You're back." 
"Um, yeah," I said.
"So, you want to, like, start back where we left off?" she asked.
"Um, no," I said, smirking.
Her smile faded and she stomped away. 
The encounter left me with a half smile on my face. 

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