Here We Are


24. Chapter 24

Myra's POV

School. I have to go. 

I got out of my bed and got dressed. I put on a black Bring Me The Horizon tee and some black jeans that looked like a lawn mower had gone over them. I applied heavy and dark eyeliner. I put on all black converse and straightened my lime green hair. 

I need to redye this. Maybe black and red again? Purple? 

I walked over to my bedside table and picked up my bag. As I did, I saw the picture sitting on the corner of the table. I breathed out heavily, and felt my eyes start to water a little. It was a picture of me and Gavin. He was standing behind me, grinning, spider bites pressed against his teeth. He had his arms around my waist. His red and black hair matched mine. 
We had dyed our hair together. . .
His was black with red tips and mine had black on the right side and red on the left. My hands covered his and I was really smiling. A real smile. 
My snakebites look weird stretched out in a smile. . .
I shook my head, trying to forget that day, and walked out my bedroom door. 
My mom was sitting on the couch eating cereal and reading a magazine. I shook my head and walked past her. 
"Where are you going?" she asked.
"School," I responded, quietly. She nodded and looked back at her magazine.
"Shit," I muttered. I realized I had forgotten my phone and headphones. I went back into my room and grabbed them. I walked out the door as fast as possible. I put my headphones in and started walking to school. 
My favorite song by The Devil Wears Prada blasted in my ears. 
Another day of hell. . .

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