Here We Are


14. Chapter 14

Erin's POV

Myra is pretty amazing. She's funny and smart and strong and beautiful. . .
Definitely beautiful. . .
Ok. . . so what? Maybe I had a little crush on Myra? I just met her. Besides, she's probably straight. 
Lesbian problems. . .

I got up and grabbed a cigarette from my mom's ash tray. Who the hell would only smoke half of a cigarette?  
"Wasteful," I murmured. I held it in between my hands and took it to my room, grabbing my lighter on the way. I shut my door and sat down on my bed, lighting the cigarette. I inhaled, and had something similar to an orgasm. 
"Menthol," I sighed, smiling. I hadn't had menthol in a very long time. I smiled, studying the tube in my hands.
And to think that such a small thing kills so many people. And makes so many people happy at the same time. 
I looked through the window, and inhaled again, a familiar pleasant feeling bursting through my body again. I brushed my fading blue hair away from my mouth. I looked at the strand.
I need to re-dye. . . Maybe Myra and I can do it together and we can get coordinating colors! 
I chuckled to myself. Right. Myra. Matching colors. Very realistic. 
I don't know. Maybe I have more of a chance than I think I do. . .

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