Here We Are


12. Chapter 12

Kyle's POV

Tomorrow. I'll be back tomorrow. 
I smiled. I'd get to be back. School would suck, but Myra'd be there. I remembered her sick sense of humor. 
She really loved drawing dicks on places. . .
I should do something. . .
I could skype call Dean. . .
He's probably busy. . .
I could go somewhere.
Yeah. I'll walk to the mall. 
I sat up, and put on my shoes. My black hair fell into my eyes as I stood up. I grabbed my skateboard and walked out the front door. I jumped on my board, and started off to the mall. It was a bit of a long trip, but I could manage. 
When I got to the mall, I checked my pockets, and realized that I didn't have any money. 
I walked a little to see if I could a vending machine, but what I found was so much better. Four cans of spray paint cluttered the ground. I saw a giant dick. It was black and red. Inside, it said Fuck Your Society. It was the work of Myra. I grinned.
"She's good," I said aloud. "Very good indeed." 


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