Here We Are


10. Chapter 10

Erin's POV

Myra. . . She's nice. She doesn't seem to talk much. . . That's okay with me. She's a good listener.

We got to the mall and looked around. Most of the stores were closed. 

"What can you do in a mall, when no one's there but the security guard?" Myra said, smirking. 

"You can set the bitch up in flames," I responded, but she shook her head. 

"Something less. . . permanent," she replied. "Like, we could spray paint the bitch." 
She walked over to a power generator, and moved some bushes, revealing seven cans of spray paint. 

She handed me two cans -- one blue and one black -- and took two more for herself. 
She walked towards a store window and said, "Well, get on with it then. Don't look until I tell you to."
I nodded, and walked to another window. I started with the black, drawing an ass (as immature as it seems) on the window. I filled it in with blue, and then drew several more on there. 
"Okay, you can look now," Myra said. I turned around. It was stunning. She had made a giant dick (I know... I know...) with such detail. It was huge. It covered the whole front window. It was black with red letters on the inside, and it was squirting red. The letters said "Fuck Your Society" It was amazing.

"Wow," I said. "That'd tear a girl up."  
She laughed. "I know, right!" she responded. Suddenly, the smile disapeared of her face.

"Hide!" she yelled. I ducked behind a bush, and she ran behind the wall that was behind us. The security guard was checking the area. He was an old man, with a bushy beard a white hair. He was half blind by the look of him. He glanced around, shrugged and walked off.
I stifled a giggle. Myra came back around, grabbed my hand, and pulled me out of the bush, laughing. We walked away together, arm in arm, laughing like maniacs. 

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