Here We Are


1. Chapter 1

Myra's POV                

YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!    The voice of Mitch Lucker screamed in my head through my headphones. The pure scream of his coarse voice was soothing to my ears. As I walked, I looked at the ground, glancing up every once in a while to make sure I didn't run into anything. As I walked, I looked at myself. My outfit. I was wearing black skinny jeans with shreds all through them and a black Suicide Silence tee with shreds in that too. All black Converse completed my outfit. 
"I'm so weird," I thought. I glanced up again, and I saw a person walking towards me. He was wearing all black too. I thought about maybe saying hi. No. It would be too awkward...      As I continued to walk, I glanced up again, and I made awkward eye contact with the boy. There was something familiar about him. His eyes. They're just like Kyle's....   Kyle had been my best friend since third grade. He had gotten himself into alternative school. Kyle's eyes were brown, contrary to this boy's whose were green. But their eyes felt the same. When Kyle looked at you, you felt like he was staring into your soul. This boy's did the same thing. Oh, Kyle. What have you gotten yourself into....

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