Perfectly Imperfect

Four girls. Four seperate lives. Four seperate dramas. Four seperate ways?


2. Chapter 2: Lucy


'Hey look, Sam and Jake are sat together,' whispered Olivia, hushing Lucy in the process and nodding in the direction of the two boys, 'since when are they friends?'

'dunno, must have bonded over the summer I guess,' shrugged Lucy, tucking into her fresh green-leaf salad,

'hm, hey, wanna go sit with 'em?' Olivia cried, nudging Lucy, 'never know, it could be fun,'

'ha! As if, you go. I'm gonna stay here with my salad,'

'your loss,' teased Olivia as she sauntered away, handbag on arm, hair bouncing lightly. Lucy watched with intrigued eyes, staring on at her seemingly fearless friend.

'Hey Jake,' Olivia giggled, twirling a strand of hair round her pinky finger, 'how are you guys?'

'fine Olivia, thanks,' reposted Jake, his tone all soft and smooth, 

'ah that's great. Hey, I've got a little...let's say, group gathering going on this weekend, you up for it?'

'depends, who else is gonna be there?' Jake asked, sliding his hand firmly through his blond hair,

'Lucy will be, and I and Alice and Petal...and possibly some others?' Olivia edged, leaning against the wall,

'hm...sounds good, is my pal Sam allowed to come?'

'for sure.'

'Sounds great, we'll see you there,' and Olivia circled the dining room back to Lucy.

Olivia sat calmly with Lucy, composed and nonchalant, as if the past five minutes had been almost imaginary, a vivid thought in Lucy's mind. 'So?' Lucy pushed, tossing her salad to the opposite end of the table and whipping out her phone, 'so what?' her friend responded, giving her a wink,

'they in? What happened? I need details, girl!' Lucy shrieked innocently, like a new puppy playing outside for the first time, 'of course they are, I gotta go but I'll catch up with you later?'

'Sure, smoochies,'

'back at ya,' and with that, Olivia strode away leaving Lucy on her own. 


The party was now in full swing, the girls chased around tipping alcohol into empty glasses around the room, 'oh my gosh, Jake's just arrived with Sam and...Melissa!' Lucy cried, throwing another drink down her neck and then filling her glass with Malibu,

'why is he with Melissa?'

'oh my gosh, who is with Melissa?'

'Jake!' Screamed Olivia at the other two who had just joined the conversation, 'look,' she pointed to the door where the other group had just emerged from, 'she's standing by Sam.'

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