Perfectly Imperfect

Four girls. Four seperate lives. Four seperate dramas. Four seperate ways?


1. Chapter 1: Alice


Alice and her family were as normal and upper-class as the whole of the West Side Estate, obsessed with being the best, most orderly and certainly the most pleasing, to both the eye and the attitude. Alice was seventeen; her parents both late fourties and both as old fashioned as could be imagined, Alice was an only child- gladly, so she said- and was most definitely a 'daddies girl' as some would say accountable.

Alice's mother was a fair, long haired, stern browed sort of woman with near to no tolerance for any nonsence or unpleasentness, especially near her precious rose bushes; they were more like her daughter than Alice was! Alice's father on the other hand, looked like a big, boasty gentleman with a furrowed brow and near-to-no neck, but he was a pleasant, optimistic man with astonishingly dark moustache and two slick eyebrows slithering along his shiny forehead, joining only slightly at the midpoint of his forhead. Alice herself was a tall, blond girl with two perfectly plucked brows sitting gently along her small forehead, a nose which was usually powdered to extreme measures and two rosy cheeks, dotted with specks of freckles, her eyes coloured a pale blue which shimmered delicately in the light. 

On the morning of the 7th November, Alice collected the mail (as she always did) and pressed it softly into her fathers hand, 'thank you, dear. Would you like a flask to take to school? I have just made a fresh batch of coffee if you want it, it's on the counter,' cried Mr Flint, Alice's father as he perched on a wooden stool which stood at the oak table. 'Thank you,' Alice responded, pouring the black coffee into her flask, 'where's mother?' 

'Back yard, gardening I believe,' the large man reposted, folding a newspaper along his lap and slicing through the envelope of the first letter, 'okay, tell her I say goodbye,' Alice said, composing herself so her blazer flattened to her stomach, 'goodbye father,' she added with a peck on his cheek, and out of the door she fled, flask in hand.

Alice's polished shoes entered the school grounds twenty minutes later, a left at the end of her road and upward a hill from there, the begrimed rails of the iron gates not so warming a welcome. She moved her eyes from youth to youth, scanning for her swarm of friends, Lucy, Olivia and Petal. 

Lucy was a tall, polished girl who had withstanding beauty, inside and out, she wore her skirt hitched high upon her waist and her blazor unbuttoned, along with the very top button and the button below. She had shiny, glossy, long hair which was coloured naturally a walnut shade- brown, but she had dyed it multiple times it now started to glow blonde at the ends. 

Olivia was a short, also beautiful girl with painted pink nails and lips which matched to suit. She wore a light denim jacket over her blazor to make it 'more unique' as she said in her very own words, she also unbuttoned both of the buttons on her shirt and her blazor swayed in the wind. Her hair was a glossy blond with drops of pink in it from where she had dyed it earlier in the year. Her eyes shimmered auburn and her eyelashes were curled and brushed over with a few coats of mascara.

Petal was a girl with long dark hair and fairly tanned skin, with blue eyes to compliment. Her face was a heart shape and glittered pink at the cheeks, she also had painted nails but hers were black and her eyelids shimmered golden. Her hair was tied back into a messy ponytail with loose bits dangling by her ears, her blazor and shirt were both as the other girls were and she wore a grey beanie hat upon her head. 

'Hey girls,' Olivia purred, tapping on her phone,

'Hey! Oh my gosh, have you seen Martin? I swear he got dorkier over the holidays,' answered Lucy, giggling at her comment,

'if that's even possible!' Olivia spluttered, flicking a strand of hair from her face,

'oh you guys are funny,' laughed Alice, joining in the huddle and laughter,

'Sam has gotten quite hot though, look,' cried Lucy, pointing him out in a crowd. Sam had spiked blond hair and green eyes, he had muscles practically everywhere you could have muscles and he was the 'top dog' at the school. 'Oh my gosh! I wouldn't mind having him now,' chuckled Olivia, doing a hair flick.

A loud rattling sounded, indicating that it was the start of the school day, 'bye girls. Kisses,' flounced Lucy, blowing a kiss as she edged confidently away, 'laters ladies,' winked Olivia with a giggle,

'bye guys,' Alice spoke, turning and walking away; Petal walked slowly behind, tapping on her iPhone.



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